Poll Says 19 Million Cell Phone Users Would Sell Their Organs for iPhone


A poll conducted by research firm M:Metrics in May concluded that nearly 19 Million (queue Dr. Evil voice) cell phone users here in the land of the free are willing to shell out $599 for an iPhone - and intend to do so on June 29. If this survey translates into reality, Verizon and Sprint may see a huge defection among their subscriber base as customers migrate to AT&T in order to get an iPhone.

I don't put much faith behind polls, but I do believe that all the iPhone haters out there are going to be left with egg on their face as June 29+ will reveal some rather interesting surprises.


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Poll Says 19 Million Cell Phone Users Would Sell Their Organs for iPhone


19 Million
now that's funny
there's no way that many unit will even be available in the first year, possibly 18 months. I have a feeling the one's with egg on their face will be Apple and AT&T when they can't meet demand.
I rolled over to AT&T on the 11th of June and was given a blackberry to use for 30 days, my intention was to get the iphone at months end. Now I'm wondering how many 30 day free trial phones I'm going to need to go through before I can get the iphone.

Warren thats awesome. I migrated also from nextel during June and was given the blackberry pearl and have really loved it so far. But just waiting around to see if i want to keep it past the thirty day trial period. I also want to see if their are bugs that have to be worked out of these phones with usage and time. Would love to have one but really not sure if its justifiable.