Is Apple building two iPhone 5’s for release this fall? [rumor]

According to the iPhone Download Blog, Apple may be building two different iPhone 5 models for release this fall; a normal and pro model. The source of the information is an employee of an Apple parts supplier.

Due to the extensive amount of NDAs our source had to sign to work with Apple, he could not give us very many details. He does believe that Apple is going to build two iPhone models, which he referred to as a ‘normal’ and a ‘pro’ version. Our source says that Apple is ordering components of similar function, but some of them are the very best of what you can get right now.

Now before jumping to any conclusions, Apple may just be testing different components for reliability and quality before final production of one device. They may also be testing several prototypes, some more conservative than others, as they have done in the past The second lot of components may also be for a new iPod touch which is usually announced in the fall; the same time as we expect the new iPhone.

Do you think Apple would release two iPhones with different specifications? Let us know in the comments!

[iPhone Download Blog]



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There are 71 comments. Add yours.

Woodman500 says:

Just give us the pro version, newbies can buy an older model.

iSRS says:

Agreed as well. With Verizon now having a model (likely the real reason we got one off cycle), when the next iPhone arrives, all carriers can continue to sell the 16 GB iPhone 4 for $99.

zima says:

$99 + contract... this is not as trivial as it sounds to you, living most likely in a very atypical place. Throughout the world, prepaid & actually owning your phone are the rule. With upcoming blizzard of also relatively inexpensive Android handsets (for one), an "iPhone mini / nano" of sorts is pretty much inevitable... at some point (if 5 will be that time - who knows)
It won't be to the point of dropping the usual, for Apple, strategy of targeting only "premium" people in "premium" places - but it's probably better if the "not-top-premium" ones won't have much of any choice (especially when contract doesn't disguise the costs; also, some components simply don't really get cheaper, it's better to have separate less expensive product)

blaize says:

i doubt this. i would hate people asking if i had the normal or pro version. that's like saying "are you a cheap ass broke bastard, or a rich asshole?"

Woodman500 says:

Maybe they won't call it an iPhone 5 Pro...just maybe the supposed "Pro" version will simply be called iPhone 5...which I think since this is the 5th version of the iPhone, we seasoned and loyal users deserve the best of the best.

Jimmy says:

I think this is great. If you're not wanting excellent options for fear of social status then you don't have your priorities straight.

Evan says:

ARE you kidding me? you have an iphone so other people can ask about it? get over it, wowww, you should only have a iphone because you utilize its uses...people like you make me sick

Karolisk says:

Maybe they are going to release 5 models? Motherfuing fast; Really fast; Normal; Poor version; Slow as fu. I believe chances are quite the same.

Mathieu says:

I don't see Apple doing this, Apple has always had the strong image "the iPhone". I don't think they're going to break that up by introducing two iPhone models at once.

Arthur Bailey says:

Why wouldn't they? Apple has the macbook and macbook pro. Why not carry it on to their phones as well.

Jentino says:

Because iPhone is the highest rank of Apple mobile device. i.e. See the quality of iPhone 4 camera compare to iPod Touch 4G. It's the image that already built for iPhones. And the technology for it is not cheap.

Michael Scrip says:

Apple has had 4 different iPods for years... and that's worked out for them.
Since the iPhone is now their #1 moneymaker... I can see them branching out a little.
Would it really kill them to have 2 new models and 1 old one?

RRP EPA Video says:

Looking forward to getting the IgoPro.

garylapointe says:

They should! i want something with more than just memory when I pay $100 more. Make it a better camera, or better front camera (with flash). Or more RAM for the processor (or faster processor). Or an SD slot. Or an embedder ePaper display.

Robes1 says:

Or 40 Virgins! Or Jessica Alba! Or the ability to use "The Force"! Just kidding! LOL! I totally agree! You made some excellent suggestions. It would be nice to get a few extra features for my extra $$$!

Leon says:

Perhaps this is misinformation and it's really just the new iPhone and new iPod touch?

