Next iPhone in final testing for September release on AT&T, Verizon and Sprint or T-Mobile?

9to5Mac reports that the next iPhone -- rumored to be released in September -- has hit final testing stages, with variations of 'N93' and 'N94' models suggesting a possible release on Sprint or T-Mobile.

The next generation iPhone has reached the final testing stage (aka “AP” stage [Thanks, Chronic!]) and is now being carried around by high level Apple and carrier executives [...] While snooping around the iOS 5.0 SDK we located references to “N94″ and “N93.”

Verizon previously let slip that the next iPhone will be a world phone, supporting GSM+CDMA on a single chip and thus cutting out the requirement of Apple producing separate devices for the two carriers. With N93 and N94 variations in play, this further indicates T-Mobile as a likely candidate for carrying the next iPhone which is rumored to be an iPhone 4 packed with the new A5 chip.

In addition, they were told Apple and Verizon are still in negotiations to bring FaceTime over 3G while the next iPhone will keep the same 5MP camera sensor, most-likely due to production delays with Sony.

If true, is that a deal breaker for anyone? And if Apple adds a US carrier, would you rather it be T-Mobile or Sprint?


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Next iPhone in final testing for September release on AT&T, Verizon and Sprint or T-Mobile?


True photo pros know that MegaPixels are not what produces a great shot. MPs are used to as a marketing gimmick to make people feel they need them and then trade up. 5 to 6 MPs is more than enough for anyone to have high quality photos, plus I often wished I had the facility to take smaller MP shots on my iPhone when not needed and to save data space. Processor, light sensor and lens are almost more important.

Even a 27 inch screen can't reproduce more than 6mp and you'd have to print at A3 size to then need any more. We all need to stop this obsession. Then getting onto HD video on phones, it's great, but terrible... crisp if on a tripod but a small camera in the hand makes a very shaky movie! Call me undemanding!, but I always thought that although far too low res, that the iP1 took decent pics!

Definitely agree that MP isn't the be all and end all. However, it is part of the equation along with better optics and image processing sw. The current 5MP isn't terrible but it's not great either! It's just decent and it would be disappointing to still have it on a new phone!
As a photographer, virtually all commercial work is shot on high MP medium format digital cameras -- 40 MP or more.
And contrary to popular belief, it's not just for large prints which ironically can get away with less MP because of the increased distance they are viewed from.
Oh well, here's to my hoping that Apple is able to get enough units out of Sony to put their 8MP into the iP5!

Is there a reason you all chose to use this photo rendering? Is there evidence that it will not be the same form factor as the iphone 4?

What's wrong with 5 megapixels? Are you planning on making large prints of pics you take with your phone? I'm no photo pro and even I know pictures aren't about megapixels. The iPhone 4 has an amazing sensor and lens...AND it was ranked among actual point & shoot cameras. So, yeah, as long as they keep or improve the sensor an lens, I'm fine with 5MP.

I would rather see sprint. You can always find a way to unlock a GSM iphone to use with T-mobile, but you CANNOT unlock a verizon device to use with sprint. Plus ATT will most likely own T-mobile in the next 12 months, so they will get the phone in due time. With Sprint, Apple can truly put a strangle hold on the market and have a presence on all major carriers.

I'm more concerned about storage capacity. The iPhone 4 didn't offer any more capacity than the 3GS, so I'm hoping for a bump up to 64GB, or more.

I have sprint for 10 years, I liked their service but I don't like not being able to talk and surf at the same time. With headsets I do it a lot. Would be nice if it had a 4g radio, Verizon has blazing 4g speeds in Detroit.

Because talk and surf at the same time using Wi-Fi and 4G is hard for you? People don't know that having your phone on WiFi is less battery consumed than leaving it on 3G. My phones are always over WiFi, and I've enjoyed talking and surfing with my Sprint devices. It's not going to matter since SVDO will be included in their devices going forward.
Having said that, I hope Sprint and T-Mobile carries the device soon. It would be a major move, business wise.

iPhone 5 could be the same exact thing as iPhone 4 but with an LED notification light on the front and it would be enough for me to upgrade. The camera is great as it stands. Not that a better sensor would bother me.

I'd love for it to be on Sprint.
However, it'd only make my decision harder when I go to buy a new phone later. Windows Phone 7 Mango hardware, a new webOS phone, or an iPhone?

Adding T-Mobile as a carrier would be "kind of" redundant with the AT&T deal. I have Verizon, so it doesn't matter much to me.
Any word on whether it's 4G ready??

If they increase the MP to 8 I hope they will offer the option to continue to shoot at 5 MP. I don't want to use all my storage space saving 3'x4' photos when I will never print that large a photo. HD video/photos is less than 5MP so for screen viewing 5 MP is overkill. I would rather see improvements to quality than to Photo size. MP is just a photo size rating, why do people think they need such large photos. All they do is reduce them down so they can see them anyway. Even to print a 8x10 you have to reduce the photo size down to about 3 MP. The only advantage of high MP photos is for cropping small portions and still having a good photo size.

actually that's not quite accurate. More megapixels gives the deboising algorithm more to work with. You're mostly right that most manufacturers don't use the right lens to take advantage of the larger sensor so the increase in MP is just for marketing.

If the only change is the updated processor, looks like I'll be holding onto my iPhone 4 for another year. Not worth the update. I really hope that's not the case though, and that they come out with a true iPhone 5. Not a iPhone 4S.

So you should be ok if Apple makes sensor & lens improvements and decreases to 3 MP, right? After all, Canon made a move like that on the G11. They made improvements to the lens and sensor, but dropped MP.

Apple need to blow me out the water with the new iPhone. Although iOS 5 is a decent update it's in no way magical and does seem to borrow alot of functionality from other OS'. I have always had trouble staying content with my phones and although I have stayed with iPhone longer than I have with others I am really starting to feel the itch and fancy trying something new. I would like an increase in mp count as part of my new phone partly because I like to zoom in on pics and crop but mostly just for the gloating rights. Alot of people on here are attacking others for saying they want increased mp and stating that it is completely pointless and unnecessary. I dont see the issue I like to compare my devices to those of my friends and prefer not to have to explain to my less "techie" how sensor and lens etc are more important. And besides I think a large part of the iPhones initial success was probably down to people buying the device simply to show off.
Anyway I just meant to say that apple I will be a sad person if u launch a mediocre new handset with average(in terms of new features) new OS.

kinda disappointed there isn't any real changes being made. I guess I couldn't expect them to do so for an incremental hardware upgrade. I wonder if they are taking so long because of the OS or because they're testing a different design.

Ugh... Apple always a step behind current technology... Since I can't tell much of a diff between 5 n 8 mp let alone 1vs 2 cores I'll pass n go for an iPad instead later on.
I lie 2 cores shows obvious improvement in a phone.
Well see.. I just don't get why they're not slowing production of iphone4...

It seems likely that Apple would expand to a third carrier in the US for the iPhone 5's release in order to eliminate one of the factors that - seemingly - inhibits iPhone sales. Furthermore, if Verizon sales have been less than stellar (as some reports seem to indicate), it would make sense for Apple to aim for a third carrier.

Phew...I had to upgrade to an iPhone4 last month, and was bummed about being so close to a new release with a better camera. If it's got the same camera, that's the only thing I wanted - so I don't feel so bad about upgrading early.

AT&T is holding me hostage to my iPhone 4 until Christmas or pay an extra $200 to upgrade before then. So i'm resigned to passing on this model and waiting for the bigger shift to 4LTE in next years edition.