Jailbreak for Firmware 1.1.2 Released. Restores Power to The People


The undaunted hacker community has once again foiled Apple's attempts to lock down its platform. Conceited Software (charming name) has released yet another Jailbreak script to free iPhone's latest and rather hidden firmware update; 1.1.2...which can best be described as a DDS upgrade, or Doesn't Do Shit. If you installed this firmware update, which I rarely advise these days, Apple being what it is...then reclaim your unauthorized apps.

Or Apple could simply stop breaking community software, right? Hello?


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Jailbreak for Firmware 1.1.2 Released. Restores Power to The People


DDS update, wow! I like that man!... but beside the international features, I heard Safari is faster... is that true or what?

As they say...you don't look at the mantle piece when you're poking the fire...I would...great outfit!

O.K. I went To The Apple Store Here in San Fran,
I asked to Purchase 3 iPhones,I was Told Limit 2,
Then I Whipped out the cash and was told "Oh Sorry,
We Only Accept Credit or Debit"(Illegal As Hell "This Note Is Legal Tender For All Debts Public And Private!!!)So I Went To At&t Store On third and Market,Asked To Buy Three Phones,..."And What Number Will These Phones Be On SIR?"I was asked...Ha HA HA Oh They Are Gifts...They Will Activate from home...I Said..."Actually SIR we only have One iPhone in Stock,...Oh Can You Direct me to another store with more in stock please? Yes 425 Market Street...So Iam Off Again...Now At 425 market,
Hi I Would Like To Buy 3 iPHONES...Oh Ok...He Jumps Around With Joy (COMMISION!!!) "We Just Got In A Full Shipment Of Phones I Will Go In The Back And Get Your iPhones...What Number Would You Like To Activate With?" Oh I Just Want To Buy Them They Are Gifts,The New Owners Will Activate...He Hurries To The Storage Room And Reapears And Says...."Oh Sorry I Cannot Sell You Any iPhones Today!!!!,
I Said You Mean To Tell Me That I Have $1500.00 In Cash In My Wallet And You Will Not Sell To Me The Consumer 3 iPhones!!!,"Try The Apple Store"...Well Apple Only Accepts Credit. ..."Oh We Dont Accept Cash Either"...Oh Really? Lawsuit Number 2!!!!, So I Return to 3rd and Market to Purchase the Single Unit And Explain these are Gifts and they Will Be Activated,And He Sells me One Phone And Says Go To The Kiosk In The Mall And They Will Sell To You,So I Went to the Kiosk...Bottom Of The Food Chain And Purchased 2 Phones No Problem!!!! So Now I Have 3 1.1.2 Unhackable Units That Everyone Was Refusing To Sell To Me The Consumer...I Didn't See Any "We Reserve The Right To Refuse Service"Signs Anywere!!!! Call Me A F*ckin% Lawyer Please!!!!

So, any word on when those genius' will figure out how to unlock the new version? I'm really counting on them!!! I also bought some new iPhones that cannot be unlocked and they are really of no use to me. I heard that they are real close...should just be a couple of more days, anyone else heard that?

ok,DaveNavey. Apple is under no obligation to sell you, "THE CONSUMER" anything. Good lord, were do people like you come get such a sense of entitlement. Also, I'd like to see what lawsuit you would be able to file for purchase limits and a refusal to take cash. Please, go become a nokia customer.

yeah ,seriously. DaveNavy, you are an idiot. While cash is legal tender that doesnt mean a merchant has to accept it. Try sending an envelope of cash to Amazon. Signs don't have to be posted for a business to exercise their right as a privately owned company to refuse service to someone. And finally, you don't have to capitolize every word.