In January 2007 Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone. Summer 2007 he announced its release date and "sweet" web apps to go with it. In Fall 2007 he introduced the iPod touch and iTunes Store app. Spring 2008 brought iOS 2 (then iPhone OS 2.0) and the App Store. Summer 2008 saw iPhone 3G and MobileMe. Fall 2008 was iPod touch 2. Spring 2009 was iOS 3. Summer 2009 was iPhone 3GS. Fall 2009 was iPod touch 3. January 2010, iPad. Spring 2010, iOS 4. Summer 2010, iPhone 4. Fall 2010, iPod touch 4 and Apple TV 2. Spring 2011, iPad and...

Nothing. Maybe.

Momentum is a fickle thing. You can gain and lose it in the blink of an eye. For four years iOS software and hardware have been setting the pace for mobile. From a single app-less iPhone in 2007, iOS has grown to encompass iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Apple TV and a host of supporting software and services. The original iPhone was a true revolution, obsoleting then market-leaders Palm, Microsoft, RIM, and Symbian. They never saw it coming, denied it was happening, and then failed for years to frame anything close to a coherent response. And while they were spinning, Apple hit them again with the App Store. And again with the iPad.

Windows Phone has rebooted but is still in early days and has struggled to provide timely updates. Even with HP's deep pockets and huge reach Palm has been slow to get new devices out the door. BlackBerry is counting on a tablet to bridge the gap between their phones of the past and superphones of the future. And Nokia is in the middle of a shotgun wedding with Microsoft. With the Verizon iPhone in the US and white iPhone 4 slated for spring, Apple could easily skate another 3 months in that competitive landscape.

But not in a competitive landscape that includes Android.

Originally shown off as a BlackBerry or Windows Mobile Standard competitor, Android rapidly changed focus post-iPhone and came straight at Apple. While the G1 was clearly unfinished they began to hit their stride with Droid. Half way through iPhone 3GS' product cycle, Nexus One actually took the lead in some areas. An inspirational device, it was way ahead of previous Android phones and showed where the platform was going for the next year. iPhone 4 was Apple's answer.

According to rumors, however, Apple may not preview iOS 5 this spring and may not introduce an iPhone 5 this summer. If these rumors turn out to be true, Apple will be facing 15+ months without a new phone or major OS update, and 3+ months of relative stillness in the incredibly fast moving market.

Meanwhile, Google's "openy" Android will just keep coming. While Nexus S turned out to be more summation of the past year than indicator of the next, spring has sprung seemingly a dozen more with dual core, LTE, and 3D. Whether any of these new Android features are particularly compelling or not, they're still new features, new phones. They're still news.

Come June AT&T and other carrier contracts will be up and for the first time in 4 years there won't be a new iPhone to drive renewal. For the first time people who just want a new iPhone, the way they've been accustomed to getting each year's new fashion, won't have one waiting for them. Existing owners accustomed to a software refresh, a breath of fresh air into their older devices, won't be getting a major new version of iOS. Developers won't have had several months with new APIs and won't have a slew of new apps ready to take advantage of them.

Whether or not finishing Mac OS X Lion has caused a delay in iOS 5 the way iOS has caused delays for Mac OS X in the past, whether or not a delay in IOS 5 has caused a delay in iPhone 5, whether or not there are issues with components or engineering, or absolutely nothing but Apple's will to schedule it so, for the first time since 2007 we're facing... a break in Apple's pace.

Momentum is a fickle thing. Come June there may be no lineups, no race to iTunes' update button.

What then?

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Rene Ritchie

EiC of iMore, EP of Mobile Nations, Apple analyst, co-host of Debug, Iterate, Vector, Review, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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well if no iphone 5 this summer, andriod will take over and apple wont be able to catch up..many dissapointed iphone owners... end result....jump

What's idiotic about it? it's true. People's contracts end and they want a new phone. Why would they wait 1 year off contract just to get another iphone? I would DEF jump ship if I had to wait ANOTHER year with the same phone for no reason. I think it's VERY true. People will switch over to other carriers or other models, whatever is available and fashionable at the moment. The iPhone 4 is no longer fashionable (having a year old phone or even 2 year old phone isn't exactly desirable).

