TiPb Asks: Are you tempted by the PlayBook or an Android Honeycomb tablet?

If it were possible for the iPad to own 138% of the tablet market it probably would, but competing devices have already launched like the Motorola Xoom, are about to launch like the BlackBerry Playbook, or will be launching later in the year like the HP TouchPad and more Android Honeycomb tablets.

Some will be smaller, with 7 or 8-inch screens. Some will be slightly bigger with 10.1-inch screens. Most will have Adobe Flash support to varying degrees. They'll have more ports (and not require camera kits or AV adapter dongles). They'll have webOS card view (even if they come from RIM) or a more desktop style UI. They won't have iOS apps but they'll have Android apps (even if they come from RIM) or webOS apps. They may have really fast LTE connections at some point. They won't have iTunes but they probably will have wider native support for video and audio file formats. Even 3D. They may or may not be easier to hack.

But they'll be different, in small or big ways. And for many people they'll be not-Apple and that will be tempting.

Will it tempt you? Be honest now -- let me know why! (or why not!)

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TiPb Asks: Are you tempted by the PlayBook or an Android Honeycomb tablet?


I will be getting the PlayBook because of the multitasking, app switching, gestures, and Flash internet browsing. The Apps will come, but with the full web, there is no immediate rush on those.

For me, i'll prefer a notebook or even a low-end laptop if I have to just go for the full-web experience.
Ipad or Xoom for me. Not very sure about xoom, havent seen any around.

It's funny...If you have ANY other interests other than Apple on TiPb, you're a troll. It's no wonder the web is full of useless oppinions rather than intellectual statements. Go play with your Touch...

I would say the HP is the most appealing, but will buy a ipad before any of those (if I ever see any use in tablets).

If I had Ebola and was out of my mind with sickness and disease I would still be clutching my iPad 2!!! The only competitor would be WebOS. I've always thought that it was SICK!

Android is a bust so far from my viewpoint. Perhaps by June or January 2012 some hardware manufacturer will actually ship a Honeycomb device worth getting excited about. Till then it's iPad 24/7.

iPad all the way. I don't have a blackberry after I switched to iphone4 so play kook is useless for me and android... Well most of their stuff is crappy or use unsecure it seems

Android just doesn't wash on tablets, not in 2011.. sorry.. I'd be more apt to try an Android phone (if their user base wasn't so annoying) but a tablet? Nope.. RIM, forget it - not only am I not personally interested but we won't be bringing these into the enterprise either.
iPad is just too sexy and way outclasses the rest, there really is no reason. Eve saving $100 or even way more wouldn't tempt me or anyone I know (other than the few moron Apple haters, you know the types...)

Nope Not At All...I Had The 1st iPad & Now The iPad 2 & With Updates & More Apps Than Anyone Else Its Pointless To Even Look At Another Device. Apple Products Have By Far The Best Touch Screen Out Too, Look At Other Phones & They Lag... I Think Thats The Most Important Thing Since Its All Touchscreen!

Ill stick to my ipad it does everything i want/need it too.
if i would switch it would be to honeycomb, im not a big bb fan.

I've actually waited this long without buying a tablet, but I will in the next few weeks. Really, I just want something that I can sit down, use it, and find lots of things to do with it without having to do any fiddly. Even on my Windows machine, I use flash block so I never need to see flash unless I really have no choice but to do so.
I borrowed an original iPad recently and have begun to realize I'll miss it when it is gone. I don't see how a Xoom or a Playbook will provide that experience. Maybe in a couple of years these devices will be more mature and tempting, but not yet.

Looked at some reviews for the Playbook. Looks good, but not enough to switch.
Android? Too inconsistent for me. Need one version, not however-many they have to date.
WebOS looks good, but the applications are not completely there yet-imho.
Holding out for the next iteration of iOS (iOS5?). We'll see after that. Hopefully, Apple is tries to "crush" the competition with new innovation to the software.

just Got my iPad2 yesterday, so - no!
I considered waiting for the PlayBook, but in Denmark only iOS and Android is getting apps. They are simply the two main drivers in terms of app availabillity. Now PlayBook Will be able to run Android apps... but they need to be re-packaged to App World and not directly available from Android Market, so I fear that Danish App is still far away for that one.
Also the recent mess on Android Market with bad apps and all, simply won me over to the iPad!

