iPhone 5 world phone coming to Verizon same day as AT&T

iPhone 5 world phone coming to Verizon same day as AT&T

Verizon CFO Fran Shammo revealed today that iPhone 5 is still on track to be a dual-mode CDMA/GSM world phone, and additionally that it will ship at the same time as the AT&T and other GSM versions.

When the next iPhone model launches Verizon will be able to offer it at the same time as AT&T. Verizon's version will also work in as many countries as AT&T's iPhone, which has global coverage, Shammo said.

Verizon began selling the Verizon iPhone 4 some 8 months after the AT&T version, and almost 4 years after the first iPhone debuted on AT&T. So for those worried there might be another delay between GSM and CDMA release dates, you can rest a little easier. (Unless Apple obliterates Verizon for leaking this...)

As previously suspected, LTE still looks to be off the table until 2012, and Verizon was happy enough to throw Apple under the bus for that one as well.

"I think it's a bigger issue for Apple than it is for us," he said. "Depending on where Apple plays, that's where we'll sell."

Apple has commented in the past that current LTE radios require too many compromises when it comes to battery life.

Lastly, tiered pricing is still on its way to Verizon this summer, so get your unlimited data early if you want to be grandfathered in.

Would a hybrid iPhone 5 on Verizon that could roam internationally be a better draw than an AT&T iPhone 5 that couldn't do CDMA in the USA?

[Electronista via @jonfingas]

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Reader comments

iPhone 5 world phone coming to Verizon same day as AT&T


That likely means we'll get HSPA+ 14.4Mbps and not 21Mbps, but hey, it's still double than what we have now. :D

There are some who keep AT&T solely for international roaming capabilities. This move will give those folks another choice.

Sounds like a very good thing - although I doubt they'll be throwing any Sprint love in there any time soon, so we're screwed on that front.
Fwiw, I don't even want an iPhone. I just think choice is better for us all, even when we choose to opt out.

doesn't sprint use the same CDMA bands as VZW??? If so, I would expect a launch on that platform. There are already rumors running around that Sprint is to get the iPhone...but we'll see. Nothing is so until Steve Jobs says so.

So what happens when AT&T says this iPhone has "4G Speeds"? Will Apple allow it? I use a VZW 3G MiFi and speeds are horrible! Rarely over 1 Mbps. If iPhone 5 goes to 14.4 or 21, when compared to VZW 3G, it WILL be like 4G.

The reports have been that iPhone 4S will drop this year, and it makes sense because LTE won't be available till 2012. So in 2012, they will drop the iPhone 5 on both networks at the same time.
Shammo basically confirmed that the phone this year will be a 4S. I guess that would make the Verizon guys happy cause they just got their phones in Feb., so it would suck for them if the LTE iPhone 5 dropped in Nov. (7 months later)

so we all know that AT&T's version will get HSPA+... but will Verizon's?? i don't think verizon has HSPA+

I love how this automatically becomes iPhone 5. Nobody ever said iPhone 5. Makes no sense

Well lets see it is the 5th generation of iphone.... doesn't take a genius to figure it out dude.

It makes perfect sense to call it iPhone 5 it's the 5th gen! the 3GS was only named that way because it was the 3rd gen and the couldn't just call it iPhone 3 now that the name and generation are back in sync apple will not stry from the simple naming scheme all it would do is confuse consumers

"Verizon CFO Fran Shammo revealed today that iPhone 5 is still on track" NO WHERE IN HIS QUOTE DOES HE REFER TO IT AS AN IPHONE 5!!
This site is becoming the National Enquirer of iPhone blogs. Don't have something, make it up!! Just because it is the fifth phone does not mean it will be called iPhone 5. 3G was NOT called number 2. I don't see iPhone 12, or 15, or 27 either. Apple does not refer to their new computers as MacBook Pro 17. Or AirBook 6. It is simply the new iPhone. Look at the back of your phone.....do you see a 4 back there?? NO. It just says iPhone.

Scott, the name means a lot.. These devices are far more popular than the computer line. And when people are looking into a computer, they generally do more research, then people just walking into the ATT store looking for a phone, so the name of the computer version wouldn't really matter. The number 5 instead of 4s will go a long way to make people buy the newest and greatest for the $100 dollar premium. IMO

this story is kinda like saying I know the future and I want you to know you're going to get kicked in the balls, shot in the ass, and then hit buy a truck but i'm not gonna tell you when.
something is gonna happen. We just won't tell you the most important point:When.

So are we talking about iPhone 5 for next year or iPhone 4S for this year. You guys should agree on calling an unannounced iPhone by it's generation until the phone is announced.

I don't think there's gonna be another "S" model, since this was only used to correct the mistake of calling the second generation iPhone after the network's generation. The next one will most likely be the iPhone 5, no matter how "minor" the changes might be compared to the iPhone 4.

So says a happy GSMer. While I'm at work, in a very well covered city, my coworker & I compare signals. He's on ATT & I on Verizon. Both iPhone 4. I consistently have more bars & 100% less dropped calls. We've ran speed tests & have averaged out to be about the same. Perhaps an analogy comparing CDMA & GSM to AM & FM radio would help you understand the differences between the two types. Not trying to say CDMA is better because GSM has the potential to be more powerful over short distances but CDMA definitely has the advantage when it comes to having a consistently better call quality & signal strength.

My bet is on Apple calling the next iPhone, the "iPhone 5". This 4S business is just rumormongers promulgating a notion that the next iPhone update won't be big. That's just a bunch of hooey. If Apple puts an A5 SoC in it, it's a pretty big jump in performance with a new CPU architecture and up to "9" times the CPU performance.
Btw, if Verizon wants Apple to make a world phone next year, someone is going to make a LTE-CDMA-GSM chipset for Apple. That's a whole lot of radio support there. Has Qualcomm or someone announced such a chipset yet?

We've already seen Apple's inconsistencies with naming the iPhones. It's wasn't until last year that they 'fixed' it. Doesn't in anyway guarantee they'll continue with numbers based on its' generation. Easy on the name calling blood.

"(Unless Apple obliterates Verizon for leaking this…)"
Right??! What the hell is this guy thinking talking out of school like this?!? They JUST got the iPhone. That's just dumb...

Not a tech specialist or anything, but I switched to Verizon's iPhone 4 after two years on AT&T about a month ago. Flawless victory. I don't know how I ever switched off a CDMA network ever before.

Apple is the loser every day they put a limit on who gets the iPhone. Once they lose a subscriber to the Android ecosystem there is no going to another ecosystem. Now that the iPhone is no longer ahead of the technology curve, it is even more important that they make the phone as pervasive as possible. Its all about covering as much turf as possible in as short a period as possible.

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