iPad 2 vs. BlackBerry PlayBook browser battle!

iPad 2 vs. BlackBerry PlayBook browser battle!

As part of his epic BlackBerry PlayBook review, our good friend CrackBerry Kevin put RIM's new tablet browser one-on-one against the great one -- Apple's iPad 2. That's right, we have yet another entry in our browser battle series!

When we put the PlayBook head to head against the iPad 2 in a browser shootout (see below), we saw pretty comparable page load times but did notice on websites where there were flash-based advertisements present, this would slow down the PlayBook by a few seconds while the iPad 2 would serve up a faster loading static image. Disabling flash evened out the load times.

Check out the video after the break and if you haven't already, check out the rest of Crackberry's PlayBook coverage! (Then rush back here and tell us what you think!)

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iPad 2 vs. BlackBerry PlayBook browser battle!


you idiot just wait, the sales.. and i don't give a rat ass about flash, and also they shut down the flash in that playsuck and also didn't pass the test. so why you are asking for flash. dumb F.

Wow with name calling and completely coherent sentence structure you take the cake for best comments. To alot of people flash is important because it brings the full web experience. That may be hard to get through you head but other people have different needs in a device than you. Keep up you awesome contributions to the comments, we are all better off having read such compelling statements.

You have to realize what your dealing with. The steve jobs lovers. If he says broccoli is bad all apple users will ban broccoli and defend it to the end. Your wasting your time getting through to the brainwashed community.

For whatever reason I cant directly reply to your comment stormfront but you sound like the same person I mentioned brainwashed. First and foremost Apple was not the first to do touchscreens as we see today. Does the LG Prada ring a bell. It was out way before apples iphone. It had a very similar interface. The "ONLY" thing apple did was mainly improve on some parts of the experience with an enhanced web browser etc.
Tablets as well have been around for years. again your a typical as you mentioned "steve jobs" nut. Enjoy living in fantasy.

Is Crackberry Kevin that much of a tool in real life? In the video, he sounds like someone trying (and failing miserably) willing his Blackberry devise to victory........watch the video.
He wants the Playbook to out perform ipad2 so much, it comes off as "douchie" and not good.
Flipped any birds lately? With that video alone, he lost all credibility.
Nice screen size, though. Kevin, I'm sure you prefer the smaller screen because it is more portable.
Yeah, right. Last time I went to Best Buy, I had a grand to spend on a TV and bought the 40' instead of the 50' because, because, uh, duh, oooooooo. It's just better............

Lost credibility? You should see the review he wrote up. You won't see a more thorough and HONEST review out there. So he gave the iPad the finger, big deal, obviousely you don't have a sence of humour.

how did you get that from his video? he's a RIM fanboy, that's why he writes for crackberry and not TiPb. i'm an apple fanboy, so i would want the iPad to beat the playbook (in fact, while watching the video, i kept saying to myself, "cmon baby cmon baby. iPad, iPad" just the same way he kept saying the same for the playbook. so you've kinda proven YOURSELF to be, as you call it, "douchie". quit being a troll.

Of course he's pulling for the RIM device, he runs Crackberry... ??? He can root for whichever he prefers, as long as the test is fair. It doesn't make him a douche, he just has a preference, as does everyone. He's actually really, really nice about it. Try and watch the video a second time, this time without willing him to be a douche, and then maybe you'll see that he's actually not one at all, it's just you putting it on him :)

Wow, I thought he was totally fair in the comparison. So what if hes rooting for his favorite.
P.S. that was a terrible analogy unless you carry your 50 inch T.V. around with you. PlayBook looks pretty slick from the videos on that site but I still prefer my iPad. Competition is good though, makes the devices evolve.

Hey dumbass I'd rather get a a 40" led 120hertz refresh that's ultra thin and has a crisp picture then a 50" that's probably a plasma that will look old and dated.

Well I'd rather get a plasma.
Not as thin, but overall better picture in every way.
But then I actually know something about tv tech, unlike you.

I'd like to see this with the first iPad. Too bad all these bright companies are more focused on market share rather than leading innovative products. Or do what apple does: (existing technology) + (industrial design) = new invention...

