TiPb TV 18: Ultimate iPad case sledding challenge

You asked us to put the Otterbox Defender head-to-head against the Incipio Destroyer in a proper, traditional Smartphone Experts style review and... I thought to heck with that. We're doing an Amazing Case episode of TiPb TV. No, not a Jiu-Jitsu death-match or scratch test or water torture, this time we're taking the Defender and the Destroyer out onto the frigid Canadian slopes, we're putting them up against ice and snow and mud and rocks -- we're literally putting our butts on the line to stress test them for the TiPb nation!

We've previously taken a look at how to put on and take off the Destroyer and how to install and remove the Defender. This time we took them... sledding! Now the Defender's outer layer is silicon (Destroyer puts that layer inside) and non-stick might be great for grip but not for racing down a hill. So we had to take that off. Destroyer is also literally screwed together. With differences like that, could it be a fair test? Could we figure out which one would best keep your iPad protected (and me alive?)

Hit play and find out!

[Special thanks to @marcedwards from Bjango for the 1-star rating t-shirts. Meh!]

TiPb TV 18: Ultimate iPad sledding challenge

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Reader comments

TiPb TV 18: Ultimate iPad case sledding challenge


Dammit, Canada! Don't you know it's nearly April?! MELT YOUR DAMN SNOW!
But you know, the first thing that came to mind when Jobs announced that Apple had shaved a few pounds and inches off the original iPad was that iPad 2 is probably now the world's most portable sledding device. If only they had taken that into consideration when they were designing those Smart Covers...

Classic. This is the kind of review that makes me want to go out and buy these products. Good job TIPB.

For a second I thought she was going down that hill with an ipad in that case and my mind yelled noooo! Funny episode but its 93°F where I'm at today so knowing the sledding ability of a case won't help me.

Eh still - get some lav's Rene. You'd be shocked in the value it'd add to your webisodes/clips/youtoobings.

Well, if they come two in a box, I wouldn't recommend the ones with an apostrophe in their names (lav's). They'll probably sound as poorly as they're labeled. :lol:

Oh LOL fastlane picking on an abbreviation as if it were an actual brand name! Hilarious! You should have your own sitcom fastlane. I'm telling you - with those quick jokes and brilliant humor, you're on your way to having ...tens of viewers.
@Rene - I'll email you a few choices later. There's some higher end, some lower end, and some you can just throw into an iOS device if that's what you're using to capture your video content.

I made no hint toward branding — just someone's poor education and lack of writing skills. Try to keep up, there.

@fastlane - You spend way too much time correcting grammar mistakes. Who cares if there is a typo. If you are so poorly educated that you can not make out the point the writer is trying to get across, that is your fault.
Do you want to be known as someone who brings positive or negative comments to the forum.
The more posts of yours that I read, the less respect I have for the ones of value. Based on comments from others, it's across the board.

Finally a review that matches real world conditions. :) lol Lots of fun, you guys are tough! Georgia you should have made Rene try it out also though.

Wow. Now I see what Georgia was talking about last week when she said she cut her hand. Ouch. Great video, keep up the great work!

Very original, but I rarely encounter snow here in Hawaii. Would you consider doing a "buried alive" test in sand or soil? Keep up the good work :)

Heh, that was an awesome review, she wiped out and had fun doing it even after getting cut. Fun video.

Sweet.. I wonder if my girlfriend is as tough as Georgia. I will make a video of her using it as a bulletproof vest here in Brooklyn.

I would be more impressed had these tests been done with an actual iPad inside. I say we do another test!!