TFausett says:

They shouldn't do two different models and I'm pretty sure that they won't do two models. It wouldn't be like Apple to do something like this. I really wish that we knew the specs of the device though because it's driving me insane not knowing!

jaswanth says:

i don't think apple will spoil their own image by introducing 2 models on same stage ...

Robes1 says:

A second version could help to move more phones. A cheaper iPhone 5 version would ROCK Android! TKO!

Estie! says:

YES!! They should make it like macbook and macbook pro:

George DW says:

Why do that when they can continue to do what they've always done, offer last year's model at a discount?

Estie! says:

iPhone: Only available in white, 32GB, 3G, $149.99
iPhone Pro: Only available in black, 64GB, 3G + LTE, 249.99

Estie! says:

And stop selling the old outdated models for $99, just sell the non-pro iPhone with A4 instead of A5.

Dutchmasta says:

... you make no sense. why not sell the older model for cheaper? you have no idea what u are talking about... i read all the Smart Phone expert pages and i am constantly finding he Apple people being the least knowledgeable and make the worst comments. i try to stay away from the all the OS hate that goes on, but i guess Apple really is the Dummy's smart phone...

Supafly_Boy says:

This is nonsense, the only way this would make sense would be for Apple to release an iPhone Nano, or something of that ilk. Otherwise I really cant see this happening.

Robert Najafabadi says:

Nope wrong again I can't believes that Apple is perpusly delay the iPhone till the Fall and now if they have two models that they would release them both I'm the fall because that's just wrong.

Robert Najafabadi says:

Do you people not know that every other product Apple makes has different models
Mac , Mac pro Mac mini

TFausett says:

Yes, but those are laptops and that's a completely different market. They will have the iPhone 5 and make the iPhone 4 cheaper like they have done in the past.

Jason says:

Just like they said there was going to be an iPhone nano last year, I don't see this happening any time soon.

Mark Hernandez says:

Okay, how is this not linkbait? Since when is "iPhone Download Blog" a reputable source of inside information? How many advertisements are there over on the column on the right?
Really TiPb? Grrrrrrrrr. I know I'm spitting in the wind.

scottae316 says:

Who is to say if they release two iPhones they will be the same. The Pro model could be the redesign with the larger 3.7 display and metal back. The regular could have the 3.5 display and still have the glass and plastic back less memory or A4 processor. It would make sense to have two models for different needs. Also, with the flood of cheaper Android phones, the range of Blackberries, and the new Palm phone with two different models it would be good to have some choice. As others have said Apple has MacBool Pro and MacBook, iMac and Mac Pro, even the Mac mini has an upscale cousin, why not iPhone?

cardfan says:

Pro means physical kb. They're not going to do that. This is a silly rumor. Expect just one iphone to be released when iOS 5 is ready.

Glenn#IM says:

May be it is as simple as two pro phones. One in black, one in white. Two completely different phones does not really make sense at this time for the iPhone 5. If they do have two models, the pro would really have to be something to intice people to pay more.

Jumbi says:

So wait...would fragmentation be cool, then?

JustHadToReply says:

How does this make it fargmentation. If Apple decides to make two model with different hardware specs, it doesn't mean that iOS gets fragmented. Do you even understand what the word means?

Havekk says:

Wow... Really? Let me break this down for you since you don't seem to understand what fragmentation means. So... Lets say they make two phones with different specs. What happens when devs start making apps that can only run on the higher specs? Fragmentation happens. This is already being seen with the older iPhones, but it's not much of a problems as the older phones are slowing dying out as people upgrade. But what happens when two new phones are offered with different specs? Just saying, it could lead to issues, although I don't think they would make to many differernces with the proc/gpu between the two if it happens. I personally don't think it will.

jellymelly :D says:

yep, I agree completely
i really hope this won't be the case
i think they are probably just testing with different prototypes

iphoneglance says:

If this is true, I will be very annoyed, I only just got the iPhone 4.

robCal says:

Just keep selling the white iPhone4, that will be like the unibody macbook

James says:

Not a chance! Great way to get clicks though:)

EagleyeSmith says:

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

chris gonzales says:

Sure. Let's go back to the Apple II. The orgainal ipod. Hell go back to flip phones. You know if its not broke don't fix it.

