iPhone 5 release pool: 'iPhone 4S' won't support LTE, arriving in September with Sprint & T-Mobile support?

Forbes is reporting on a research note from analyst Peter Misek, who claims Apple will be releasing the iPhone 5 in September. Misek states Apple will be going with 'iPhone 4S' as the name, following in the footsteps of the 3G to 3GS upgrade, and will not support LTE because the Qualcomm chipset isn't ready just yet. He also believes Sprint and T-Mobile will be onboard at launch.

According to our industry checks, the device should be called iPhone 4S and include minor cosmetic changes, better cameras, A5 dual-core processor, and HSPA+ support [...] As for LTE, he says the Qualcomm LTE chipset Apple would have used “is currently not achieving yields sufficient for inclusion in the iPhone 5.”

But he also says that “industry checks indicate Apple will likely announce Sprint, T-Mobile, and China Mobile as new carriers.”

Adding China Mobile would further propel Apple's presence in the Chinese smartphone market. Rumors of the 'iPhone 4S' name picked up last month when some developers were reportedly receiving beefed up iPhone 4 units for testing purposes.

Expectations that the next iPhone will be released in September have been mounting, but Apple could always have a surprise up their sleeve at WWDC in June. We're going to throw this one into our iPhone 5 release pool either way.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments!


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Reader comments

iPhone 5 release pool: 'iPhone 4S' won't support LTE, arriving in September with Sprint & T-Mobile support?


Can we do a poll on the naming of the next iPhone. 4s or 5. If they called it 4s then the next one would have to be 6, skipping 5, which is not like apple. I don't think they would messthis up when it's finally in sync with it's actual #.

When they went from 3G to 3GS, the next one was still 4 (not 5). I don't understand what you're trying to say here.

That's because 3G was #2, 3GS was #3. iPhone 4 was the first one with the right number. It would be strange to undo that.

please let it be june !!! I had Held out on the iphone 4 because I had my 3GS for only 3 months prior and have been extremely happy with it but the retina display is a powerful lure !!! must ...resist...while...LONGER !

last june i made the decision, screw it. i'd wait one year and suffer with no apps and stuff on my pre. I had so hoped in June to be done with it. Actually i'd hoped in January it would come to sprint but it didn't happen.

I got my 3gs in march 2010 and still got the 4 in June. They let me early upgrade. I just sold the 3gs for $200 and it worked out. This time I think I'm keeping my 4 for a "spare."

Should i pick up an iphone 4 now? Sell it down the road later on if the iphone 4S is way better?

That's what I would do lol. 5 won't be out until september and will more than likely just be an upgrade like the 3GS was to the 3G

I would be just fine with these proposed specs and 64GB of flash memory. Give me that and I'll be shelling out another $499 this year.

i'm 100% with you on at least 64GBs. I got over 100GBs but i'd comprimise. I mean it's less then my very old broken 80GB ipod which i loved. 64GBs isn't much more and i'd pay extra.

They will not call it 4s and anyone that says that but Steve Jobs is an idiot. The 3Gs made sense because it was actually the 3rd generation but iPhone 3 would have been moronic. Hey analysts maybe they will call it iPhone 3G+2???? sounds catchy lolrolls eyes

Lol ! 4s does sound a little uncomfortable. Well sh-t , ATT and everyone else is calling 3G on steroids 4G , might as well be consistent.

funny how you say "any one who calls it that but Steve Jobs is an idiot" as if you are saying "well it is a stupid name but if Steve Jobs says that is the name, well I guess it is a good name than." When trolls come on various sites calling people sheep, you are like a prime example of who they are referring to.

@David- First iPhone was 2g. Second iPhone was 3G. Third iPhone was 3GS. Fourth iPhone was iPhone 4. Makes sense.

That's correct. In the begining, the number had nothing to do with the phone. The first was a 2G (EDGE) phone, the second phone was 3G, the third phone was 3G only faster, and the next phone was a totally new phone, hence the number 4. This could be a 4S, and the next would be 5, as in fifth generation, not number 5.
Apple has already laid the ground work for it by calling phone #2 3G.

How about the 2011 iPhone? They dont number any other products anymore and things are getting sticky with this numbering system, so just stop it.

4S sounds alittle strange , I suppose our reaction to 3GS was the same. I was a little unnerved by ' no LTE ' but I'm hoping they have atleast HSPA 14.4. So no 4 inch screen and only minor design changes... Sorta expected. I just hope we get 64GB storage because that was my main reason for not
Getting the 4.

How will you be able to switch back and forth and use both? Sprint is not GSM like T-Mobile and ATT. Please explain.

Yes its not as easy as taking your similar card out but all u have to do is log into your account on sprint.com and swap your esn. I do it all the time.

The name doesn't really matter to me. I'm just hoping the specs are nothing more than the beefed up radio, processor and camera. I'm not upgrading till iPhone 6 lol. That bit about Sprint is mighty alluring though. If they keep the everything plan, I'm there.

