This is their next iPhone 5 rumor

This is their next iPhone 5 rumor

Huge iPhone 5 rumor from Joshua Topolsky today, as he's heard that Apple's upcoming iPhone 5 may indeed be the total redesign he first mentioned back in his Engadget days, with iPod touch-style thinness, a teardrop, MacBook Air-style chassis, a potentially edge-to screen with no bezel, and Palm Pre-style inductive charging and gesture area.

Furthermore, we’re hearing that the screen on the device will occupy the entire (or near to it) front of the phone, meaning almost no bezel. Our source says the company is doing very “interesting things” with bonded glass technology, and has been exploring designs where the earpiece and sensors are somehow behind the screen itself, making for a device where the display is actually edge-to-edge. Regardless, the sketch we’ve seen suggests the screen will go up to 3.7-inches while keeping the current resolution, and at that size, pixel density goes from 326 to 312 (a drop of 13ppi). That means that Apple can still tout Retina Display technology.

Now as listeners of iPhone Live and TiPb TV know, I've been wishing for the total redesign for months. I want to believe. I've also wondered if Apple would explore putting components, including perhaps even the antenna, behind the screen. There have been rumors in the past that Apple prepares multiple prototypes, some more ambitions and some more safe. This might explain the stories of a mere spec bump a la iPhone 3GS (iPhone 4S in this case) and stories like this one. So it's important to keep in mind that even if all this is exactly what Apple is working on, it may not be what they can get ready to ship by fall.

Personally, I would really love this to be the next iPhone. How about you?

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v1nn1e says:

It looks awful. I'll pack up my Apple crayons and head home if they install a kick stand like the Evo.

Geek for Him says:

I agree. It's ugly as sin. This is not the iPhone 5, there is no way they are going back to the ugly look of the 3GS etc. The move to the look of the 4 is fantastic. They should keep it.

Alexander says:

That looks ugly as hell.

Guacho says:

Guys please... This is not te final product, pretty sure we all love it when we have it on our hands, the same when the IP4 prototype came out..

impaler says:

Ugly. I actually wAnt some heft to it.

Bmfarrell84 says:

Sounds awesome. FYI to everyone above...that's not an actual picture of the phone. 3.7 inch screen is beautiful.

Carlos says:

now that's a sweet lookin phone!

sfditty says:

It's a rendition by someone who admits to never having seen it.

iPhoneRN says:

I would love to see what this phone actually looks like. I am all for a larger screen and no bezel. Most likely I will get one when it comes out. I just hope there is a white one!

C says:

I think it looks cool, i'm also calling total bullpucky on the fall release.

Mago27 says:

Maybe the screen size, but I doubt it becomes a "retro" iPhone, instead I bet for a continuity on current dual-glass/steel case, with maybe some improvements as a Carbon Fibre (or some "exotic" material) instead Steel joining both gorilla glass faces, this is logical and wil save a lot of weigth (desired).
Sure willbe slimmer, but a very little micromillimetric slimmer, just for adverising its slimmer than that evil "iphone wannabe" Galaxy S II....
More Speedy CPU (sure exactli the same on iPad2.
Bigger (but no more Resolution Screen.
Improved Cameras, 8+ Megapixeles, sure improved OPTICS. 2nd Flash, etc.
"WORLD PHONE" CDMA/GSM networks with Pentaband HSUPA/HSDPA 5/7mbps. 4G.
A Fingerprint Reader. to lock/unlock, answer, confirmations etc.

Rocktapus says:

edge to edge screen with the ear piece behind the screen itself means more instances of accidentally muting yourself when you're not using a headset. :/

RobCal says:

It's hard enough to hear on my iPhone 4 as too

carpathia16 says:

Sweet! I want one now, please.

Darkstar says:

Wow... That thing is uglier than my weenis!

chirmer says:

you sir, just made my day. thank you.

smchrist says:

From the side, yes, but the top and bottom front are messed up in the rendering. Apple's wouldn't actually look like that

Tophewing says:

As the ownder of an iPhone 3GS and the spouse of a woman with an iPhone 3G, I'm looking forward to this next phone. I could have upgraded both of us to the 4, but that would have been a big price point and then a year later a new phone. Sure now there are thoughts it will be the fall, but I still don't want to buy a 4 now and then find I'm unable to get an upgrade.

davjaxn says:

You didn't buy the iPhone 4 because there would be a new one a year later, but you will buy the iPhone 5? But won't there be a new iPhone 6 a year after that?

Tophewing says:

The issue was that my contract wasn't up when the iPhone4 was out. So I'd have paid a premium to upgrade. Instead I figure I'll wait the two years and go for a phone, as such a delay until the fall kind of bites. I'm pushing the storage capacity and ready for an upgrade. Yes, this means I'll get the 5, pass on the 6, get the 7 (or whatever they call them at that point)

Gage says:

I'm sure it'll look better when we actually see it. As for right now, that is a terrible photoshop.

