Apple airs 5th new commercial – If you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have the Retina Display

Apple has aired yet another “if you don’t have an iPhone” commercial, this time focusing on the Retina Display. It highlights photographs, movies, maps and email and how clear they look on the phone with the highest resolution screen!

Official Apple video after the break. What do you think, better than the previous iBooks, iTunes music, App Store, and Game Center spots?

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Apple airs 5th new commercial – If you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have the Retina Display


As doesn't say if you have an iPhone, then you have the Retina display. It says if you don't have an iPhone, then you don't have the Retina display. Which is true. You could also HAVE an iPhone, and still not have a Retina display, of course.

I do believe there are many iPhone users that do not have the retina display, as well. Gee, mine just says iPhone on the back too. Perhaps it's defective. Can't they retrofit it with a retina display? I think Brian has a valid point here.

Oh please...Obviously, commercials are always for the latest iPhone and in the last 2 seconds, "iPhone 4" is displayed in large letters. lol

I really hate the term Retina Display. It's meaningless marketing gobbledegook meant to fool the gullible into believing there's something special about Apple having a better than average screen. It gives people the impression there's an unspoken quality that they can't see with just specs -- which in this case IS bull.

Fact of the matter is this is the best screen resolution on any phone.. call it retina, HD.. or whatever you want.

It could be the world's highest resolution and the term Retina Display is still annoying and misleading.
it means NOTHING unless it's something really to do with the retina.

True. I know. Question being - does that mean I have to LIKE marketing bullcrap? No. That was my point. It's pure foolishness for the fools and only fanboys will accept it as sensible if they know the difference.

It does have to do with the retina. The iPhone has more pixels than the human retina can distinguish, therefore making things look as they would on a printed page. Did you not pay attention to the "marketing bullcrap?"

Apparently you paid too much attention, as these claims have been disputed from the moment Jobs uttered them.
Summary: if you have 20/20 vision, no. Otherwise, most likely yes.
Others report different findings; their research is also linked in the article.
"retina display" has always bugged me too, because at best it is an exaggeration of the capabilities of a damn fine display that doesn't need such embellishments.

What the hell's the matter with you people? Don't take everything so literally...and seriously. Do you dissect every commercial for any inaccuracies? No, because if you did, that's all you'd be doing.
The Retina display name is also quite successful, as it makes most people remember what the term refers to, i.e. it's a goddarn amazingly sharp, color-consistent and overall super-duper screen.
If Apple advertised the actual spec, 326ppi, or the fact that it is also an IPS display, people would be confused, because again, what do they know what any of that means, or, perhaps more significant, what do they care.

Thank you, CRUNCH! I swear you friggin nerds like to nitpick every frickin thing that doesn't seem quite accurate if not just to show how superior your intelligence is over us lowly mortals. GET A LIFE!

Thank God I don't have an iPhone, because yesterday when I dropped my phone face down on the asphalt while walking I only got a few scratches on the top right over the screen and a big scratch on the screen protector. If it were an iPhone that prettty little retina display would have been useless because the gorilla glass would have shattered. But, if you don't have an iPhone, then you don't have an iPhone. I love my iPad though it's irreplaceable!

Umm most smartphones are made out of similar glass. The display has nothing to do with the glass that is on top of it anyways. Go buy one of those tough flip phones that don't break if you drop your phone a lot. It's not the manufactures fault you've got butterfingers

They call it"retna display" because your retna (that little membrane in the back of your eye that allows you to see) cant differentiate/see the pixels on the screen from a certain distance. It is a creative name and makes sense. Sorry if I'm a fan boy but I also like the name toaster because it toasts.... My bread or other dough based foods. I still don't get the name though?

Hey Tgalio, we'll just ignore the misspellings, but you replied to the wrong post, pal.

Dang sorry, my fault I thought I clicked on the correct post. I'll just blame my droid and swype for spelking retina retna. I can't wait for the iphone5

Obviously we shouldn't give our products any names and just use technical names for everything. That's a great marketing strategy!!! Last time I checked apple stock is doing pretty well. Isn't that the point of making a product is to sell a lot of them. If using retina makes apple sell a billion units then so be it. Obviously you are not a marketing major

Hello people, look at your phone, now to mine, now back to yours and now back to mine. Sadly your phone isn't mine, but if it was, it'd be an iPhone. Look at me, now back to my phone, what do you see? A crisp image brought to you by a display your phone could have. Back to me, look at your hand. What do you see? It's an iPhone, anything is possible with Apple... I'm on a horse.

Uhh, most of us interested in this site have an iPhone. Ooh, what do you see in my hand? Nothing, since this is a blog, though I can image a lot of "people" showing you their hands (without a phone) with just one finger sticking up. I wonder why that is... I do have an iPhone, by the way, and I do worship at the Apple altar, asking Our Lord Jobs to provide us something magical each and every morning. Elitist comments like yours drive away potential followers, get it together, man! All in good fun, my friend, all in good fun. :)

Look at your reply, now to mine, back to yours, now back to mine, sadly you're reply isn't mine, but if you learned internet memes it could look like mine. Back to yours, what do you see? You see your failed attempt at being witty. Look up at my original post, now look in the mirror, now you see how much you fail. Back to this reply, I'm trolling you, anything is possible when you have a sense of humor.

Lol when I first saw the kid with the ladybug on his finger I thought it was blood and I was thinking 'why are they showing a bloody finger?'

The other day my brother showed me his Samsung Galaxy with AMOLED screen. Compared to my iPhone 4, I have to say his screen look more sharper and more crispy. So when it comes to the screen, retina display isn't always the best.

Actually, I have an iPod Touch 4th Gen sooooo I don't have an iPhone but I do have retna.

It's true. A couple of months ago I got rig of my iPhone and got a Htc Evo because of wifi antenna issue. Right of the back I noticed the the screen and how videos looked without thinking about it. This was not the iPhone. It only lasted a month, came running back for my iPhone. Now don't get me wrong , the Htc Evo was a great phone and if I could put iOS on it I would have kept it. My iPhone me thinks has spoiled me

and if you have an iPad you also don't have retina display. i cant help thinking that when i see that spot, elephant in the room.

I’m not sure how effective it is from Apple’s marketing point of view, but it seems that they made 2 more after some success from the initial three. Keep ‘em coming