Read Mossberg review and he said that he CANNOT recommend playbook as the way it is now. Mossberg did his battery on it and got just over 5 hours!!! Right now, it is missing a lot of things and rest will come later. Right now, you crippled to check email,etc. Check Mossberg's review on Allthingsd.com

Mossberg was running a video over and over with wifi on for his battery test. Obviously results will vary depending upon usage. Did he also test his iPad under the same EXACT circumstances?
Mossberg made some compelling arguments to buy a Playbook. He claims it has the best Flash implementation, even better than Androids. His comments that the screen is beautiful but does has a lower resolution than the iPad. It's interesting that he makes such a comment, but fails to mention that the Playbook has a higher pixel density of 170 ppi compared to the iPads 132 ppi.
The Playbook has it plusses and minuses, but so do the iPad and the Android tablets. It's just a matter of determining what's the best fit for you.
Does the basic wifi iPad have a gps?

u guys seriously fighting over 2 tablets ? isnt the point of a fair review to give the perfect pros and cons of every devices in test instead of saying " yeah ipad, yeah playbook cmon baby come on ! ".
lets say i am a grandpa and i know nothing computer wise, and i just need a tablet to watch porn during my final days.. what would be the perfect tablet to do that ?
for kevin it would be the playbook but he failed to mention why. if it was me reviewing it, i would have said this :
bb playbook : pro : tablet is portable and u can carry it in the bathroom and pilot it with one hand to access porn contents while the other hand is at work.
cons : screen size, horrible battery life if i am a cronic mastubater
ipad : pros : huuge screen so u dont miss a detail, smart cover makes it easy to use both hands for pleasure
cons : not portable in bathroom, not all porn sites granted due to the lack of flash..
this is a fair review cause i will buy or the ipad or the bb depending if i want to use both hands or just 1 :)

Huge pile of "FAIL" for RIM. Sorry Kevin, you made excuses for the thing the entire video. "Well, it must have got stuck on a sticky ad" come on man!!!

I think it's interesting how at the end Kevin mentions he'll probably be surfing on the playbook most of the time with flash off.
Flash content can be good (and can suck) but for me, regardless of the tradeoff, I like never seeing a flash ad on my iPhone.

I'm going to stick with the iPad for the time being. This is a great competitor that will only make the iPad better.

I'd like a flash option for videos, and the better html5 score. But i like the ipad screen size, and all ready own it, so wont be getting a new tablet for myself any time soon.
Thanks for that middle finger crackberry....?

I like the playbook, I would rather carry that around than the iPad. It came pretty close to the ipad on the browser wether you have flash on or not, thats pretty impressive.

Lol, watched this video and I could hear the pain in his voice.... When apple wins, nobiggie but if ever rim wins, the win by a land slide..... I watched that plabook vs ipad1 comparison video and it pained me to watch them comparing a brand new device with better specs vs a 7month old iPad... BUT... I just said to my self..... iPad 2 will bring a bigger plate to the table and rims beloved flash browser is loosing with flash on or off..... Lol aha ababa #SAD

Ah come on, Kevin's great! ;-) My 2 years with as many BlackBerry smartphones (ha, I still know how BB-speak lol) were quite enhanced by CrackBerry!
One thing is interesting, however, and I was a little surprised that Kevin even noted towards the end of that browser test when he decided to "...do most of my browsing with Flash disabled ..." because of the (many) Flash ads. So all this drama about no Flash on the iDevices from Apple and in the end, a lot of people will likely disable Flash on their Xoom's, Playbook's, Galaxy Tab's, etc., so as to be slowed down by advertisements that nobody wants to see in the first place. (sorry, Kev.) ;)

i admit its close but ipad 2 wins and why do you give ipad 2 the finger? did like some 10 year with a deep voice review it?

and one more thing why would pay for a companys tablet to browse the web when they're known to have had bad browsers in past just so you can see ads that is the most hollow,pointless meaningless victory EVER

hi, can anyone help me, which one should i go for, acctually i need to gift my sis, though she dont use much browser, rather multimedia, watching movies, n photos, so please suggest me anyone. Ya battery backup should be there.

I don't use Ipad or Playbook. I jsut watched this video because I want to Buy a tablet and I thout it would help me. So I think Playbook is more practical. the browser speed is the same. Both are very good. but blackberry has Flashplayer and its good. and one thing that its smaller , makes it more comfortable. I think I should buy a playbook.