DIY: Dutch Modder Paints iPhone Black, Vows Never To Go Back


The iPhone is a stunning piece of industrial design that screams taste and style. So what better way to modify a beautiful product than ugly it up with black spray paint and faux classic rainbow Apple logo, in a style reminiscent of the Newton. At least this guy won't have to worry about someone stealing his iPhone. Unless he lives in the UK, of course.



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neil says:

I actually like it.
It looks more like he modded a case.

FJR says:

the big piece of plastic on the bottom is too clunky. Plus I don't really see how it will stand up to constant use that the rest fo the phone is designed to take. As I understand the mod, he took an old piece of plastic off and old apple keyboard. There is no way that that doesn't disintegrate after 4-5 months of pocket use. It sticks out from the otherwise sleek design, and its made of substantially less durable material than the rest of the phone.

Seth says:

wow I think it looks cool! Very retro! Nice job.

Quagmire says:

I don't get it. I don't get it. It looks like a bug.

GoonieGooGoo says:

Aaah....the rainbow APPLE......
The Apple Company I loved for sooo many years.....and now like its new logo has become a soulless greedy iPod/iTunes profit driven elitist companyl.....what happened to that innovative and inclusive company??