Not So Fast, Comrade. Delays Face Chinese iPhone. Rioting Begins In Tienanmen Square


I post a story about iPhone coming to Commiland, and now Reuters steps in with news that iPhone's arrival in China may be delayed by technical (read: Political) and fee (read: money under the table) issues. The gist of this delay centers around iPhone being locked, as apposed to Chinese phones which are unlocked and portable to any GMS carrier. Does anyone else besides me feel utterly ashamed and embarrased that communist mobile phones enjoy more freedom and liberty than our capitalist phones?

Maybe this Communism thing isn't so bad after all... Capitalist pig!



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Quagmire says:

capitalism exploits its citizens.

Igor Rudy says:

Other news from commies (actually Ukraine) - iPhone does not work in the cold weather when the users hands are cold. At least 1 out of 100 Ukrainians can not use iPhone if his/her hands are cold (below 36.6C) - screen just does not respond to the touches. Interestingly, number of not working iPhone cases, especially high among Ukrainian politicians (ex-commies) :)

Kobold says:

I think an iPhone could be useful in China...

Simon says:

Thats a tasteless image. Please change it.

res08hao says:

Doesn't bother me. ATT has actually turned out to be much better carrier than T-Mobile, who I was stuck with when I had my dreadful Blackberry.