South Park pokes fun at Apple's location tracking controversy [Thursday fun video]

South Park started out season 15 with an episode that makes fun of Apple on multiple levels including the recent negative press they've received around the location tracking bug.

The Episode is called "HUMANCENTiPAD" and is about Kyle being tracked down by Apple to be used in a hilariously disgusting new product that Kyle unknowingly agreed to volunteer for by not reading the terms and conditions of the latest iTunes update that he accepted.

Check out the video after the break! This particular clip is safe for work. To watch the entire NSFW episode, head on over to South Park Studios. (Flash is required to watch video).

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Reader comments

South Park pokes fun at Apple's location tracking controversy [Thursday fun video]


Better Late than never I guess... But this episode was so funny! Specially Cartman talking how his mom "F#k$" him lol

I kinda liked Cartman's reaction to the centiPad: it surfs the web, checks email, and sh**s in Kyle's mouth.

i thought this episode was kinda "eh". I found the Futurama "attack of the killer app" eepisode muuuuccch funnier (and more interesting). coincidentally, both episodes contain disgusting diarrhea jokes.

wait should that be;
Apple hipsters, haters gonna hate
Apple,Hipster haters gonna hate
p.s. Most hipsters i know rock iOS products

I thought it was funny that they didn't just make fun of Apple, but also the Apple customers. The iTunes contract may be long, but it IS a legal contract. I don't read it myself, but when I found out about the location controversy, I wasn't mad at Apple because they clearly stated that's what they are going to do.
And I agree, the best part was Cartman going on Dr. Phil because his mother was "violating" him

HILARIOUS! lol an amazing episode. I found this more bout the Agreement though more than location tracking. I have to admit, I never read them mini short stories agreements.

Maybe we just don't like lame, tired and dumbass comments that are about as old as Ross Perot jokes. If you are going to bring it, get something fresh, or at least inventive or imaginative and not old, recycled material.

The funniest running joke was the iTunes agreement thing and not reading it. Almost makes me want to read it now.

I read it once the last time it updated to see if that nuclear weapons clause was really in there; and yep, it was.

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