Yes, you can Jailbreak the white iPhone 4

Yes, you can Jailbreak the white iPhone 4

We're answering the questions we're getting most often, so bear with us while we let everyone no that yes indeed, you can Jailbreak the white iPhone 4 -- it's still an iPhone 4 on current(ish) firmware after all.

Given that iPad 2 still isn't Jailbroken, it's a fair question to ask, so I put it to the test. My white iPhone 4 shipped with iOS 4.3.1 and I had no trouble jailbreaking either that or 4.3.2 once I updated. I don't have CDMA here, so I can't test the Verizon iPhone on 4.2.7, but if you've had luck with that, let us know.

If you need more information or extra help, here are your links:

iOS 4.3.2 (AT&T/GSM) Jailbreak (untethered)

iOS 4.2.6 (Verizon) Jailbreak (untethered)

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Yes, you can Jailbreak the white iPhone 4


Crazy! It's the color that is different. But I'm assuming people would already know that. Am I putting too much faith in some people? Haha. :)

Yes, it was reasonable to think that it might not work, because:
1) Apple already changed the Bootrom once in the middle of a model series with the 3GS. This made jailbreaking newer 3GS models much harder than jailbreaking old 3GS models.
2) The iPad 2 hasn't been jailbroken yet (or only at an early experimental level) which could have indicated that Apple would include the new safety mechanisms in the white iPhone 4, since they already released them to the public anyway in the iPad 2.

You must not read this site, or the web in general, often. Proofreading is obviously something that only counts in school. Once you ascend to the level of "Managing Editor" you only need to worry about phonetics. Or in this case, iPhonetics.
Crap my spell check is informing me that "iPhonetics" is a misspelled word. I hope my editor proofreads my comment.

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CDMA iPhones with 4.2.6 are easily jailbroken. 4.2.7 does have a tethered option, but definitely not a reliable option.