FLskydiver says:

Has anyone on the planet EVER said this: "Boy, I wish my iPhone 4 were thinner!"
I doubt it.

FLskydiver says:

... I've said "I wish I could stop Spotlight search from popping up when I press the Home Button" (when I'm trying to get the multi-tasking bar).
... I've said "I wish the App Store would stop kicking me out of the store and down the block every time I download or update an app" and "I wish the app store could remember where I was before I started looking at that app and not make me load the entire list again 25 apps at a time to get back to where I was."
... I've said "I wish Safari would add swipe gestures for switching and closing tabs."
... I've said "I wish iOS would add swipe gestures for getting to the multi-tasking bar and save my poor flaky Home Button."
But I've NEVER wished my iPhone 4 was and Smaller, Lighter, or Skinnier than it already is.

mark419ny says:

jailbreak your phone and spotlight search is gone . the app is called no spot its in cydia. all the goodies you can possibly need is in a jailbroken phone . simple things from themes to the stupid stuff thats left out like deleting one phone call at a time to no spotlight search basically anything you think your phone is missing is in a jailbroken iphone

FLskydiver says:

I don't want to get rid of Spotlight all together, I just want to swipe to it like I do every other icon page. The Spotlight on Double-click is annoying, because it always comes up when I'm trying to manage multi-tasking.
I've often considered jailbreaking, but I'm not feeling the risk and hassle is worth the reward at this point...
But my main point was, I think the physical dimensions of the iPhone 4 are perfect the way they are.

Darkstar says:

No, but I HAVE said "Boy, I wish my iPhone's screen were a bit larger and that it had an HDMI input/output and an SDHC card reader and 256 Gig's of memory". I did say that, yes.

Derek says:

I actually wish the iPhone 4 was thinner. What's wrong with that?

FLskydiver says:

For the gods' sake why?
What could or would you do with a thinner iPhone that you can't do with the current one now?

FLskydiver says:

... If it was any thinner I'd have a hard time picking it up off any hard, flat surface. And I'm including the bumper!

emirsosa says:

stupid tipb every rumor they try make it a big news
darn you

paulrkiii says:

Same thing people said about the iPhone 4 when the rumors started but then loved it when released.

Ronn says:

I didnt like the iPhone 4 when they leaked the "lost phone at the bar". But now I don't want them to stray from the ip4 design. I don't know. This is such a great time for technology. Queue the music Kip.
"yes I love technology......"

Homer Simpson says:

Way too thin for big hands. Plus I don't think they could shove all the radios in such a slim form-factor

JBoen says:

I actually love iPhone 4 thickness.

Reason says:

me too. too thin and there's nothing to hold.

Anonamuz says:

Hahahahahaha no way that "thing" looks stupid. That would be like the Ipod 4th gen as an iPhone 5. No way can't see the iPhone 4 turning into that. Fake.

Coffeegrower says:

I'm going to cling to this rumor, because it gives me the strength to hold off upgrading to iP4.

Joel Ramirez says:

What about the next iPod touch?

Mike says:

as someone who bought an iphone 4 last week...i hope the 5 looks like that. it would make me feel better about the fact that I has no patience. :)

Caribou says:

IPhone 4 is already almost too small for my hands. I still want a bigger screen (even if it comes on a slightly bigger phone).
Thinner might mean a crappier camera (as on the touch and iPad), too.

TumnusMr says:

While I doubt Apple's actual design would be quite like, it would be very interesting if that enlarged Home button was still physically clickable, but was also touch sensitive for extra system gestures. With it being locatable by touch it could actually be useable and less likely to be accidentally activated than if the whole bottom of the front was touch sensitive.

The Wolf Sage says:

I do NOT iPhone 5 to be that thin. I don't know why Apple had this obsession with making they're products as thin as humanly possible butit is really getting ridiculous. One thing I absolutely hate about the iPod touch 4th gen is how absurdly thin is is and I don't want the iphone to go that route. I doubt that this is the final product but a thin iphone 5 means that I'm going to pass on it and get the Verizon iPhone 5 instead.

oklanole says:

What makes you think the Verizon iPhone 5 wouldn't have the same design?

The Wolf Sage says:

I ment the Verizon iPhone4. Typo om my part.

TIs says:

This is fake Inductive charging can not work on this scale with out scattering while traveling through metal.

chirmer says:

That one's not bad. The one previous is almost as hideous as the one in the post... I refuse to believe any of these. They're all butt ugly. I'll just wait until Apple releases to see what they do... my guess is they're gonna expand the screen while leaving the general form factor the same. Any smaller and you start to eliminate people whose hands are just too big and will fling this thing across the room.

