UPDATED: Will we get an iPhone 5 in June?

Will we get an iPhone 5 in June?

Will we get an iPhone 5 in June? We've gotten a new iPhone announced at WWDC every year since 2007 yet right after Apple announced this year's WWDC rumors started to fly it would be new hardware free. Could these rumors be based on inside information, or could it just be en vogue to predict delays on all Apple products? iPad 2 was delayed, right? Only no, it wasn't. Now rumor has it iOS 5 is delayed and iPhone 5 are delayed. Only will they be?

If there isn't any inside information at play here than the crux of the "iPhone 5 delayed" rumors is Apple emphasizing software and not hardware in their WWDC 2011 announcement press release. Apple puts out one of these WWDC announcements every year, so let's take a look:

  • WWDC 2010: Apple emphasizes iPad development and iPhone OS 4 (iOS 4), we get iPhone 4 [PR link]
  • WWDC 2009: Apple emphasizes Snow Leopard and iPhone OS 3.0 development, we get iPhone 3GS [PR link]
  • WWDC 2008: Apple emphasizes OS X Leopard and iPhone OS X, we get iPhone 3G [PR Link]
  • WWDC 2007: Apple emphasizes OS X, we get iPhone (pre-announced at Macworld) [PR link]

All those press releases emphasized software, no hardware, and yet we still got a new iPhone. Every year. So again, if Apple isn't leaking news that there's won't be an iPhone 5 at WWDC in order to re-set expectations, then a WWDC press release in and of itself is meaningless as an indicator.

Rumors are fun. Rumors fill news cycles. However there's a growing pattern of rumors about Apple product delays that just seem... increasingly inorganic. Rumor. Link. Smash rumor. Link. Rinse. Repeat.

iOS 5 and iPhone 5 may well be delayed. But I'll believe it when I don't see it.

UPDATE: Both TechCrunch (which has a mixed record) and the Loop (which has a good record) are saying no new hardware, including no iPhone 5, at WWDC this year.

UPDATE 2: John Paczkowski from All Things D is

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UPDATED: Will we get an iPhone 5 in June?


Why would Apple not release a new iPhone this year. It is guaranteed to make them billions. Here are my prediction.... Apple will release iPhone 5 in June running iOS 4.x. They will also announce iOS5 which will have amazing new features including a best in class notification system. This will come in September.

I could live with that timeline.
But how could they handle 2 major announcements during WWDC? Super Keynote?

With the release of the iPhone 4 White coming up in the next month, I'm guessing this is appease (what would've been) the angry outcry over holding back a next-gen iPhone.
I'm guessing we'll see it early 2012.

Between the white iPhone 4 (?) and the Verizon iPhone, then add that neither Verizon nor AT&T are ready for prime time with LTE networks, I have felt this is a real possibility. Post Christmas/Q1 becomes the new iPhone release, Q2 becomes iPad, Q3 is Mac/software (Back to School) Q4 is iPod.

Hopefully some young Apple engineer will get drunk and leave his iPhone 5 at a bar. Nah, that could never happen...

Well, what would be the effect if Apple did not? Android further eats up marketshare. Probably some short term stock hit.

Right up until the moment all copies of Android are "impounded and destroyed" according to the language of the Oracle lawsuit. Nice run while it lasted. Goodbye little green garbage can robot.

The difference though is that iOS 2,3, and 4 all had their own preview events before WWDC. Then followed by new beta versions every 2 weeks leading up to WWDC where the final version was announced and dated. Then the hardware announcment.
I'd say all bets are off this time. Why release new hardware without the new OS to go with it? Maybe it will get pushed to some kind of super iPhone, iPod, iPad, Music event in the late summer or early fall.
But Apple does need to get some new stuff out of the gate soon with the constant bombarding of new devices from everyone else.

Last year's iOS 4 event was on April 8 I think. As I recall, that was the wednesday after iPad 1 launch weekend. And I seem to recall they announced the event after the launch weekend as well. So if past history is guide, Apple will announce such an event in the next couple of weeks. This will give them 4 to 5 2-week beta cycles if they starting releasing betas in early April. We'll see.

This makes sense to me. I think all the talk of delayed this and that is much ado about nothing. Apple has stiff competion in the smart phone arena. If anything, I could see them shortening the update cycle rather than lengthening it through delays.

