Mac OS X Lion will boot to Safari-only mode, should iPhone and iPad?

Mac OS X Lion will boot to Safari-only mode, should iPhone and iPad?

It sounds like the latest developer preview for Mac OS X Lion will allow you to reboot into a Safari only mode (similar to how a Google ChromeBook is perpetually in Chrome-only mode), as part of the upcoming Find my Mac feature. Should iPad have that option? iPhone and iPod touch?

It would be handy if you wanted to give someone easy access to the web but didn't want them nosing around in your pictures, iMessages, email, and other personal information. It might also be good for educational, business, or even kiosk settings where web access is enough and apps might be too much.



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Mac OS X Lion will boot to Safari-only mode, should iPhone and iPad?


Wouldn't it be easier just to let them use a guest account? Is it really worth a reboot to loose your place in what you are doing?

You do know that one of the features in Lion is that it saves your place in any application at the time of the reboot, as if you didn't have to reboot at all, right?

and no the iPad and iPhone shouldn't to this. Reboot my phone just so my friend can you Safari how about they dont use my Phone at all.

No. I wouldn't give them any access to my iPad let alone web access.
Who doesn't have the web at their finger tips these days? Oh, but your PC is 10 foot away from the sofa you're sat on? Get off your fat arse and walk over to it.

There are still a lot of people across the u.s that don't even own a computer.having this feature would be a great way tool for many things. Why dont you share the great tool your iPad is instead of being an obnoxious jerk that nobody likes

My phone has some very personal stuff in it, only a couple of my friends can look through it freely. A guest mode would be nice for the others and family members.

I don't get the whole Safari-only mode. It makes no sense. I already have a guest account, and there they can play Angry Birds too.
I would like a guest account for my phone or tablet, though. I don't let ANYBODY touch my phone. There's no way they're going through my contacts, email, etc. On that, I think having multiple user accounts on my phone or tablet would be good.