Reason says:

Hell's NO! that thing is ugly.
just give me an iphone 4 design with a 4 inch screen, 64gbs of memory cause i got lots of music, 1080p recording (you'll need those gigabits for saves) and i'm pretty much straight.
i'd take better notifications and multitasking but honestly i don't have an iphone now so i'm not annoyed with that stuff like other people are as i don't use it everyday.

wdiggums says:

to me the ipod touch 4th gen is too thin even though i love mine i dont see how they fit a 5 or 8 megapixel camera in there with cellular radio and would have to downsize the battery. i could be all wet but the thing is so thing you have to put a beefy hard case around it so it doesnt get lost in your hands...

OmariJames says:

GlSs for metal ? I don't think so. They went from curve back to flat , I don't see them doing tear drop , not entirely appealing. Edge to edge may make the screen easier to crack and may not be worth the screen bump. Just make the phone wider by a mm.

chirmer says:

This would be a step backwards imo. The iP4 is the most attractive hardware on the market, and this is uglier. Why take that step backwards? The metal needs to GO. I don't want a phone that looks more like my 1st gen iPod Touch than my iPhone 4. That's just MESSED UP.

kaelendra says:

ugly and even more importantly there's such a thing as too thin to be comfortable/easy to hang onto and yeah cases could make up for that but really getting too thing's not smart for health of the unit anyhow.

SockRolid says:

Don't like the tapered design. It would be a little too awkward to hold in landscape orientation, and probably unbalanced as well.
Love the idea of inductive charging. If that rumor is true, then wireless sync makes sense. Otherwise wireless sync is worse than useless. Faster battery drain, incomplete sync if you walk out of your wi-fi range, and 3G is just too slow for backup. And you need to plug the thing in anyway.
Not sure Greenpeace would like inductive charging, since a lot of the energy is lost as heat.

Jonathan Charles says:

Honestly, the final product is almost certainly going to look a lot better. But even if it did, I still love my iPhone 4 design.

mrburns05 says:

I would like it. Whether it's a 4S or a redesigned 5.
I'll like it and buy it

iDroid Touch says:

Is that a bigger screen, or smaller phone? If the screen is bigger, then i'm in. The rest of the phone is ugly though. They squashed the home button.

iDroid Touch says:

Sorry, I mean is the screen going to feel bigger?

NewbornFugur says:

That thing is ugly as sin! I have owned each version of the i-Phone and I think the 4 is the best when it comes to looks. I do agree the technology and improvements sound cool but I really hope they do not change the casing to a tear drop as show, I think that alone would keep me from upgrading.

Paladin says:

I think this is more like to be the new iPod. It is to small to have all the cell phone radio in it.

daimetti says:

ill take an iphone 5 w/ same design as iphone 4 w/ bigger screen no bezel and ipad 2 internals.
Thank you

mrsFAB says:

I'm sure that I will like the final product. Apple has not disappointed me yet!

Jessie says:

I love my IP4 but a bigger screen looks good, especially if I'm coming of a droid. I can't take it anymore. Please MR. Jobs set things right and tell us whats going on NOW!

Someone says:

Is it just me or does that photo look terribly shopped?

ArtVandelay says:

Off course it photoshopped. Duh !

Allpha says:

I personally don't like the design at ALL. Granted, it's a rendering of a possibility, but the shape just looks bad to me, and the screen looks funky. Plus, why would you want your iphone to resemble an ipod touch?? Retain the 4 shape, and add all these features in, and you have a winner imo.

Lui says:

I would welcome a larger screen but an edge to edge screen would make certain skins and covers intrusive as they would cut off the edges. You need some bezel.

bnet says:

I agree with Allpha. Retain the iP4 looks with edge to edge screen. The picture above makes it look like it would be hard to hold for any lengthy conversation. You would definately need a blue tooth device.

Yanni says:

I LOVE IT!! Just refuse to believe it. I've been disappointed design-wise since the iPhone 3GS.

Rowanova says:

I don't like the tapered look at all. Many of the other spec-bump-rumors are nice but nothing really impressive. Just minor upgrades. NFC could be awesome, but in its infancy as it is now, in the US, it doesn't mean much yet.
I would LOVE a bigger screen. But going from 3.5" to 3.7"? Really? Zero point two inches? Really?! All of the Android devices flying off shelves these days are in the 4" to 4.3" range. Nearly averything smaller sells in much smaller numbers. I would love my iPhone to have a screen that is at least 4".

JNGold says:

You do realize that iPhone 4's are also "flying off the shelves" and it's a 3.5 inch screen? As much as I would lime a 4" screen, in terms of developers, fragmentation, and still maintaining the highest resolution screen among popular smartphones (not too mention still keeping a Retina display have a dpi > 300), I'll take the .2 increase any day of the week.