@Kent but they won't switch. Part of the beauty of iPhone is that most iPhone users, who are seriously invested in the platform have no where to go. I've probably spent $200-300 over the last 3 years on apps and accessories for my iPod/iPhone. There's no way I'm going to let that go just because I can get better hardware. It's not about hardware with phones it's about the user experience. Most iPhone users know this and aren't just going to jump ship immediately if a new phone isn't available.
Plus anybody that has picked up an iPhone 4 (which is a whole hell of a lot because of AT&T's softened upgrade schedule for the launch of it) won't be able to upgrade in June anyway. They're on an 18 month refresh date of about December if they reupped their plan last June. Plus 3gs users will be eligible for upgrade, and they will likely be content to wait, or upgrade to an iP4 because the 3gs is still a fantastic phone.

Sell your iP4 and get something new in the summer. You can always carry your apps investment on to an iPod Touch.

Who cares about "the cycle?" We are used to it but it's not like it's the only way things can be. Macs come and go all the time, but Apple has a particularly successful form factor, they stick with it. LTE networks aren't ready for a big jump and the iPhone 4 is nearly perfect as it is. There's already a ton of RAM and storage on the iPhone 4, the screen is gorgeous, and any gains from putting in a new CPU would be offset by increased battery usage. Apple should wait until the next truly impressive, must-have "big thing" is ready, and not lock themselves into an arbitrarily regular release schedule.
Of course, they could always surprise everyone ...

Hmm... faster processor, DING! Larger screen, DING! More ram, DING! Larger battery, DING! I think all those merit a switch to a new device. I think my 3.5 inch screen on my iphone is tiny. I'm waiting to see if the iphone 5 comes out with a larger screen or not this summer. If it doesn't, I'm switching. I don't mind.

I'm like many out there. My wife has a 3G, I have a 3GS. If there is no iPhone 5, there is nothing tying me to staying for an iPhone when I know that Android is constantly developing and there are always new phones. The EVO is better that the iPhone 4. Simple as that. No iPhone 5, then see ya later.

Would you rather have a new iPhone this summer/fall or have your android phone become outdated in less than 6 months.
You be the judge.
Android is the news Windows OS.

I'm just switching back from the Atrix and trust me my battery was garbage dead after 10 hours of minimal use. It has a dual core processor in it but you could have fooled me it ran clunkier than my iPhone did. So I gladly switched back I've had the evo,epic,inspire, and atrix and the iPhone tops them all. I even got faster speeds on my iPhone 5-6 mbs download than what I got with Att and there hspa+. so I'm not going anywhere I'll gladly hold out for another iPhone because the competition isn't that great. The next best thing to iOS is webos.

What are you smoking becadue whatever it is I want some of it. The iPhone 4 is far from perfect I want a 4" screen the A5 chip higher Res ffc, and I have LTE and HSPA+ where I live. I currently have a Droid X and was one of the people that had to painfully hold off on the iPhone 4 on VZW and I wont wait another year. I already waited 3.

sounds like a very sad article... :(
anyways, i can't wait to see the iPhone 5 this summer as well as iOS 5 for my iPhone 4...
happily waiting for Lion...:)

Agree, Rene sounds depressed... I'm pretty sure whenever they release the iPhone 5 it will sell like pancakes..

I think Apple is making a mistake if they miss a summer iPhone launch. Rene hit it right on the head, momentum.

