Apple working on iPad 3D, could launch this fall?

Could Apple's iPad 3 end up being an iPad 3D? That's what RC Wireless has heard from "Hollywood Insiders":

“The fact that the iPad is 3D is a dead cert,” one Hollywood insider close to the big movie studios told RCR, adding that the screen would be the real magic. She went on to say that the big film studios were currently running around like blue arsed flies trying to gear up to release plenty of 3D content in time for Apple’s next launch.

We've seen 3D attempted before on everything from the Nintendo 3DS to LG Android tablets and so far it has seemed much more like a gimmick than a feature. Would Apple really go there? If they do, could they somehow come up with a better way of doing it, something that doesn't seem as unnatural as split convergence and focus? Maybe head tracking via the front facing camera?

We don't know, but we might just find us this fall, as it's looking like rumors of a second iPad release this year could pan out. Perhaps at the same fall event that'll bring us the iPhone 5. (And no, we haven't heard any iPhone 5D rumors... yet.)

Could Apple figure out a way to do 3D that isn't a gimmick?

[RC Wireless via MacRumors. Picture via ">ECHI concept app.]

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Reader comments

Apple working on iPad 3D, could launch this fall?


Dumbest idea ever. If iPad goes 3D, as a HUGE Apple and iPad fanboy, I will sell it and get a real tablet.
3D is for kids and idiots who buy TVs that are already one year past being a fad.

Yeah. My opinion is different from yours, so that makes me an idiot.
Anyway, I have loved 3D all my life and would absolutely be interested. I don't find the 3DS "gimmicky," (which is an interesting starting point for the article's request for opinions). If anything, head-tracking 3D effects are equally gimmicky, if at all, so it seems an odd distinction to make. The head-tracking method seems to have even less hope of working with movie viewing, whereas the "3DS" approach might have a chance.
When well-done, it enriches the gaming and movie viewing experience. I haven't gotten tired of it in 30 years...although some movies that cost more but offer nothing 3D worthy to see, yeah those get on my nerves (Tron).

They said something like that when stereo came out. Monophonic sound will always be with us... NOT. Then, quadraphonic discrete four-channel sound. I bought that and it was spectacular but it died due to markets I suppose.
I'm sure that new 3D iPads will allow diabling the feature for folks like you but I'm all for it for videos. I'm also waiting for some other features that have to come in a future iPad.

Sorry ppl, but as much as Id like to agree with you about 3D being a fad, the technology is only getting better and the movie companies aren't losing money on it like they are with bluray and dvd disk from pirating. Those are the main reasons why 3D will be around for a while; PROFIT.

That's soo stupid..unless they add other features other than 3d which I have no clue which they can add. And jd is right 3d is for babies

This idea is so dumb. 2 iPad's in one year would be splitting the user base and punishing those who bought the iPad 2. Major releases should not be that close together.

They won't. That's too big of a leap for their iterative approach. They'll go retina before 3D.
Yeah, an iPad 3 this year would make every iPad 2 owner feel like a sucker and the chance of them getting another iPad would be greatly hindered. You alienate people when you make their 5 month old purchase feel outdated.
BTW, Evo 3D and some other Android one's aren't gimmicks. 3D w/out glasses is pretty sweet but I'm getting the Evo 3D for other reasons. 3D photo taking is pretty sweet though.

"You alienate people when you make their 5 month old purchase feel outdated." I made the exact same point about android today.

Yeah, you absolutely have to get used to that on Android in some ways. If a new Android phone comes out on Sprint but you're on matters not. So within the carrier, you don't have as big a problem but it definitely happens. #buyersremorse

No, I mean that adding 3D would be a downgrade, and the stock would tank when people realize Apple fell for the 3D gimmick (hence showing their lack of good-sense).

Agreed. We will see retina on the iPad before 3D. I believe 3D will go to the iPhone first, like all of the best technology does.

3D = Headache + Aggravation. Apple is about user experience, not features for the sake of features.

3D with glasses is ugly. 3D without glasses, so far, is pretty gimmicky. 3D with head-tracking is for one person only.
Too much work for too weak a prize. Skip the 3D! It's a fad, not long lasting.
What I want Apple to do: iPhone 5 is like Iron Man's phone, and iPad 3 is like his home computer. Holographics ftw! ;)

Doesn't apple always release something that has already been done, and every1 says that it won't wk, but then they sell millions of them.. I'll wait and see b4 I says that it will or won't wk I've learned my lession of doubting apple .

Hollywood insider? Seriously? Since when has a Hollywood Insider had any lead on an Apple product? Is it April 1st? Nope. It's Cinco de Mayo.

I think it makes sense. Launch before the holidays and all the 3D enthusiasts will gobble this up. 3d games, movies, and design apps... iPad 3D sounds like another winner to me.
I most certainly wouldn't buy it though. I have no need for 3D entertainment.

"Could Apple figure out a way to do 3D that isn’t a gimmick?"
There is no such thing, so no. If Apple does go there, it will their first big blunder.

All of you idiots need to shut the hell up. 3d done right is spectacular. Games are actually easier to play in 3D especially plat-formers where you can actually see the distance between your avatar and a platform. Movies are awesome, everything is better when seen with depth just like in real life. So stop your bitching and whining. I pray apple brings it this year or next year. I'll be first in line. Playing dead space in 3D would be epic!

Have you ever watched a movie in 3D and then watched the non-3D version? I have.
I'm assuming Apple wouldn't use that kind of 3D though (glasses or prism-based screen), so at least we should be safe from that (which is the kind of 3D you're looking for). However, if they try to 3D-ize the UI, that would be horrible (using face tracking). So, neither of us would get what we want.

Ok. Let me get this straight. Apple won't use 4g on iPhone 5 because it's not a proven tech, right? So why in the hell would they use no glasses 3d, which is still not proven either. I'm calling a big ole BS on this one

Good point about the 4G. 3D tech is more reliable than 4G cellular tech considering the definition for 4G isn't even being followed today by the cell companies.

Who cares. If people wanna buy into the whole 3D fad then let them. It's a novelty that wears off very quicky. As a professional photographer my iPad 2 does everything I need it to do and 3D is not a requirement in my daily working life. I for one couldnt care less for 3D as you can probably guess lol :)

btw, that picture is not of an iPad 3D, it´s from a French research center, and their research is not iPad centered, it´s just 3D simulations for portable devices.

Y would anyone want an iPad to begin with. Even my thunderbolt from Verizon has more RAM and ROM then either iPad or iPad 2.. What a joke. They need to include on the next Apple products the option to include external memory slots, it should include DLNA technology without third party apps, and with less restrictions on there customers. Apple needs to catch up. Seems like technology is moving so fast, that when Apple thinks its finalized its product for production, something new hits the markets that they want implemented in their old idea, like 3D.

Im an HTC mobile phone fan. But this is an Apple comment. Apple markets their products the best thats why they sell better than any other company. You can have a phone that takes you and your cat into hyperdrive at any given time against an iphone that just makes phone calls and text messages but if the public isnt ready for it then they wont buy it. Apples R&D is simple top shelf.

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