X Gear anti-glare film for iPad - accessory review

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The X Gear Anti Glare film for iPad aims to make Apple's very shiny iPad shine just a little less in our eyes. Now screen protectors have always been my arch nemesis -- I have always much preferred the feel of the actual glass over the feel of any screen protector. But I figured I'd give the X Gear anti-glare version a chance to change my mind.

Did it succeed? Read on to find out!

X Gear anti-glare film for iPad - accessory review

I'm extremely careful with my devices and always have a case on them so I'm not too concerned with screen protectors. The one reason I "would" consider one is to minimize fingerprints. That's what I was really hoping to do here. Some screen protectors seem to minimize the rate at which fingerprints take over your screen. I was left disappointed after applying the X Gear anti-glare film as it seemed to accumulate just as many fingerprints (if not more), than the naked glass did. It did seem to wipe down quicker than the glass does so I suppose that could be considered a positive. And it didn't do too much to minimize glare either.

The process of putting the screen protector on was simple enough. If this process is something you're unfamiliar with, check out our guide on how to apply a screen protector to your iPhone or iPad. I did end up with a few bubbles but I managed to get those out with the soft card that X Gear provides with the screen protector. They also include a cleaning cloth as well.

Overall, the quality of the screen protector was pretty good. It just doesn't do much to minimize fingerprints. If you're looking for something to add more protection from scratches, the thickness seems to be pretty substantial. It isn't that noticeable when it's on the device until you feel the screen. There's a noticeable difference from what the glass feels like. When scrolling and sliding your finger around, it just isn't as smooth. This is unfortunately the case with most screen protectors. It's just not the same experience.

If you're in the market for a screen protector that's a bit more durable and you don't mind getting used to your iPad screen feeling a bit different to the touch, I'd say this is a pretty decent screen protector. I still prefer the feel of other protectors better, such as the BodyGuardz screen protectors that are also available in the TiPb accessory store for around the same price.

You can check out the X Gear Anti Glare film for iPad in the TiPb Accessory store.


  • Easy to apply
  • Thicker than some other, flimsier screen protectors
  • After applied, it's barely visible


  • Doesn't do much when it comes to preventing fingerprints
  • The area by the home button didn't stick as well as it should
  • The texture is a bit grippy so it takes some getting used to

TiPb iPhone 3.5-star rated

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Reader comments

X Gear anti-glare film for iPad - accessory review


Pity nothing much was written/said about any possible anti-glare effect of screen protectors. Which I happen to find more important than the fingerprint issue.

Michael: exactly what I was going to say. It's an anti-glare product, not an anti-fingerprint product. How about a review on the actual function that the product claims to provide?

what a strange 'review"....
only babbling 'bout the fingerprints..
a n t i - g l a r e ???

jaja jaja. That's the same thing I was going to say..... Hmmmm how does this ANTI-GLARE product work for letting us see the screen under say a flourcent light..... Don't really care so much about finger prints.

Seems odd... all the talk about finger prints with absolutely nothing about the anti-glare, for which the device and title of the article are named and the reason I read the article. Me thinks this would get at best a C in high school writing.

I have the Power Support anti-glare protector on my iPad. and it does a great job of cutting down the glare, and preventing fingertips.

I also use the Power Support anti Glare HD protector. I really like it. I've had the same one on my iphones for about 3 years and love them on both for the anti-glare function as well as the feel, fingerprint resistance and protection.
My only wish is that there was a way for the anti-glare to not interfere with the resolution.

I got the SGP Anti Glare screen protector. It was hard to install but finger prints are nearly non existent on it. Without the protector I had to wipe down the ipad daily - sometimes multiple times a day. Now I rarely even pay attention to it, much better. The anti-glare is great to, a light source gets effectively diffused and the screen is still very readable. It does dull the screen a bit - I had to turn up the brighhtness to compensate. And good luck installiing it without getting dust under the screen. The first attempt was in a bathroom and got a TON of dust specs on it. The second time I installed at a library and still got a few. I think the screens film just has a lot of static buildup.

I use ZAGG - InvisibleSHIELD with anti glare. You can get it from their web site or you can get one from best buy. Keeps finger prints, scratchs, glare off the screen. It works very well for me. It's not to hard to apply onto iPad jus take your time. It's not to thick it feels like the regular screen. I recommend it

What was Allyson thinking when she wrote this? Like all the other comments, you don't talk about what the actual product was meant for. The iHigh is getting to her typing >.>

Sorry. Thought the video and images showed that light was still reflecting off it. I'll make it a con bullet point. It really did nothing but attract fingerprints like crazy and not really cut down on glare. I played with it outside as well and didn't really see less glare than normal.

I got the ZAGG anti glare film. It adds a grain to the screen particularly noticeable viewing images and video.Everything sort-of shimmers. I'm going to replace it with a clear screen. Gloss doesn't bother me.

Terrible review of the actual use of the product. Title this one anti fingerprint review and then do another one on the anti reflection.