The iTunes app store came out before iOS 2 in 2007 when the iPod Touch came ? I thought apps came with but not before iOS 2 ?
As for iOS and iPhone 5 , there has to be one. If the rumors are true then we have to wait more then two months to get it ( in Q3 ) and that would be disappointing.
Lion is suppose to be out in the summer , assuming it won't get pushed back. Im not sure how likely a side by side release would be like. Apple usually doesn't release software and hardware together. iOS 4 came a week or so before iPhone 4 and apple never allowed their software releases to slow down hardware releases.
Hoping for the best that I don't have to wait until September to get the new phone. My 3GS has come to the end of the road since I broke the screen two months ago.

I can't image Lion would be the cause of this delay. Mac OS development is a separate entity. Every Apple employee isn't thrown at a single project.

They sometimes are, which is why iOS reportedly caused delays in Mac OS X in previous years (they sent Mac OS X engineers over to help get iOS finished in time).

I still think the new iPhone is coming. I watched the iPad 2 event again tonight. And the stuff Steve mentioned about being ahead with iPad. I see the same thing with the iPhone. Skip LTE this year and make it available next year. Just like 3G was in 2008.

No LTE is not really being ahead. Sure LTE is still new, but hey, have a LTE phone and LTE will be there when it does come so those who are locked in a 2 year can have LTE since the chances that LTE will be everywhere with in the next two years are likey.

you know the water that surrounds the US ? If you go further out from that you get to what we call "the rest of the world". LTE isn't ready in the US and not ready in other places either. Why would they release a "world phone" with LTE when other countries aren't ready ?

Actually Verizon is set to launch pretty substantial LTE coverage by the end of the year. Even my dead city of about 80k is getting it. I wouldn't be surprised if Apple is waiting to announce it alongside Verizon's LTE outlay and AT&T's HSPA+ network (which technically is already active but iPhone doesn't support it yet).

Momentum is not simply releasing a product on a predictable yearly timetable. Momentum- true momentum- is measured by popularity both in sales as well as ubiquitous branding. I would say that at this point in the life-cycle of iOS and iPhone 4 there is much more momentum (popularity) than any previous version of iOS and iPhone by a long shot. iPhone 4 is still HUGE with a lot of life left. It is not ready for a replacement yet like previous versions of the iPhone were by this time. Nothing on the market even comes close to the design and quality of the iPhone 4 so now it is time to let it simmer a bit. Let Verizon customers who were not eligible for a upgrade at launch become eligible, let android users sick of the fragmentation and sub-par hardware quality switch over. And of course let ATT users upgrade. A few extra months of riding the iphone 4 wave is a good thing. It is also good for the iPad. iPhone 4 users can purchase an iPad to fill that new iPhone void.

I know I'm gonna be flamed for this but people are freaking out over this. Just take a step back and think. Perhaps the batteries that come from japan are cause of the delay. You know japan needs to focus on rebuliding before they can and should make Batteries for your apple products. In case any of you forgot they just had a 9.0 magatude earthquaake and are dealing with a nuclar reactor.
Also what if this delay would be worth it? A major iphone update would be well worth the wait right?
Life WILL GO ON if there is no iphone this summer. The iPhone 4 will get people by just fine.

I'm not flaming you. But I would like to point out that I am one of those users that is waiting with baited breath for a new iPhone in June. The reason? I have (cracked screen) 3G that has been off contract since December. Yes I could have bought an iPhone 4 but I did that with the iPhone 3 (purchased in Dec 6 months before the 3GS came out) and disappointed in my self for not waiting.
Frankly, other than the cracked screen (and my mistake of putting iOS 4 on it, I could live with the 3G for another year or two. But now I want a new phone but don't want one just before the new shiny comes out.
Could I switch? No. Why? Because I'm grandfathered into the AT&T unlimited plan and really really really don't want to lose that.

I'm good with my iPhone 4 and iPad 2 for a year at least. We will see what happens. I'm never going back to Android though. If I wanna see things jerk around I'll stomp on the brake of my SUV! LOL!

