iPhone As Learning Tool and Refrigerator Art. Children Outsmarting Parents


Rakesh Agrawal’s 3 year old daughter devised a clever means for watching instructional videos on her father's iPhone using common refrigerator magnets to mount the device on the fridge. Positioned for just her height, the industrious little scamp uses her iPhone to learn Yo-yo techniques by watching How-to videos from Veronica Belmont of Mahalo Daily. I'm betting Mom and Dad won't be so proud once the 3 year old realizes her invention is patentable and a lucrative product market, enjoying fabulous wealth while her parents are left staring at a empty refrigerator.

She's not the only one learning lessons from Veronica. I kid...Veronica is awesome, and wonderfully entertaining. I've always enjoyed her ebullient personality since her days at C|net, co-hosting Buzz Out Loud and Crave. She's in my Facebook and Pownce friends lists for a reason.


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iPhone As Learning Tool and Refrigerator Art. Children Outsmarting Parents


Umm... as far as I know magnets and electronics don't mix. Seems like a stupid idea to me.

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