JNGold says:

That's like, not lime. :)

Dood says:

What's not to like about limes?

faizanshakyboy says:

The home button of iPhone 5 mockup looks like that of the Samsung Galaxy S/Epic.

Alpha says:

That's probably why there's the lawsuit/counter-lawsuit going on :D

GAMH says:

Happy with iPhone 4 design and functionality. Design shown is ugly.. Would love 4G in it so I'll skip to the 6 if 5 does not.

disney.jessica says:

I'm getting an iPhone 4 soon on Verizon, but I've been considering waiting for the iPhone 5. I currently have a Palm Pixi Plus, so it'd be pretty tough for me to wait because I hate WebOS and my phone currently doesn't really work. My GPS is unreliable and my browser loads very slowly with perfect bars and when it does load, it freezes. I was actually really interested in the Thunderbolt, but my mother recently got an iPhone 4, and the design alone is just amazing. It also worked great and didn't have all the problems I feared an iPhone would have with all the features and advanced apps there are. If this is the design for the iPhone 5, however, and they're doing a complete redesign, there's no way I'm getting this. I'm a tech fan, but I'm willing to give up a few upgraded features for the amazing iPhone 4 design. Also, coming from Palm, I want a phone that's VERY different, so if they were to do something similar with the gesture area, I'd be pretty upset. I like the way the current software works, with the main buttons and things on the screen and just one simple button. I hope and think that Apple realizes they did their new design right and won't try to go back to the old design, and worries about implementing unique and amazing new features into the new phones and software instead of bringing in terrible features similar to a pretty awful software and user experience compared to iOS.

Ron says:

There is such a thing as too thin. I don't like the tapered look either. I would like to see a slighty larger screen, but that design just looks funny. So not Apple!

Jim Wilson says:

We like the front design with it's added real estate but the tear drop skinny design is a bit too thin. I know "thin is in" however I'd rather have the back parallel to the front and use the extra volume for more battery capacity. We would really like a 10 capacity like the iPad has... Tired of needing battery cases to give comfortable battery life... I get really nervous when the bettery level goes to 20% or lower part way during the day... JimW.

talkin73 says:

Looks good to me. I agree that certain cases will be harder to use so needs some ingenuity on the part of manufacturers. But, larger screen will appeal to many and less wasted physical space on the front of the phone doesn't hurt either. Thinner equals lighter, in general. The easier it is to slip into a shirt pocket or lower profile on a belt clip, the better. I always have a case on my iPhone anyway, so the shiny back side isn't an issue. I'd definitely grab this up as long as it doesn't sacrifice battery life to be that thin. Good rumor ;-)

john doe says:

Tear drop/Air shape would be a fail. It will seem unbalanced for those that rotate and type/txt/game on it in a horizontal orientation.

Cody Allison says:

I can't see them going with this design. The metal back would not only interact with signal, but the shape would not be comfortable. A bigger screen would be nice, don't get me wrong, but what is that going to do to all the developers out there? They will have to go back and resize the resolution on all their apps. I personally think it s going to be interesting to see what apple does to stay ahead over everyone else.

Gmaquilts says:

If that's the new design, I don't like it, won't buy it. I like the 4 design and will stay with it.

MemoryZine says:

I waited for the 5 model (still enjoying my 3Gs) because I want to be able to do video conferencing with an iPhone. The external design of the 4 works for me (and just about all of my fiends and colleagues). I would rather the model 5 to be more practical like the longer life battery mentioned earlier and the 2 cameras (ala iPAD2). But that's me.

not telling you says:

The Iphone 5 will look exactly the same but have A5 chip and 8 mp cameras. It will also NOT have 4g

not telling you says:

It will also have redesigned antennas!

Fapple An says:

I agree with John Doe. Landscape use would be so awkward and annoying with that teardrop shape. Here's what I want to see:
4" screen
Same thickness as iPhone 4.
Lightweight, strong metal back. Lose the glass back.
Integrated home button. I am so tired of clicking and double-clicking that stupid button.
Do away with the lock screen slide to unlock (next iOS update please! Ok I digress).
Longer battery life.
Rotation lock like on iPad.
Better speakers and earpiece for better sound.
Better noise cancelation technology.
4G and 3G capable so wait until 2012 to release the iPhone5.
Swipe keyboard.

iPhone4_2go says:

The thiness of the bottom looks like trouble to me. Just everyday wear n tear and no area for any protection if they go bezel-less and the diplay goes edge to edge. I forsee a lot of cracked display simply due to lack of support at the bottom. jmho.

AdamLutton says:

holy crap. this is ugly. if they are ever going to use an aluminium back on the iPhone, i'm out. a teardrop design, i'm out. this thin, i'm out. no physical button, i'm out. hello blackberry bold touch. i love the design of my current iphone 4, why can't they just keep it like that until the iPhone 6?!