Verizon sells 2.2 million iPhone 4, says iPhone 5 will be a world phone

Verizon sells 2.2 million iPhone 4, says iPhone 5 will be a world phone

Verizon joined Apple and AT&T this week in releasing their quarterly results, and during the conference call revealed 2.2 million Verizon iPhone 4 were sold since launch, and that iPhone 5 looks to be a world phone. Overall, Verizon announced 6.3 percent year-over-year increase in revenues, data revenues up 22.3 percent, 1.8 million net new subscribers, and 104.0 million total connections, including 88.4 million retail customers.

Demand was strong for new LTE devices -- as well as for Apple’s iPhone 4, which produced the most successful first-day sales in Verizon Wireless history when it was introduced in February to existing customers.

During the call, Verizon also said that the next iPhone, (presumably iPhone 5), whenever it is released (presumably this fall), will be a global device (presumably a hybrid CDMA/GSM iPhone 5).

The current Verizon iPhone already has a dual-mode Qualcomm CDMA/GSM chipset but the GSM radio is not enabled. Flipping that switch makes a lot of sense given Apple's history of simple product lines and huge economies of scale.

There was not mention of LTE, which doesn't rule it out but given Apple COO, Tim Cook's comments during Apple's conference call yesterday, we probably shouldn't hold our breath until the technology requires less "compromises" (like poor battery life).

Did Verizon sell as many iPhones as you expected? Are you waiting on a world phone, or are you going to hold out for LTE? Let us know in comments!


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Reader comments

Verizon sells 2.2 million iPhone 4, says iPhone 5 will be a world phone


Yes, they sold a good amount for approx. only 50 days in the quarter as opposed to AT&T, who sold 3.6mil for the whole quarter... Way to go VZW.. Oh yeah, in that 2.2mil, I am one of them!!

you got to remember, by the time Vzn sold it Att had been selling it for 7 months so its not a true comparison. Compare the same first 50 days on Att. You couldnt even find the phone in stock for the first 2-3 months. They were sold as quick as they were getting them.

And THAT's not even a fair comparision--because when AT&T first sold the 4, it was brand new--and the retina display was never seen before. People were naturally not as plussed up about the nearly identical (save for lack of SIM card, moved mute switch, older iOS version, and CDMA internals) phone. So it's really apples and oranges (pardon the pun). The only viable comparison that will hold water will be an identical, multiple-carrier launch of a next-gen iPhone.

ATT iPhone was sold where? Apple, ATT, Best Buy. Clearly why it was out of stock. VZW offered pre-orders and multiple venues to buy plus Apple had extra inventory on hand 2 make sure the ATT fiasco didn't happen again..

Love my iPhone too on Verizon .. not a single dropped call or dead spots since i got it.

I hear that so much. I want one, but I might go overseas at some point and want a phone that will roam the 5 makes sense if it will be a world phone. More to come! For now, the 3GS does the job.

Yay for slow ass data. I sit next to a guy in computer science that pulled a whopping 459kb down. I hit speed test for a 5252kb down 1263 up.

Hooray for ignorance.. That really doesn't matter at all unless you're crazy about tethering... But then again AT&T might take care of that for you.

I have both AT&T and a Verizon IPhone 4, I love both of them. I get speed differences in different areas, Verizon is better FOR ME at work and AT&T is better at home.
Its all good
Palm Treo 650, 700P, HTC Touch Pro, Palm Pre, HTC Evo 4G, Iphone 4 (AT&T/Verizon)

Adam, noticed you were a Pre user and then an EVO and Iphone4 user. I'm shopping around to retire my Pre and looking at the EVO and the iphone. Thoughts on the two?

If Apple has an iPhone 5 with LTE and 64 GB later this year, I'm buying. Maybe even stand in line! Would switch from AT&T and lose my business discount, but 700 MHz LTE goodness would be too much to pass up. Man, they really need to release spectrum from 300 MHz to 400 MHz to the carriers. The building penetrations would be so much better.

And yeah, I was expecting them to sell more Verizon iPhones. Something on the order of 4m units. There's something weird going on with smartphone penetration at Verizon. Got to look at it some more.

yay for no dropped calls, I smile inside when my wife (AT&T Iphone ) calls someone only to have that call drop in about 2 min. she has to call back and gets to talk for another 4 min. Dont get me wrong I had AT&T and it was fast. Nothing beats the Verizon Iphone when it comes to calls, I get up to 20mbps on wifi at home and at work. Small note.... I live in the San Francisco Bay Area so maybe that has something to do with it. The reason the wify stays with AT&T is because the company pays for it. Sad to say but sometimes I miss by Droid. ( sometimes). maybe it was google doing everything for me where as apple telling me what to do. Im just talking crazy talk its 10am on a slow thursday and I dont want to get back to work.

