Google Reader Updated for iPhone. Looks Good, Tastes Great


Google rolls out a new iPhone friendly revamp to its popular web based RSS reader. Users are now greeted with a cleaner, more logically designed interface that places key navigation icons on top, for greater accessibility. It still doesn't provide the collapsible tree view that I long for, but it does go a step further towards a better RSS experience. I approve.


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Google Reader Updated for iPhone. Looks Good, Tastes Great


I still have issues with it. First, I don't like that the link to take you to the original story takes you to a filtered lite version of the site. to see the real original you have to then click on view HTML version of the site after you've been taken to the googled down version. Secondly, if you look at the one from newsgator, while being a bit slower does offer you the 'more' option which will then show you the photo that was associated with the article as well as a little more text without having to take you to another site.
my 2 cents...

I agree with Rony... I miss the humane scrolling feature (that adds more posts as you reach the end of the page), it's rather boring to click on post by post to reach the ext one.
if olny the next and back button stay still, on the top and bottom of the page, better.

Rony- make sure to check out the new "options" screen on mobile reader. It allows you to bypass google's GWT mobile rendering system.