No way. I want integration with Mac Mail, and all that cool syncing. I'm waiting for someone to buy me an iPad. ;-)

iPad for me. The other tablets just can't compete yet. I've had an iPad why would I downgrade? Now if I had never had an iPad maybe I would consider another tablet. But I've had the best so I'm sticking with the best. Only 14 days until I have my iPad 2!!!

iPad2 seems like the only logical choice for a tablet at this point. Android is trying to figure itself out on tablets and Playbook is missing critical features (mail?). Apple was genius and used the same core operating system of the iPhone but upgraded the UI for key apps. Instead of a 1 year head start on the competitors it has a 4 year head start. iOS is just the more mature OS at this point. And 7 inches is way to small to justify carrying around another device.

Do I find them interesting as all hell? Yes. Am I tempted by them? Not really, so far I've seen nothing this generation that's a real goer compared to the ipad 2. Now if only Apple would get around to shipping mine to me. :)

If you want/need the full web, then use LogMeIn Ignition (or something similar) on your iPad to access a full browser on a "real" PC -- plus, get access to Outlook and Word (and more). It's not perfect, but I've just started doing that and it is very good.

Am I curious to get my hands on one to try out? Yes. But in short am I tempted to get one? No. I could list reasons why, but every review ever written about the playbook (especially recently) makes my point for my lack of temptation.

Ipad 2 due to size. Playbook is going to be useless to view or carry around. I am die hard bberry guy who went iphone 4..love it but hate its email and slow handling of pdfs compared to bberry.
I have an 11 air for everyday running around with my 4g air card. Going to get the new bold touch for ease of email,keyboard and battery life. Dont need iphone 4 anymore with my new laptop and aircard.
Tablets are not it for me. but if i did why would i get a 7in model that makes no sense what so ever....hate to say it but i believe it will fail. new bberry phone will be a hit though you watch...

I'm debating it, if anything it'll be WebOS. I had a Pre+ and loved the OS. I was on Verizon then and am on AT&T now, I got the iPhone 4 for the hardware advantage. Now HP/Palm is coming up with much better hardware than they used to offer. I'm possibly going to get a Pre3 and if possible, the TouchPad.
Sure, there's not as many apps as iOS or even Android, but the apps don't make the OS to me. What the OS can do for itself without extra apps is what I like to think set it apart. The interaction between Smartphone and Tablet needs to be there IMO, WebOS does it right.

Love my ipad v1 and my girlfriend is upgrading hers to the v2. I've read the reviews about the 7 inch models and just think they are too small. Telstra has a little 7 inch model and it's pretty bad. So ipad all the way!

Not in the least. They don't have the ecosystem we have all grown to love. (or have become slave to). I am satisfied with the iPad. And for some reason there doesn't seem to be anyone close by pulling out their inferior device to compare specs and speed. Let the iPad enjoy it's reign as king.

No way, my ipad is good enough for what I do, why would I want something that I don't know the reliability of the operating system, won't have compatibility with my iphone and for the most part they all look ugly and cheap and nasty.
The ipad 2 and ipad look like they are worth the money that is paid for them, most of those other tablet devices look more like toys with all that plastic!

Hahahahha, No. IPad or nothing. The accuracy and responsiveness of the interface, the app store and the shear beauty of the IPad 2 is lightyears ahead of the competition.

I love my ipad. I really don't plan on switching but if i were i would consider the playbook 4g when in comes out. As for android, like others have said it is all over the place. I haven't seen much on the HP so i cant really comment there. I would be very skeptical of it but are there any windows mobile based ones out there. I doubt i would get one but it would be interesting to see what they would bring to the table.
For me its about the software, if you avoid the super cheap tablets all of them seem to be good in the hardware department but in my mind the ipads apps and the os are what set it apart.

