God, Why Dost Thou Hate Me So?


God hates me. Nothing else can explain my recent steady string of bad luck. My plans to devote free time to writing, and my entire holiday, were derailed by a bout with food poisoning...or stomach flu (it's not clear which is the culprit). While most of you were enjoying vast portions of poultry, piled on plates, and devouring drumsticks, I was in bed convalescing. I was struck down Wednesday evening and didn't fully recover until late Saturday, and by that time my only goal was to salvage what was left of Thanksgiving. On the bright side, illness provided a way of avoiding family. Hallelujah!

So that was my week. Enough ruminating. Now for some good news - I freed up this whole bloody week to devote to blogging...and I am raring to go. Today will be a little spotty due to a couple meetings with clients (you know, that whole job thing), but from then on it's off to the blogosphere. Provided of course God ceases his campaign to punish me. Was I Hitler in a past life? I thought having Vista running on my PC was punishment enough. sigh

Now, if you'll all excuse me, I have to see a man about some wallpaper.

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God, Why Dost Thou Hate Me So?


Welcome back. If God hates you, he's hating me as well...never find yourself to far away from the porcelain wonder bowl. It is truly your best friend.

At least he's been hating you since last wednesday. He's been hating me since August. I have had some bizarre stomach problem that is recurring since August. It started out about once a week, but it's been picking up it's pace and I'm seeing illnesses about every other day.
For some reason, it stopped from Thanksgiving until this morning, but at least I was able to enjoy my family and inlaws before it started up again.
I have had a colonoscopy, endoscopy, and CT Scan to try to find out what is causing the problem and I lost my job last Tuesday. Really!
So, I would have to say be thankful you are not me. I only wish my problems were as bad as yours. :)
Glad to hear your better.

Good gravy. I'm truly sorry to hear of your problems, Dave. You definitely win the "I got it rough" prize. Hope your situation improves, but more so that you have no serious health problems. Keep your chin up! ;-)

Thanks Kent. Most of the tests have returned negative. Good that they are not finding something like Cancer, but bad that they are not finding out what is causing this problem. I should be hearing about the CT Scan soon.
From my recent experiences, I'm guessing it might just be stress related. If so, I'm hoping that there is a magic drug that will help curb the stress I am feeling these days. If not stress, I'm hoping it's something that they can cut out of me and resolve the issue that way.
As far as the job goes. We have a pretty good amount of money in our savings. It should last us about a year. I'm hoping that I can get this licked way sooner than that and start looking for another job. I'm a little worried that being 47 1/2, that it might be a little more difficult than before, but surely there are companies out there looking for qualified software test engineers. :)