Carioca32 says:

That looks like a Cowon S9.

chris gonzales says:

This sounds good. You kids are forgetting Apple has.more then one MAC model. As well as more then one ipod model. Don't question Steve jobs. He is human. With android on the.loose Apple will do anything to surpass it. Besides if they do this you guys will say its the best thing ever.

Verkonika says:

I don't think this is the case. Usually is the rest of the companies trying to match and surpass what Apple does, nit the other way around. I agree with the comment that Apple is doing tests with different prototypes. I work in manufacturing and we do this all the time until we nail down the final design.

cardfan says:

I don't think you understand Apple that well or the market in general :)

websyndicate says:

I doubt this. Remember when Leopard came out they made a big deal about not having Leopard Pro or Leopard business or Leopard Ultimate. I think they will stick to one phone to rule them all

Wow says:

Like the "one phone to rule them all" part:)
Agreed, the current structure works, why fix it!

Jimmy says:

I think this is great. I've been streaming MLB games to my phone and I just wish the screen was bigger. Apple does need to do something like this before they lose customers to HTC and their XL screened Droids. Could be a needed future move.
- tweet @jimmyontheradio

Brye#IM says:

They'll probably use the "lesser" specs for the iPod touch they'll release this year. It'd be too much work trying to source that many parts for two different phones, and since the iPhone 4 cant be that far off from what they'll put out this year, they'll just re-purpose said iPhone 4 for a cheaper price. That's my guess..

OneOfDaKine says:

Again, Most of us would like to hear the truth from the Horse's Mouth the the Ass..

Justin Bengtson says:

I think that Apple is just going to have 1 iPhone because it's easier and cheaper that way.

disney.jessica says:

I hope they don't do this and just keep a single iPhone, besides different memory functions. I really like the concept Apple has of having one iPhone for each generation. I just hope neither of those designs look anything similar to what the iPhone 5 will be. I love the current design that the iPhone 4 has.

C-Ferg says:

I agree. If the iPhone 5 looks like that, unless the specs are outrageous I will more than likely keep my iPhone 4. It's absolutely gorgeous. I rock the bumper or keep it naked. Too beautiful to cover up.

Ronn says:

I don't like that design.

Ivoryplum says:

I completely forgot about this rendering, but it's still DEAD sexy.
I want. Maybe not the curved back (it'd rock on a desk) but def the front).

Edward says:

They should release a "gaming" version, sort of like the xperia play, but cooler

tuscanidream says:

There should be one iPhone to rule them all, just as there should be one iPad to rule them all. KISS. Att, Verizon, 8gb, 16gb, 32gb, black, white... It's all too much.

iVenom says:

Better then two at one time maybe the could make one every six months. That way the can keep up with the new tech and still just launch one phone. It's better then two at a time. Who would want the lesser model really lots of people would settle for it when the "Pros" sold out. And which one would devs want to make apps for? "works with iPhone, iPhone Pro, iPad, and iPod. But the best features are on the Pro" I know I don't want to see that.

Andy from Chapel Hill says:

The Pro model should have NFC and a fingerprint lock. This will enable large companies to build the iPhone into their systems and maintain security. Also, the Atrix seems to be selling well and the new iPhone should not be viewed as lagging it.

BillMcNeal says:

Maybe it's somehting like instead of making the current ip4 the "discount model" they will introduce a basic iPhone without a retina display and dual core and maybe less ram/storage, then the iPhone pro has the retina display, dual core, better battery, more ram and storage. I dunno... it's all speculation, but that sort of makes snese to me.

Scotty Truman says:

Knowing Apple, they always caught people by surprise. It doesn’t matter to them if they had just released their white iPhone 4 version last week. No one can stop them if they want to release the 5th generation iPhone in June. This is the downside of being an Apple fan. But considering that iPhone 5 will be released anytime soon this year, let’s just be a little more patient. Who wouldn’t want a dual-core device for their gaming needs?