Brits Fear iPhone May Spark Crime Wave, or Soccer Game Riot


The arrival of iPhone in the UK next week may cause more than just nerdgasm among Guinness-drinking geeks. According to one industry expert, the iconic gadget may set off a "crime wave" of mobile phone thefts, as criminals go searching for the elusive new smartphone in the pockets and purses of unsuspecting toffs. Each year more than 800,000 mobile phones end up in the hands of crooks, accounting for 52% of all thefts in the UK. Nickers!

Best guard your purse strings, gov.



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Chan says:

Thanks for the good work you guys have done. If you decide to blog or post articles elsewhere please let us know.

Dangly says:

Its so true, england has so many chavs (americans can know them as wannabe gangsters), they are all twats, think they are the best, and stab people. England is fantastic!

Seth says:

I'm a Brit living in the US. I once had my nokia phone and wallet stolen from my bag (which was in my lap) whilst on a bus in London!!! Admittedly I had fallen asleep but still, f$&ckers!!

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