What is a Playbook? What is Honeycomb? Yea, that's how tempted I am by them..... They don't exist to me.... When a compition comes then maybe.... Just maybe.... Those guys are play catch up, it's almost boring now watching them struggle like that....

I've always been a palm guy, i'd rather have an HP touchpad, but...
1) it's not available
2) I already have an ipad
3) my company only supports iPad (and stopped supporting Palm Pre, so now I have an iphone 4)
4) apps, apps, apps! Web-ex for ipad, skype video calling, Olivetree bible reader, ton's of good kids games for toddlers.
5) all my ipod touch, iphone apps work on my ipad, nice to stay in 1 eco system.
6) my kids (3 and 5 years old) love iOS and can't figure out how to use WebOS on HP. Android is a UI mess, forget it.

Apple fan boys, how to move PDF files from my loptop to my wives iPad2? ITunes worthless for anything other then media..

Well... There are many ways to do it... First iTunes can transfer any kind of files that are not media into any apps that has file or shared storage. 2nd you can use wireless transfer using files storage or organizing apps like air sharing... 3rd you can use online file storage that sync with iPad like dropbox.... 4th you can me.com.... There are so many ways to do that... Do your research...

I'm getting the Playbook. I already have an iPhone 4 so getting an iPad is not so exciting. The hardware is great, and the software will get better over time. I love gadgets and will likely buy an iPad in the future too.

iOS certainly has its limitations - lack of Flash is one of them. Yet, it definitely has areas it excels at. There are just great apps available on the iPad - like iShred Live. Nothing remotely close is on anything Android. I also like the fact I can get iWork on the iPad.
However, Android is evolving. It's getting better and better. My brother recently went from an iPhone on AT&T to a Droid X on Verizon and told me they have really nice software from Google on them, and he doesn't regret it.
I think Android pad/tablets are a little too early in their life cycle to judge them, just yet. They'll come around. My biggest concern is what has happened to the PC market: A race to the bottom. PC hardware is just garbage. When the software is standardized, the hardware becomes commoditized to the point that the devices get crappier and crappier. Apple avoids this with a unique product from head to toe. It's always top shelf components from Apple. That's something to consider.
I also wish they were more like PC's, where I can upgrade the OS when I want to, not when Motorola wants to, if they even do. That's a bunch of crap when a new OS is out, and I have to wait for Motorola to release it because they're busy stuffing it with crap I don't want.

I am tempted to buy an Android tablet, especially since I like the Android system and Google services. I also prefer Android's flexibility.
However I still haven't figured out why I personally need a tablet, what good it would be for me, so I'm not sure if I will buy one at all.

no, i'm not tempted. mainly because iOS devices have been really integrated into my life since the 1st ipod touch. i'm not against switching. but i just don't feel like doing the research or keeping up with android news. the moment you'll see me switch is probably when another company comes out with another tablet that blows the others out of the water like the iPad is still doing.

It's either I get an HP Touchpad or no tablet at all. I'm still deciding if I actually need one and/or want one real bad. iPad is awesome for what it can do(almost everything), but it's not for me. Gonna wait 'til after I get a new phone and after the product has been reviewed thoroughly. Only downside I see is lack of apps. Currently though, the important apps I use on my iPhone are also available in WebOS. If not, the same content can be accessed through the web browser. Then again, I can do that on my laptop so yeah...

I am not in the least tempted. First, I love the iOS interface. 2, I am financially invested in iOS. I have spend hundreds of dollars in apps. To go to another platform will force me to buy or re-buy new or apps I have purchased already. So I am married to Apple for better or worse. But so far it has been a happy marriage. Lol

When they stop using the iPad as the standard by which they review all other tablets, then I'll consider evaluating something else. Until then I'll just remain ecstatic with what i have. I wasn't sure if the iPad would fully meet my expectations when I ordered it. But now that I have it I use it for Mail, Books, Web, Netflix, Music (for iTunes, composing/recording and performance), games, etc. Who knew you could get so functionality out of such a small package. Everything works. Everything works well. Why switch?