An additional question is "Did VZW sell as many iPhone as THEY had expected?" My guess is No, but almost. Once some of AT&T contracts are up they will be switching to VZW. Vzw iphone user will steadly increase while at&t will decrease. waiting on 2nd qrt results which will be a better comparision.

Hope the iP5 is a global phone. I switched from a 9650 to the ViP4 and will be traveling to Europe this summer. Not sure what's going to happen at this point since I'll prob need a loaner phone from Verizon and I wonder if it'll be an iphone or what lol

Screw the compromises of battery life with An LTE enabled phone, Apple BETTER be LTE ready with iPhone5 when it hits verizon this year.
Let me worry about my battery life and disable 4G whenever I need to reserve some battery. Otherwise, I want blazing fast Internet with my next iPhone! I mean ish, why not? The cellular providers are already broadcasting such data speeds.
Apple better not fall behind on 4G, the same way they released a dreaded slow edge phone on their first gen model when 3G was clearly available at that point.

Apple doesn't want you to worry about battery life, they want to you be able to use all the features of your iPhone all the time. HSPA+ will be fine.

I am with those saying no LTE in the next iPhone. AT&T and Verizon won't each have greater that half their customers even able to get LTE this year.

So what? Just do like the HTC Thunderbolt does and have it hand off to GSM/CDMA if no 4G present. How hard is it? If you have a Thunderbolt, and you are in a 3G area, you still have data coverage.

I have to agree, 3g is good enough on Verizon to survive without LTE if battery life would be compromised. However I can't imagine it matters whether or not ATT offers 4g or whatever if their service does not improve and their buying TMO offers little hope that they're serious about improving their service.

The white iphone is the next iphone out. Just like i have been saying in the fourms, the white iphone will probably be global.

Amusing how Samsung sold as many Galaxy Tabs in the same period and everybody called the numbers "tepid", "slow", "quite small", etc. I guess there is no beating Apple marketing.

“tepid”, “slow”, “quite small” were terms used for the sell-through of the world-wide roll-out of the Galaxy Tab. Verizon probably activated (essentially sell-through) something on the order of 200k to 400k Galaxy Tabs. Nobody really knows what the numbers as Samsung hasn't released any numbers sold to customers yet. They've only released the numbers sold into the channel. Haven't seen anything from Verizon on the matter.
In comparison, the Verizon iPhone numbers are actually pretty good compared to AT&T iPhone numbers. The Verizon iPhone activation rate is actually higher than the ATT activation rate. Overall though, they are below people's expectations. Not sure if it was the continual marketing of Verizon having a better network or not. Who knows.

I told you so
Hopefully I can be right again with iPhone shipping date because runners are runner and scores have been wrong before.

Blame your silly US carriers for the 4G mess. Were I live, we have 3G which is faster than your LTE speeds! So iPhone already supports "blazing fast Internet", it's your carriers which don't...

And what would that be? The entire world will mostly move to LTE because it's faster. Verizon's LTE is just the start. Faster implementations of LTE are on the way. I believe AT&T will use LTE Advanced, which is faster than Verizon's current LTE network. LTE Advance, though, is going to possibly be a software upgrade for LTE, so Verizon should have it, too, at some point, and will have backward compatibility with LTE, allowing your LTE phone to work on an LTE Advanced network.

i'm 100% waiting for the Verizon iphone 5.
I expected it in june so i haven't upgraded. now who knows when i'll get it. But i'm switching from sprint and with the changes to verizon upgrade policies what i get will have to hold me over for a while. And i'm not the type that just buys every new phone. plus i'd like more storage and some other features so i'm hoping that is all in the next version.

Apple is really stuck between a rock and a hard place right now. If they really intend on making iPhone 5 3G only again (which is likely) and looking at a September release it will look old from the get go. Verizon will have at least 4-5 LTE phones on the market with more coming by Holiday. Apple will start to lose the wow factor it's had from the beginning. I don't buy the coverage complaint, Verizon said just this morning on the earnings call that LTE will be in 175 markets (almost 200 million people covered) by the end of the year. That's basically just short of AT&T's 3G map.
The problem is Apple is all about simplicity, and AT&T is nowhere close to real markets on LTE and HSPA+ is still limited too. And iphone 5 won't be more on one and less on the other favoring one carrier or the other.
I hope they have something else that will make up for having 10x slower speeds while my friends stream HD on the fly, video chat anywhere, talk/surf on 4G and 3G (vz)

After using lte on the thunderbolt, I can never use a phone without it ever again. If the iPhone 5 doesn't have lte then I won't even consider it as streaming lte to the ipad2 is win. Going back to a non lte phone would be like going back to dialup. Lte is a much bigger performance gain than any other technology like dual core.

Stunning number and results for Apple. The Verizon numbers are huge, but the overall number of almost 19 Million iPhone sold in the quarter is just staggering.

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I am waiting for the world phone as I travel all over the globe. I left ATT because of poor customer service and have an HTC incredible 2 which I hate by the way and miss my iphone.