But Apple just said iOS 5 will be previewed at WWDC this year in June. There isn't going to be a separate iOS 5 event like in the past years.

Based on the reading of the WWDC announcement, yeah, I can believe it. But then again, a lot can happen in the next 10 weeks. This time of year is the meat of the yearly Apple rumor cycle.

Of course the iPhone5 will be announced at WWDC and of course it will not be delayed. Like the iPad2 is not delayed, you just have simply no chance to get one (a mayor retail store in my city in Switzerland got the amazing number of 10 (!!!) devices last friday).

We're still 3 months out. Therefore, all rumors are wrong. Count on it.
Starting WWDC-5 weeks or so (mid-April), maybe the rumors are more believable and there'll be more reliable information floating around in the rumor-sphere.
It just seems to me that there is a lot more bad rumors spouting things that don't make any sense whatsoever these days. Maybe I'm remembering more fondly than the history would show, but there does seem to more bad information, disinformation around these days than the past.
It was a mere 2.5 weeks before iPad release day (Mar 11) where there was an analyst stating that that the iPad was delayed 3 months, and the iPhone delayed into September. That's like 17 days! 90 days? I'm safe in assuming all rumors are basically made up.
I think a lot of it is Apple is not awarding component contracts until the absolute last minute (L-4 weeks?) or is having its component makers not start its production lines until the absolute last minute. So, it is effectively shutting down what used to be decent sources of Apple plans more than 1 month prior to launch.

Hey M0r0n,
The WWDC has been CONFIRMED to be June 6-10. This is NOT a rumor. Your first "fact" was wrong, therefore YOU ARE WRONG.

Lol @ these rumors. There has been an iPhone at wwdc since '07. Why would that change now? What benefit could there possibly be for apple to change it's iPhone timeline? People look forward to spending $300+ in June/July.

September is around when At&t usually lets me upgrade at the $299 price, so it's works for me. Will cut out the envy I usually have the 3 months in between.

Wouldn't it make more sense for the iPhone 5 to be released later this year or even "delayed" until next year since there was a release of iPhone 4 on Verizon? I'm not sure Apple and Verizon would want to make new Verizon iPhone converts upset with a new iPhone just a few months after the release date on Verizon.

Screw that ,thats Verizon's problem. There will be a apple iPhone 5 or whatever they call it in June. Just for everyone but verizon. Or maybe they will get it and the people that are verizon that didn't jump to the iPhone 4 will benefit form the new hardware. There will be a os 5 software preview in a couple weeks and the iPhone 5 will be out in mid June IMO.

I predict that the iPhone 5 will be pushed back until the fall. With the Verizon iPhone 4 just becoming available this past February, an iPhone 5 just a few months later will tick off a lot of people who just purchased the iPhone 4. I can't see Apple keeping the Verizon version behind the AT&T version, so delaying the iPhone 5 to the fall would be a good move and also get it closer to the holiday sales period.

What would it matter if they release it in June or 3 months from then? People on verizon will still be po'd They should've never gave veriozn the iPhone 4 they should've just waited till June and released 5 to everyone.

Why does AT&T do anything they do. That's like searching for meaning in a Pauly Shore movie.

Engadget stayed away last time (they were offered it), Giz are the ones who did the checkbook journalism thing :).

I believe it. My Apple buddies are telling me, "hold off on selling your iPhone 4." That's all I have been told. Wasn't sure what to make of it until you guys brought me in the loop as they are very quite. The two know one another but they do not know that both know me so getting the word twice is a sure sign that I do not need to try to make bank early by selling my iP4 and being without until Fall.
Good for them.

I have no idea why Apple fan sites choose to stew in and propagate rumors, but it is so f*cking annoying. Just constant rumors. It's worse than a bunch of teenage girls.

Agree. When the New York Times publishes rumors, I start to believe them (the rumors that is.) They're old-school publishing so they need to maintain credibility.

To be honest whether its summer or fall wouldn't bother me. The iphone 4 is great. iOS 5 is far more important. Other than faster processor and hspa+, there's not much else to add right now. It's hard to imagine iphone 5 drawing the lines like the iphone 4 did.

Well, don't be too hasty. An iPhone 5 with A5 SoC, HSPA+ or LTE, 64 GB storage, 3.7-4 inch 960x640 IPS "edge-to-edge screen", and Thunderbolt compatibility sounds like a huge upgrade to me!
I only expect the A5 SoC, but even so, that'll be a huge upgrade.

