Compatible with iX?

Compatible with iX?

The iTunes App Store is currently listing apps as compatible with "ix", or more exactly -- "compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and ix.Mac.MarketingName". That's almost certainly a glitch of some kind in the system and I expect Apple will fix it asap but it does make for a fun question -- if there is indeed an "ix" in the pipeline, what could it be? An app-compatible Apple TV? Cross-compatible Mac Apps? A 5 to 7-inch device? Something we haven't imagined yet?

While Apple sees to its stray text, give us your best guess -- what's "ix"?

[Thanks Ethan!]

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Compatible with iX?


Wow, you got that up here quick, since my eMail. :-P
Never thought of the Apple TV. It is odd to see that, as it's not appearing on all apps in the app store, but it is quite interesting...
I think the best guess is the Apple TV, iPhone 5, or some other iteration, as I don't think it would be any unannounced iDevice. At first I thought it was for Macs, but then realized that we have the Mac App Store...

Could it be Lion? We know the new features of OS 10.7, maybe it will launch alla iOS applications as well

+1..... this would be very cool..... Especially if the app data was fully sync'd between OSX and iOS :-)

What if the new iPhone 5 isn't gonna be called the iPhone .. Maybe it gets a different name

I think this device is going to appear to be some sort of new portable computer, an "iDevice' running OS X in my opinion. Whatever it may be, I'm pretty damn excited about it! :-)

Hell yea, a new device!
Where can I preorder it???
I need to have it, its soooo much better than all the previous ones...

C'mon, guys. Yes, it's placeholder text. Yes, it's in the right format.
Most likely it's an error-- not an error of omission, indicating that there is a specific, as-yet-unrevealed device, but an error in editing the template text. The text probably reads "compatible with X, Y and Z". Instead of correctly placing the last device, the iPad, into the spot for Z, they added a comma after Y, inserted the value for Z, leaving a comma and a portion of the template remaining.
Does Apple have devices in development that are unannounced? You bet! Is this any clue to any of them? No, probably not. Slightly more likely that it's the Mac App store.

I would kindly say this would be the unreleased Tablet people have been rumoring about.. the so called "iPad 3" could actually be a tablet device running some sort of mac.. Apple got granted a patient for 'Spaces on a tablet device' in the images in the filing were windows from Mac OS X lion..

Narcogen, not sure I agree. I'm a developer, and iX.Mac.MarketingName reads like a key that's supposed to be used to look up a user-friendly value to put there. You might use it to show different text for different languages, for example. It looks like the code decided there is a device to put in there, but because that device wasn't supposed to show up yet, there's no text for it. Since the text there is a list of devices, and the last one has "and" in front of it, I doubt they have a different template for when there are 1, 2, 3, etc. devices. They probably put together all the devices in the list with commas, and add "and" before the last one.

yep, it's formatted like a text resource key, we do the same sort of thing on our IBE where if it fails to resolve the key it prints the key itself

Great review! This is exactly the type of article that should be shared around the internet. Shame on the search engines for not positioning this article higher!

What about the new Apple television set? An apple tv inside the 30'' display (or maybe bigger?) ;)

Just a probably irrelevant quip: Going back to the days of the Newton, I thought there was a vague plan for a whiteboard size touch device after a phone size and slate size touch device took off. I don't expect that, but I wouldn't be entirely surprised. Comments?

It's the new prepaid iPhone. Remember a few months back they mentioned how they wanted to get to the prepaid market? Notice how iOS 5 didn't get announced? It's cause the prepaid model is optimized for 4.0 and the major overhaul coming with 5.0 would create the need for updated hardware. They wanna keep this thing cheap.