iKeyboard Kickstarter project claims to make touch typing on the iPad a reality [video]

The iKeyboard is an interesting Kickstarter Project that aims to address an often complained about problem with any iPad. The on-screen keyboard is great for simple text input however if you have something longer to type up, it can become very awkward and uncomfortable to use. This is where iKeyboard comes in and hopes to address these issues and offer the ability to touch type on the iPad. .

The iKeyboard sits on top of the iPad’s virtual keyboard without adding much to the weight or physical size. It claims to allow you to touch type, but more importantly, not have to suspend your hands above the screen; which is anything but comfortable and often painful after prolonged text input. The iKeyboard requires the same force and travel distance to register a key press as the current Apple keyboard.

The accessory is in a working prototype stage at the moment and its claimed that it works pretty well and the highest hurdles have been jumped. As this is a Kickstarter project, the aim is to get funding to take the prototype to the next level and start production. To do this, the iKeyboard needs investment pledges which were originally set at $4000. As of today, it has received over $5000 with some 46 days left to go. It seems to be proving very popular!

Have a look at the video after the break the let us know what you think of the iKeyboard? Can you see yourself using an accessory like this? Let us know in the comments!


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iKeyboard Kickstarter project claims to make touch typing on the iPad a reality [video]


Looks Promising. I wonder if your fingers would still feel too scrunched though since the keys are so close together. I'd give it a try.

I think saying that touch typing on the iPad is impossible is a huge exaggeration. Sure it requires some getting used too. But I find it no trouble at all. I type all my school notes and assignments on my iPad and I barely have to look at the screen when I type anymore. I can probably type faster on the iPad then on my MacBook because all I have to do is move my fingers, my hands rest on the edge.
So touch typing on the iPad isn't "impossible" I feel like some people just haven't given it enough of a chance.

Agreed; it's what I use to take notes and I have no problem at all. Everynow and then an incorrect autocorrect will trip me up though.

Isn't it weird that the iPad has this awesome gesture based and sensor aware interface for many things, but when it comes time to enter data, it falls back to traditional keyboarding?
Has anyone had much luck with OCR type things like Microsoft's OneNote?
That being said, I'd probably give this device a try if I knew there specific times I'd need to do a lot of typing.

I have no problem typing on the ipad. Granted I only type an occasional email with it and not a 30 page report, which I am sure would be a problem.
But I would really like to see some type of keyboard for the iphone!

It's amusing that when everybody was saying that typing text on a iPad was a hassle, fanboys from everywhere rushed out to say that it was great, perfect, magical, etc. Now that a device is coming out to fix it, suddenly almost everybody agrees that it indeed was a hassle.

lol leaving your brain free to create? wtf, if i'm typing something then I want to be concentrating and focusing on what i'm doing, isn't that a give lol what does my brain need to be creating as they put it.

Blanketly saying "change is good" is pretty idiotic. If you got hit by a bus today, that would be a change.

Come on George, of course "any" change in ANY context might be bad. Since we're talking "keyboard", my sole reference is about this additional device. the change references less parts, a new way of typing. without this type of change, we would all still be using manual typewriters...which by the way, are no longer produced. Free yourself of the conventional thinking and embrace the technology. thanks for reading.

It's ok. I haven't watched the video. But I would have to say I don't have a need for it.I like to be able to walk around without a bag of accessories. I wonder if they are using the built in magnets to keep it in place.

Since no one else has said it yet, obligatory "This changes everything!"
Also, should ask if they'll develop their own stylus to sell along with it!

I don't have any problem typing on the iPad keyboard either - in fact, I'm just as fast and accurate with it as with the Apple Bluetooth keyboard that I use with my iMac. For me, this is a solution in search of a problem that doesn't exist.

"if you have something longer to type up, it can become very awkward and uncomfortable to use.'
I completely disagree with this statement. Sorry, Chris. i find the more you use the onscreen keyboard, the easier and more comfortable it gets, and it's actually less of a strain than a physical keyboard.

I will buy this, i use my iPad for taking notes at school all the time and i am constantly looking back and forth from the teacher and the iPad to make sure i got it all. I want and NEED this.

Ok... looks like a solution in search of a problem. There is already a nice accessory keyboard for the iPad and it does not hide half the screen like this one does.