Given the pace of the market I can't see Apple waiting 18 months or more between hardware releases.
It wouldn't surprise me if that rumor of a September iPad was actually referring to the iPhone 5 and Apple are aligning the phone release with the iPod event.

OK....before we start lamenting about how we have to wait until fall for the I5,let's ask ourselves one thing:Would Apple really be content to host a conference just focused on software? NO! apple is expecting the media to come to this thing in droves and no one's going to come if it's just software. (oh god, i can't wait for the Ipad 2 to be released in june...oh wait,it's already out) come on,count on Iphone 5 to be reveled/released in June

Im more likely to believe that the iphone 5 will be pushed back until september.
Apple just released the iphone 4 on verizon. There is almost Definitely some kind of clause in the verizon iphone 4 contract with apple that gives verizon an ample (atleast 6months, the same amount of time att had to sell the iphone 4 before verizon got it) selling period of the verizon iphone 4 before the 5 comes out and hits verizon's selling of the iphone 4 hard.. Who would want to buy an iphone 4 when the 5 is just around the corner.
I firmly believe this is the reason the iphone 5 wont be released till september. it MAY be announced at the WWDC Event, and not released until september, but even the announcement would hurt verizon sales of the iphone 4.

It wouldn't make a difference. Verizon is getting the iPhone 5, that's already been announced. They already have the iPad 2. How would getting the new iPhone hurt their sales?

OMG, all this speculation is based on nothing. These analysts are very often wrong so I still think we don't know any more than we did yesterday...

WWDC is always about software. World Wide Developers Conference. It's way more than a keynote. Apple uses WWDC to help train developers to program apps for Mac OS X and iOS. Yes, there are a few hardware development tracks, but apps are where it's at now.
As for changing the date for this year's iPhone, who really cares? Sure, weather may be slightly better in summer than in fall/winter. But that only matters to people who wait in line. Pre-ordering is the way to go.

The sun is setting on both UMTS and EV-DO. June is an awkward time to be introducing a handset that doesn't speak LTE, and it could just be that they can't have an LTE handset in place by then.

If the next iPhone really got delayed, it better be worthed to wait. Something that out of schedule is got to be a real major upgrade. At least let it be an Ace of all iPhone ever made.

Reasons for delay:
My guesses are limited parts supply due to Japan's catastrophic events (Japanese parts like the compass, battery, glass display), and Apple may be actually waiting on AT&T's LTE launch.

A lot of people here seem to be basing the rumor for delay on the fact that Verizon just got the iPhone, however version is 1 carrier in 1 country, I don't think apple would change everything based on one tiny thing.
Also. LTE isn't widespread enough yet

They better release an iPhone 5 this summer. I'm still using my 3G lol. Was too broke for summer '09 and '10 ;)

I think it will be a *small revise like we saw from the iPhone 3G to 3GS nothing major giving time for LTE to grow and mature
*dual core, edge to edge screen, white iPhone

Is it so hard to believe that after last year's mess with iPhone 4 leaks that Apple would have severely tightened their security measures with prototype phones? It's doubtful that they would have let engineers take them into the field, at least without some sort of permanent disguise unlike the one that was removed from the found iPhone 4 prototype. They're probably a lot more harsh on employees that are found to be leaking information that leads to blogs, which is why the typical outlets don't have any new information. There will probably be some supplier leaks, like usual, but not for another month or two.

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I'd actually prefer that the iPhone not be released this June. It feels like I've just gotten used to my iP4!
I'm in Canada and have had the iP since the 3G and upgraded every year on release day...I think a little longer with the i4 would suit me just fine. I'd like an early 2012 release please.

Has this guy ever heard of commas? That first sentence is the most terribly written sentence I have ever read.

How can Apple not release a 4G/LTE capable iPhone? Even if it was the same package as iPhone4. I mean can Apple say they are industry leaders, are anything close to it, when iPhone seems to be the only smartphone without highspeed data right now!

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Unlocking an iPhone in Australia is perfectly legal and easy. You just call your carrier (three sell iPhones here) and ask. It takes a few days and no jailbreak is required. I did this earlier this year when traveling in the US. Walked in to an AT&T store with my unlocked Australian iPhone and walked out half an hour later with an AT&T prepaid SIM installed. No data but calls and SMS worked perfectly.