I hate to say this but I'd jump ship if there wasn't an iPhone 5. I can't stay with the same tech for too long

Doesn't matter to me. I wouldn't be upgrading anyways. I am waiting until 2012 for my contract to be up and then see where my business goes. I am more wanting iOS 5. I just want better notifications.

Apple would frankly be making a GIGANTIC mistake in not bringing a dish to the phone picnic this summer. Apple's stock prices are starting to take a hit just based on these rumors. Apple released the Ipad 2 on schedule and thus perpetuated the trend....I would be absolutely stunned if they mess up on this one.

Just a thought but, could this simply boil down to supply & demand? What parts, if any, come from Japan?

recent reports have shown Apple willing to spend more to cover the slack casued by the disaste. samsung is thought to be hiring like 500 additonal engeneers to help with the screen slack
That might be true of there were other capable suppliers who's production wasn't already contracted out for all the other emerging tablets. But for security Apple, in recent years, has tried to limit the number of vendors to reduce media leaks (not that it does any good). When they put all their eggs in one basket (even for a few components) this is likely to happen.

I think the competition better hope Apple pushes an iPhone 5 this summer. Lest they be working on something big that no one knows about and we're all driving iCars in a year.

I'm sure Apple will release an iPhone, this summer, just like they always do. Why would it change now? What have they been doing all this time then ... They have teams specifically working on iPhone, iPod, iPad, etc. So why this year any different from the rest? Thats the thing we love about Apple, they're consistent. iPad in March, iOS Preview in April, two months of hype, buzz, and buildup then WWDC in June. Summer Lion comes out, September, iPod+iTunes refresh. ... Repeat. ... It's been like that since '07 (minus the iPad)

Creating a phone with those features that doesn't feel like cheap plastic and have a buggy, disastrous user experience.

The user experience on my rooted Inspire 4G blows away anything I ever had on my jailbroken iPhone.
Nothing cheap about it.

Why is no one taking into account of the fiasco that happened last year? When the iPhone 4 was found in a bar, sold to Gizmodo and taken apart before it was returned to Apple. They also got a lot of bad press for the iPhone 4, the yellow tint under the glass, the back glass shattering way to easy and the whole antenna issue.
Knowing how secretive Apple is, I wouldn't be surprised if they're keeping everything under lock, key, padlock, safe and buried a mile underground in a vault as they don't want to have a repeat of what happened last year. Not releasing a new iPhone would allow Android to jump ahead of them and Apple doesn't want that.

I think that after the "fail" in iP4 last summer will warrant a NEED to release iPhone 5. You know, just to remain in good standings with all the people who gave the death grip a piece of their mind. If, however likely IMO, they do not release an iPhone 5 this summer, the next phone would HAVE to be a major update. No questions asked. Like we better be getting everything + more on our bucket list, because Apple (as do we all) knows that they can release a phone with just enough features that makes the old one obsolete in comparison so that we can go out and have to get it. I think they should release iP5 just to remain on top, but then the 6 should be the mother of all updates in both the phone and iOS.

They may not announce it at wwdc, but perhaps the following week or month. Maybe, it's 2007 all over again!

Apple is rumored to delay and backed up by "sources". Is this new iPhone postponed because of the event in Japan or it is a revolutionary leap of a new iPhone. If revolutionary, it will be difficult to imagine what it will be. Artificial intelligence (A.I.) phone that talks to you. Who knows!

Having used both and currently have an iPhone for VZW. I think Android will at least share the spot light within the next year with or without the iPhone 5.

Great article. I think (and hope) that apple is aware of this momentum and just being more secretive after last year.

