Vodafone UK accidentally sells White iPhone 4, says it will officially drop "next week"

Adding to recent rumors of the White iPhone 4 possibly shipping on April 26 come more from Engadget, this time in the form of images from a Vodafone UK customer who was lucky enough to get their hands on one a little early. After Vodafone realized one had gotten loose, they sent out a notice to halt all sales of the White iPhone 4 until next week.

we've secured a few images of a 16GB model from a separate source that has seemingly made its way into the hands of one lucky customer (read: bloke) over in Britain [...] Voda sent out a notice to halt sale of these gems "until next week."

Apparently a Vodafone sales rep rang up the White iPhone 4 as a Black 16gb model in their point-of-sale system before the company told its employees not to sell units carrying the MC604B/A model number. The current UK 16gb Black iPhone 4 has a model number of MC603B/A, with the '4' presumably representing the difference in color for that capacity.

Apple has repeatedly gone on the record saying the White iPhone 4 would come out "this spring", but that window is quickly closing. With these new images could we actually be on the verge of seeing real unicorns White iPhone 4 units in-hand by the month's end? Let us know what you think in the comments and hit the jump for more photos!


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Reader comments

Vodafone UK accidentally sells White iPhone 4, says it will officially drop "next week"


the white iphone 4 is irrelevant, why is everyone obsessing over it? it's only a different colour! i want my iphone 5 now!

I agree JeveStobs, I want my iPhone 5, could care less about and iPhone 4 being white. My iPhone ends up in a case anyways, being whatever color I want.

Well I would like a white iphone 4 if it comes out but lets pray there isn't this much of a delay with a white iphone 5.

I hope that apple sells them so people will shut up with all of the stupid rumors. I just want an iPhone, be it white or black.

The white iPhone is more popular with females. My wife has had a white conversion kit on her's for 1 year now so this is nothing big to me. I assume apple will have more colors with the iPhone 5. I saw this 1 on eBay, auction was at $800 yesterday. Lucky bastard!

Looks awesome,but I'm getting a black one.It's going in a case so I'm not worried about the color of the actual iphone4.

The 4 is not because of the colour! Its because it is the latest model and they are hardly going to sell the phone under the same code......I need sleep....

I don't know, my phone is always in a case. So, at the end of the day, nothing for me to really get excited about...
Now, my phone case in a new color...