XGPS150 Bluetooth GPS receiver gives you full GPS on your Wi-Fi only iPad or iPod touch

The XGPS150 Bluetooth GPS receiver gives you full GPS on your Wi-Fi only iPad or iPod touch. Since no cellular radio means no GPS in Apple's product line, this is a way to use your iPad Wi-Fi or iPod touch for ap

If you have a WiFi only iPad or iPod touch, which does not have GPS and you want to use it for navigation; with this little accessory you can. It is basically a Bluetooth GPS receiver that can be paired with your device of choice and it then sends accurate GPS location data to any app that can use it.

One of the big decisions when buying an iPad is always should you pay the extra for a 3G model with GPS. If you only need the GPS there is now another option. Of course, the GPS receiver will only work with apps that store the map data on your device; such as TomTom, Navigon, Co-Pilot Live etc. Other apps like Google Maps would still require a data connection as they stream the maps over a data connection.

The receiver comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts up top 8.5 hours, a 12v car charger, non slip car mounting mat and strap to attach to a bag or armband. The XGPS150 costs $99 and has a free app which allows you to see detailed information on your location, number of satellites and signal strength of each.

Would you consider using an accessory like this? Let us know in the comments!

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Reader comments

XGPS150 Bluetooth GPS receiver gives you full GPS on your Wi-Fi only iPad or iPod touch


Exactly what went through my head "I want one of these, but only if they go for 50 or under"...for 99? nah, I'll keep using my iphone as gps and my ipad stays at home.

Yeah, what they (above) said. I bought a nice TomTom that works great for $85. And using it doesn't deplete the battery on my other devices like this would. Why sacrifice iPad battery when a standalone GPS unit works great for less cash?

Its great that this is available and works... but another little gadget to have to carry around and charge... no thanks. I'd rather just pay the extra and have it all internal hardware. Question though, if anyone knows... if you stop paying for 3g service on your ipad2 does the gps still work? or does it NEED 3g data to work?

I always buy the 3G ipa to have GPS but don't turn on my data plan - in fact, I normally have cellular data disabled, and GPS works great - they are totally independent.

How good is the GPS in it? Is it as weak as the GPS in the iPhone and other cellphones or are we talking on the scale of a TomTom or Garmin unit?

Another solution out there that does the same thing, but plugs into the 30-pin port on the IPad, iPod-Touch is the BadElf - distributed on Amazon.com - that, and the latest Navigon app are starting to rival my Garmin Nuvi for usability.

So it costs just as much as the price difference between WiFi and 3G iPad? Perhaps they could've thrown in a full blown 3G radio at the same time?
No thanks!

Max price s/b $60. I'll buy it at that price point. I have no need for a data ( 3G) device. I am a senior and do RV a bit. It would be great to GPS on my Ipad (1) for navigation without a data subscription.

Mine works like a charm. It is quick, works on all Apple & Android devices & boosts the Apple AGPS during 3G and non 3G use...

That's exactly why I went ahead and got the 3G+wifi model. Don't have to worry about charging, losing, compatibility.

It's always seemed odd to me that iOS doesn't support bluetooth GPS receivers. Does this mean they will do, or only this one, or what? I don't understand why they should do this and not support the standard serial interface. I always wanted this for my iPhone 3G as I had a bluetooth GPS device that was radically more accurate. Thankfully the iPhone 4 works pretty well.
So to sum up, what does this mean for bluetooth GPS support on iOS?

This guy doesn't know what he's talking about. GPS over bluetooth is not supported on any ios device, which includes all ipads, iphones, and ipod touches.

Yes, it is. Before getting the BadElf device, I researched, and found several current Bluetooth devices that users were reporting to work.

Chris Oldroyd, can you provide evidence that external GPS receivers work with non-jailbroken iOS devices? Without a video of this in action, why should we believe this is real?

to Muero: I have an iPad-1, Wifi, 64GB model. Latest Apple stock OS.
I also have an BadElf GPS device that's Apple certified and plugs into the iPad charging port.
With this set-up, I can use the built-in map app when a wifi connection is available, or any one of the several GPS apps that install a full set of maps installed to the iPad. My preferred app is Navigon. If that did optimized routing and custom POIs - it would be everything my Garmin Nuvi is.

I have one and it works very well. my gps in phone stopped working. no jailbreak necessary for this model, some other ones do require a jailbreak i think. Thats why i went with the xGPS.

A dedicated GPS like Garmin or Tom Tom with much better features are cheaper and easier to operate. Sticking two devices on a car is definitely not the wisest thing to do.

I would like to know if the XGPS 150 Bluetooth will work on an Ipad 2 that has the CoPilot HD North America app installed. The Ipad has only WiFi.
The people at CoPilot said it would not work, but this article indicates that it will. I need enlightenment before I purchase the XGPS 150, only to find out that it won't work. Thx.

What is your experience: Will the XGPS 150 Bluetooth unit work on an Ipad 2 (with only WiFi, not 3G).
I have the CoPilot Live North America app installed on the Ipad2. I want to buy the XGPS150, but I would like some assurance from someone who actually can verify that they are compatible; that is, XGPS150 with Copilot HD on an Ipad2 that has only Wifi.

I just got the xgps150 on a iPad 2 wifi only. Works great with copilot live (iPhone version) I am still looking for something I can use in Europe . So far I am very pleased with the xgps150 really cool and the price is good too for what you get. IMO

I am using the XGPS150 with a WiFi-only iPad2. Perfectly compatible via Bluetooth. Using with aviation apps to display inflight position. There is no 3G or WiFi in the air on a private aircraft and using the onboard GPS on the 3G iPad requires holding the iPad up to the window!

Glad to hear that it works in you ariplane. What software are you using? Foreflight? Do you need any other apps? Do you turn on "airplane mode" and Bluetooth when using the GPS?

Awesome things here. I'm very happy to peer your post. Thanks so much and I'm looking forward to touch you. Will you kindly drop me a mail?

Just as a quick warning with ios6 beta..... This device will pair with ios 6 and will continuously update your lat, long position in the Dual electronics app. It will not however do so in the built in maps app or others I have tested such as waze. Instead it will load an accurate initial position which does not update as I drive around. I hope this is just an issue with a beta and not a change in the way location information is used that will keep this device from being useful.

I just purchased the XGPS150A specifically to use my Ipad with the Navigon app as a car navigation system. Ipad connects to device but app does NOT WORK, no GPS signal. Am I doing something wrong? the seller specifically mentions that it works with Navigon app on Ipad!!!!!!!
Can anone help, PLease?