You know what follows Momentum, inertia
Apple said
“At this year’s conference we are going to unveil the future of iOS and Mac OS. If you are an iOS or Mac OS X software developer, this is the event that you do not want to miss.”
the future of iOS is not going to be iOS 4.x futurer is going to be iOS 5 they are going show iOS 5 beta out "today" iOS 5 out in a few weeks, one more thing the new iPhone down call it a day (for iOS stuff ) oh and a tone of bla bla bla apps apps and more apps

Conspiracy theory, Apple develop new iPhones over 2 years. If so, they are already in the development cycle for iPhone 6. The iPhone 5 introduction rumored to be delayed for a few months. Why? The component makeup for the new iPhone is not available till August, maybe? LTE,A6?,A.I.(aka Siri),cloud,NFC,etc. OR,Japan event straining supply for all who gets supply from them.

im not getting a bumper so i still have the death touch and ive grown quite tired of it. i put up with it because everything else is awesome but its also a year old awesome. i like trying new gadgets do want to try android's latest and greatest to compare and if there is no 5 then that may be a good time to do it. you don't have to jailbreak and android phone do you? only painful thing will be all the apps id have to replace on the new platform. $

Rene, your analysis is as always is very thought-provoking. I'm not sure that momentum is actually lost or gained in a blink, but I get where you're coming from.
However, I'm not sure that in technology and market terms the world is ready for the iPhone 5. What is it that would move the platform forward? LTE for one, but as you've pointed out many times this is an experience fight. Apple's top people want to make something that really pushes expectations and gives a new experience.
Android's development is pushing on and on with new features, but as long as Apple produce an iPhone in the next 15 months that pushes onto new territory then they may not lose anything. In the interim, if they sort out notifications we'll all be happy :-)
The most compelling part of your argument for me was the renewals issue, with people expecting to get a new iPhone like clockwork. In market terms, not addressing that need would be dumb. However, Apple do as Apple does; they've shown that they don't follow either their customers or the market, but follow their vision for a customer experience (as they see it). So far that's produced quite a number of surprises. Maybe this will be one more.

Great article. Maybe they're going to reset the pattern, give Verizon folks a year in their contracts andbreveal 5 in January or spring 2012. Apple won't let itself be slaves to an arbitrary release schedule. They'll delay to keep it interesting. Guess another year for my 3GS!

IMHO, The "no new iphone in June" is just Marketing plans. So people will buy the iPhone 4 now rather than waiting for the next-gen one. As we might see white iPhone would arrive soon.
As usual, Apple love to surprised their costumers.. A Great Magical surprise of course..

This would be a big story if the current iOS devises were sub par........but they're not. iPhone 4 is still the standard in the industry, and with the release and short supply of iPad 2, Apple will continue to be in the forefront, regardless of no new product releases.
I would rather wait 3-6 months for a bigger and badder iPhone 5. Let Apple get it right.

When my wife and I got iphones almost two years ago she got a 3G and I got a 3Gs. I really don't want to upgrade to a 4 this July when my contract is up only to find that in September the 5 is out.
I'm part of that summer contract renewal group who is really anxious for something new.

+1 to that. Our contract is up now, and I don't want to hold out for something that may or may not be coming.

Yeah, you might say that there is a break in Apple's pace; but I think it's humanly impossible to go with the pace that Apple was moving.

I'm glad they're not releasing a new phone, that way we get more use out of the current iPhone. I don't like how each year there's a new phone and then you are craving that new hardware. Its really tempting.

My $0.02...
Apple doesn't have the bandwidth to release a new iPhone this summer. The botched supply of the iPad 2 is an indicator that they might be stretched a bit too thin. Supply STILL hasn't recovered for the iPad 2. It's easy to drop a new device every year when those devices are essentially the same (iPhone and iPod Touch). When you add an iPad to the mix, particularly a much anticipated iPad release that, by all accounts, didn't go particularly smoothly, you gear down a bit. Reputations are at stake.
The iPhone 4 is still an incredible representative for the brand. They bought some time by releasing a VZW flavor in February. I don't see how they can reload so quickly.
Particularly with the task-master, visionary and chief innovator, Jobs, in the hurt locker.
Anyway, they might get one out in early fall. No sooner.
Also, Rene, thought this article was pretty good.

