I knew there was something I liked about the BlackBerry Bold Touch...

BlackBerry Bold 9900/9700 Touch clones iPhone 4

Summer 2011 BlackBerry Bold 9900/9970 pictured on top of the summer 2010 iPhone 4.

Fitting, given that when the original BlackBerry Bold 9000 launched, the design was widely seen as having been inspired by the original 2007 iPhone.


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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

I knew there was something I liked about the BlackBerry Bold Touch...


It even tries to copy the iPhone in some features. Not all business, but some pleasure. People love them, but that small screen, not for me.

Funny because I believe RIM already has this design before IP4...they just didn't release it. That's what I've heard at least.

Agree... First the fanboys say the other phones look plastic and cheap and iphone like, now they built better hardware and it's copycat.. Sigh !! ( again )

Right. I mean BB has been making phone much longer than Apple, and no one accused Apple of coping BB because their phone has a screen AND a keypad. I think the BB Bold had video and a flash long before the iPhone did. And could copy / paste. And had folders on the phone. So, I guess Apple copied all that too. If you listen to the fanboys, Apple INVENTED the mobile phone.

I'd be willing to bet my paycheck that's it's not brushed stainless, but rather cheap plastic made to look like stainless, that will after a year or two end up chipping away. Just like all the previous BBs I've owned.

You owe me two paychecks. It's real stainless steel. Perhaps if you took the 30 seconds to google it.

How is the new bold copying the iphone 4? In fact the iphone 4 copyed the 9000. Which had it first. LMFAO

Truth be told, that's just about the only angle that they look somewhat alike. To call the 9900 a copycat is disingenuous.

Well, of course, not...fanboys by definition do not care about logic.
However, the Prada had that iphone steel-wraparound-ring look in 2006...so, if Rene is claiming that RIM copied Apple, then Apple copied LG.

Not the point.
The LG fanboys, by definition, do not...
... oh wait. There aren't any LG fanboys.
That's the point. :roll:

Pink Friday.....talk about Copy Cats!! Which rapper single white femaled another and released the Hip Pop album pink friday....

Bold 9000 had the metal ring before the iPhone 4. But regardless of who had it first, the bold touch is looking pretty sick. And its world capable so I'll probably be switching back to BB via bold touch.

ONE inch screen?? Are you kidding me? Back to the phone bashing again. Oh, my iphone has this MASSIVE 3.7" screen. Chest swells up, until the 4" HTC phone walks by. Then complains that the HTC has a plactic back, forgetting all about the 3G / 3GS. Fanboys.....

C'mon people! Where in the post does it say that the bold is a copy of iPhone 4?? Only the commentary is blowing this out of proportion. Do you guys have something on your chest or is this just the people of NoHumourVille laying their turds all over decent internet? I bet it's both. :D

Whether it's a copy or not, the band on the Bold looks better than on the iPhone. It has no black line separating it. I still wouldn't get one though.

I don't think that people who buy Blackberries want their phones to have touch screens I know it's stereotypical to say that Blackberries are for business users and enterprise but that's the target audience and usually those people have a Blackberry for business and another for personal use.
If the everyday person wanted a touch screen smartphone wouldn't they go with iOS or Android? Blackberry's touch screen smartphones haven't been all that well received and they're already saying that the screen on the Bold Touch is too small to be really effective. And Blackberry's attempt to grab the everyday person has been a rather futile effort.
Not saying that Blackberry is bad, but they need to rethink their strategy before pouring money into things that aren't going to be bought.

The bb bold 9900 has the similar design to the 9000 only it's stainless steel now. Apple fanboys are ridiculous.

I like the new Bold Touch, I just wish that it would sync with my iPad and windows computer and Mobile Me, in an easy way.
I'm waiting for the iPhone 5 myself, but if a reliable cross platform sync were available I would go for the BB

Fck you all apple fan boys.. go sck a d"ck.. Just because blackberry use metal doesn't mean that is copying the iphone 4.. you guys are a bunch of retards who use a phone with antenna issues and terrible reception.. You think that Steve Jobs d"ck is revolutionary!

Wow there's a lot anger issues here. It seems a little odd how many Apple haters there are on an Apple product webpage. Haters, seek therapy. Let folks interested in thier product have a discussion in peace. I don't go to Crackberry to insult you or your product of interest. The BB Bold 9900 looks like a decent phone. The iPhone has it's strengths. Why the hate?

Bold 9000 was in 2007 iphone antennagate 2010 . So what rene meant was RIM should sue apple , you guys just don't get what rena meant that's all

All that Rene is saying is that he likes the metal band around the iPhone 4 so he likes the look of the bold because it incorporates a similar metal band around. He never said anyone copied or that anyone should sue anyone, he is just mentioning that he likes that about both phones.

Just like twins, except for the physical keyboard and flawless email capability. Be forreal! Both black and silver!

I used a Bold 9000 for quite awhile and let me tell you that bezel is not metal but plastic. A few people need to check there facts on here, it's a plastic piece painted to look like metal.

I think it is more of the whole style look and feel of the band not really the material used. But still who cares about who puts what where. You like your phone i like my phone, so stop trying to convince others that your phone is "Better".

I like both iphone and blackberry. the bb 9000 had that design years ago. i dont think there was any copying done here.