I'm actually tempted to give the HP Touchpad a shot. I don't know what it is about WebOS but I've always had a liking towards it, just never liked Palm's hardware.

I have an iPad 1 and iPhone so I already have most of the apps I need and for the apps I don't already have there is one somewhere on app store.
When you have all needed apps and then change device. It's like moving to a new house and have to buy all furniture all over again.
I will upgrate and prob never switch device

Yes the interface is so much more like a real desktop experience. With all the features I will probably make the switch.

Re: PlayBook - When you think of BlackBerry, the first things that come to mind, are: Killer email and BBM. RIM should've ensured those apps were awesome and native on PlayBook. Also, if you're an app developer, why would you develop for QNX, when Android apps will be compatible?

If you promote your app as being developed for QNX and not just an Android port, the developer has a competitive advantage as the consumer will perceive it as a better working app and one that takes advantage of the devices features.

The only one of the lot that I am considering is the TouchPad. I have an iPhone4 as a personal phone and a Pre2 as a work phone. I really like webOS but the lack of high quality apps from websites and service providers is a drawback with that platform. However, consuming media is the primary reason why I'd want a table - to surf the web, read e-books, responding to email and maybe some planning. I'd expect the TouchPad to launch with a Kindle reader and other media apps. So, I'll have to see how well reviewed it is and will have to try it out at Best Buy or other retailer before I make a final decision. Price should not be a factor in the decision. I'd expect it to be priced like the iPad so price is not going to be a factor.

HELL NO, i don't wanna be pulling the battery anytime the screen froze up. like the blackberry devices, and also no apss. please no, this is another fail..

I have an iPad and i have preordered the blackberry playbook. I love blackberry and i love apple products but playbook i find is the way to go.

I'm an addmitted Android fan. I have a Droid X and a rooted Nook Color. I really enjoy my phone and feel the screen on the iPhone is to small for my taste. I got the Nook Color because it was only $250 and I wasn't even sure I could use a tablet of any kind so the price was right. The Nook isn't a bad tablet and a great value for the money. Having said that I got my wife an ipad for her birthday and its awesome. I'll be looking for a tablet this time next year and I'll take a look at Android but things would have to change dramatically for me to not get the ipad 3. There really is something to be said for a device that's simple and easy to use. I really hesitate to give my 4 year old my phone because its much to likely he'll mess something up whereim fine letting him use my ipod touch because its almost impossible for him to do more harm than erase game data. Android will continue to evolve and probably
quickly so it's worth keeping an eye obviously. Rim really has an uphill battle and I can say after using the 7 inch Nook Color for a few months the 10 inch form is better for almost everything except reading ebooks.

I think it comes down to how you intend to use the device. And how much you are willing to pay. for me, I will likely be getting the Asus EEEPad Transformer (Android 3.0). Rumored to be $499 32GB ($399 16GB) wifi only model. MicroSD slot that accepts another 32GB memory card. uses the same IPS LED screen as the iPad2.
only thing the iPad2 can do for me that Android at this time cannot, stream Netflix. Not a big deal as Netflix is about to release an Android app.

I'm getting 2 [XOOM (dev/personal) and Playbook (for dev)]. XOOM has better specs and will integrate directly w/ my Google services, etc. My tablet will be filled with content w/in 20 minutes of turning it on.
All about preference...Android works for me. My wife has an iPad 2. I don't like using it. I hope I like the XOOM. :)

I took my xoom back within the 14 day period and switched out for an Ipad2. I also upgraded from an X to an Iphone 4. I'm still waiting on the pad but the phone change has not been bad. The xoom was heavy and very much a non-functional device for me. Gmail and email was fine but that was it. There was no business use for it at all and reading books with such a heavy device was not fun. I hope I made the right decision. Waiting for the Ipad2 is not been enjoyable but what can you do.