This same thing happened last year with the 1st iPad. It sold out quickly, and it took a while for Apple to produce more stock and they still came out with iPhone 4 on time.

They will release a new iPhone. Not releasing it would send their stock price into a steep nose dive. My guess is they just put out iPhone 4-S (ala 3GS), make a couple OS updates (like AirPrint in any printer) and release a massive cloud service like amazon cloud, and call it the future of iOS.

I believe the iphone will come this summer. I am a loyal Verizon customer waiting patiently for the iphone. I bought my wife the iphone the day Verizon got it and she loves it, but she isn't driven by new technology like I am, so here I wait.
I have enjoyed following the rumors of the Verizon iphone, new ipad and now the iphone 5.
There have been too many supply/part photo leaks via China and Apple had to put a stop to it. Verizon demanded it; it is killing sales of the iphone to people like me. Two weeks ago we had mock up photos of what the iphone would likely look like, and now the fickle public is supposed to buy the fact that it isn't ready for a summer release?
"The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist."

When the Verizon iPhone was released I thought this would push the release of iPhone 5 back to at least the fall. Apple wasn't going to wait 6 months to roll out a Verizon iPhone and miss out on a couple of million iPhone 4 sales. It wouldn't make sense to have separate release dates for new iPhones six months apart as Apple needs to bring Verizon to the same cycle as AT&T, so pushing the release back to the fall would be 9 months since the Verizon release and a little over a year for the AT&T release. Add in the holiday season and it will sell well on both carriers.
Android is a great OS and does a lot of things better than iOS, but iOS also does a lot of things better than Android too, so if there isn't a release this summer I don't think it will be enough to cause people to jump ship by itself. Remember, Froyo has been out since something like June and it's still not on all the Android phones. Gingerbread was released around the last quarter of 2010 and still isn't on but a few phones.

My contract is up in June. I have a 3Gs. If there is no new iPhone this summer, my iPhone will become an iTouch and I will get a droid and join my wife/kids on their Sprint family plan.

Apple is already pushing there luck with introducing only one new handset a year, and even then, they are usually never as good as most other Android phones as far as hardware goes, and maybe even software. That will depend on what iOS 5 brings. But I do believe that if they break their release cycle, then their market share will go down. The iPhone 4 can barely compete compared to some of the newer phones out there as it is. Waiting another half a year seems unwise, and very unlike Apple.

ip4 fail last year? did i miss something? there were people waiting in lines for days, they were sold out everywhere for months, & by the time everyone got the ip4 in their hands, all the press & other phone manufactures could do is talk up the antenna issue. Apple showed us that every phone has that potential. I didnt like the fact that they did a press conference to do that, but the press was making a huge issue over it.
Honestly, every ip version has done incredibly, & now its on 2 major US networks. The ip4 is an incredible success, & it shows that people prefer quality build & reliable products over bigger screens, & slightly better specs. But in the end, we all have features we like & cant live w/o. i prefer a super sharp screen & great streamlined experience over a gimmick 3D 8mp camera or a hatchet job operating system bundled in a flimsy plastic case.

All these rumors about the iPhone 5 not coming out this year is rubbish. It's going to be packed with the same processor as the iPad 2. IOS 5 may be delayed a couple of months, which I doubt, and there may be supply issues because of Japan, but it will come out as usual. No new iPhone is much worse than a new iPhone with just a few spec improvements.

Apple is going to launch an Iphone 5 this summer. That's their business. They are in the business of putting out products that we DO NOT need but are led to believe we must have.

I know about 2 dozen Verizon users who currently have BlackBerry or Andriod phones that just or are about to come off contract. They all said I was crazy to get the iPhone in February, because, even those non tech folks, "knew" a new iPhone was coming out in June/July. I said:
- I have stayed with Verizon for this long, waiting, and wasn't going to wait longer, and felt that with the Verizon iPhone (new revenue stream previously untapped) and the "spring" White iPhone 4, that summer was looking a bit less likely. I still feel that way.
- iPhone 5 will likely be a minor revision, 3G - 3Gs in scope. It will be iPhone 6 in 2012 that gets LTE.
Long way to say, every one of them is getting the next iPhone. I think that says a lot for it's appeal vs BB, Android, Win7, etc...