The next iPhone not having LTE support was old news somewhere around two months ago. Where have you been?

well i don't have an iphone so my standards are not that high. I'd like 80GBs and a 4 inch screen but i could settle for less if that's all they offered. I'm not exactly someone that cares about most specs just a certain few. And not entirely strongly.

who gives 2 f--ks what its called . does it really matter? ive never once said i have an iphone 2 3g 3gs or 4 i just say i have an iphone if i am asked. Just hope its true about sprint cause the corporate discount is huge from sprint for me. att and verizon are big discounts nowhere near sprint though and tmobile is the least amount. the only thing that keeps me with att is any mobile to mobile but with sprint i would have the same plan its 10 bucks cheaper and 10% more on the discount. i am loyal to no carrier i go for the best price. I can tell you this though if it isnt a real upgrade like 3g to 3gs my next phone will be blackberry touch (aka bold touch) then i will see you at iphone whatever you want to call it but the newest one

Just kidding about that post above. I have a friend who works on the IOS dev team and he wouldn't say "yes" to any of my questions asks him the other day but he wouldn't say no to a September release date and a larger screen...

I would be happy with an iPhone 4S or a redesigned iPhone 5. I just wonder if they are going to a bigger screen. As long as the phone doesn't get any bigger by increasing the screen size I will be happy. Some of these phones with 4.3 inch and even a 4.5 inch screens are just way to big you might as well be hauling around a tablet.

I agree to the hauling around a tablet.. haha! I've always made fun of my friends who have huge Droid X's.. I call them laptops because they are just huge. I think a slightly large screen would be ok, but I wouldn't be upset either if it stayed the same.. iPhone is the perfect size now!

I'm over iPhone. I don't like that my 95 year old grandma knows how to use it. And no LTE? Ugh. And 4S means same tiny screen? So we wait an extra 3 months just for a spec bump? Whatever. Too many other options out there to stick with iPhone just because.

Actually yes. the Droid Charge goes 2 days easy. That rumor got started because the Thunderbolt wast the first LTE phone and was poorly designed from the get go because HTC always has bad battery life.

Cool, only thing for me is I try me friend's droid phone couple times but for me the overall experience of the software lacks a certain polish. I dunno what it is Maybe it is just me?

I hope it's June but if it's September, I'm sure Apple has a good reason for putting it off. I'm on a Droid right now and hate it and have been holding out for the iPhone 5/4S/whatever it's called, if Steve Jobs made it, I want it!

Agreed. In the end no matter how it comes out it's always about the experience you have with the device and right now apple does it the best in my opinion.

So apple is delaying the new phone until September only to release a juicer iphone 4 model? I would think that if they were going to take the risk to delay then they would probably come out with a brand new design right?

I agree I think the delay means we are going to see either a real big internals upgrade or a whole new phone! I think if it was just a small bump up then there wouldn't be rumors of a delay in release. All i can say is we won't know anything till apple decides to announce it. Personally I will be waiting patiently until the official announcement and decide wether it is worth ditching my trusty iPhone 4.

4S is never going to happen, mark my words it's 5 so it syncs with the iOS version. The mod'd IP4 units going out to the developers are the so there is no repeat of the leak debacle.

No matter what it's called, I think that it is going to be a good phone. I would love to see my iPhone 4 with a dual core processor and New IOS. I wouldn't have a problem buying that phone.

Either we get a iPhone 4S in june or iPhone 4G in september. No way Apple would wait 3 extra months just for a spec bump!

I could care less about a 4g lte iPhone. Especially if it would have sucky battery life like other LTE devices. I'm find with their "getting it right" first...
As far as the name of the next model, 4S makes sense to me if it's just a device with minor changes. An iPhone 5 should be a device with major softeware and hardware changes.

Do you really believe Apple is going to launch a product called iPhone 4S (for ass)? Don't think so!

The word on my post above was censured but it's easy to guess, it starts with a A and ends with SS.

It'll be called iphone 5. 4S is bad marketing.
It'll release in the fall. The reason is simple. iOS 5 won't be ready til then. Apple won't release one without the other due to marketing reasons. Every iphone 5 review will also feature iOS 5..taken together they create the perception that its worthwhile to upgrade.
Another reason? If just a processor bump, hspa+, and maybe an even better camera, it wouldn't take Apple that long to release this. Something else is delaying it. The easy answer is that its iOS 5 causing the delay to fall along with the below reasons.
It works out nicely really with the decreased sales of ipods as apple moves to focus on iphone & ipad. (though i'm sure they'll still announce ipods). Fall would seem to be more desirable a release time anyways vs summer as its closer to holidays. Iphone sales are starting to flatten and could use the lift. Ipad sales don't need the extra help and they're taking off. An iOS bump to 5 in the fall will help ipad sales anyways and gives Apple more time to make the next iOS version ready for ipad. We won't have to through the summer with an iOS 5 phone and iOS 4 ipad.
The fall event of the ipod touch is basically a repeat of the summer event. Not very exciting. Combine the two, having both in fall fixes this.

I can't wait for the 5 or 4S or whatever its called, I'm still on the 3G so can't wait to upgrade!!!!!!!

This Steve guy, wherever his name is ( the guy with the terminal liver condition) is making you hopping like puppet meanwhile he is cashing the money for an expensive funeral. GET REAL. , GROW UP a phone is a phone .. Fatten that Steve's guy pocket fast

I could care less about any iphone so the name is useless to me. If it does appear on sprint then great for sprint more customers and more money made for them.

I could care less on the name of the phone.. I just want the iPhone to come to Sprint! This give me hope.. I will hold onto my crappy BB Bold 9650 for a few months instead of jumping ship to another carrier as I was about to do this summer..

wasn't it a Chinese worker from some mobile company who first made into news regarding iPhone 5? wondering if its actually going to make it in September?

Peter Misek is an idiot. Why would the company introduce iOS 5 yet release the phone using the "iPhone 4S" name?