I see it this way. If the LTE technology or the ios5 software or whatever it is they think is not ready then wait a few months. Will they lose some potential customers? Yes. But how many will they lose if they release a sub par phone with a half baked os? We all have seen the complaints of rim or motorola or samsung or whoever releasing their product before it's ready. Now we want apple to do it too? Let's give them a little credit here. So far they seem to have timed the market right. You may not agree with their process but I think they have earned the benefit of the doubt here.

As I said about 2 months ago (go ahead and search the forum, it's there), we will not see an iPhone 5 until the holiday season this year. Seems like I was right. Again. Everyone just sit back and relax. Your iPhone 5 will be here late October / early November. Just in time for the holidays.

I think it's very easy for everyone here that knows Apples release cycle to say chill out, but for the common consumer - basically everyone not on this site - they don't know the first thing about Apples release schedule. When I tell my friends new ipods come out in September they are genuinely surprised. Basically, when they come up for renewal this summer and there is no iphone 5 buzz they will just go elsewhere.
I have an iphone 4 - i love it, it's great however if a better phone comes out this summer and apples tight lipped policy on leaks doesn't even release a snippet of info then I am more than willing to go to Android. I know I'll lose my apps but hey, I might get an iPad or in the end I might just realise that half the apps I've bought I don;t use.
Apples biggest strength in the mobile world is their consistent release schedule. I hope they don't mess it up.

The way I see it....
No new iphone
No new IOS
Tougher to Jailbreak...
I jumped shipped when 3g arrived to the iphone... been with them since... All of them jailbroken...
With the current track record,
Lack of updates of things we need + tougher Jailbreaks + no new phone/software to support the functionality I want/can get, means I might jump ship to android or even windows phone 7.
We'll see if this is just a publicity stunt and tight lips from Apple.. but... it might again be the last apple product I ever buy.
The cool thing?
If there is no iphone 5, I wont get an ipad 2.

"Even with HP’s deep pockets and huge reach Palm has been slow to get new devices out the door"
They just bought Palm last year, give them a break. webOS was more than a capable os to compete against iOS. Palm just didn't have the money to back it up at the time.

I don't see the big deal... I love my iPhone 4, I don't need a 5 in June. If I were on contract I'd just go month to month until the 5 was out. if I had a 3GS and wanted a 5, I'd get the 4 then sell it for a profit on eBay when the 5 comes out.
Simple. There is no break, other than for people who sit waiting for the next new Apple device.
It will come.

We don't even know if there won't be something in June. lets not pretend like articles like this help the cause.

Apple will have been planning and designing iPhone 5 for the past to years as they did with the iPhone 4. I think they will keep to there product cycle. + they know a vast amount of customers are upgrading at that time. In my opinion there will be a iPhone 5 in June

What then..? Then I'll soldier on happily with my 3GS and my iphone; buy a macbook pro for my son; buy some more apps and when Ipad 3 and Iphone 5 or 6 eventually comes out, I may need an upgrade more than I want one and for the first time in years feel that I'm making a sensible upgrade decision. Apple's stock price will meantime drop slightly below 300 and I'll pick up some shares and enjoy the rally when a kickass Ipad 3 and a new amazing product I never dreamt of hits the market in 2012.

Just do what I did, sell your iPhone X and make some good money before the 5 comes out. Then take the money and buy a solid Android phone (something by HTC) and you can easily root and rom it. No more worrying about OS releases and waiting for jailbreaks. Come on, you know you want to especially come late June and there's no mention of the iPhone 5. Don't worry about your apps, they will still work on your iPad; mine do :)