iOS 5 features: Info popups in Music

iOS 5 features: Info popups in Music

iOS 5's new Music app -- that's right, on iPhone is dead, long live Music and Video apps like iPad! -- has a nice new info popup feature that makes it much easier to make sure you pick just exactly the track you want to play.

On previous versions of iOS, long names were cut off. That meant, for example, if you wanted to find one of a dozen or more chapters in an audio book, it was a guessing game. (Tap. No, not 9-16. Tap. No, not 20-22. Where's 25, dagnabit!) Now you just tap and hold and the full information pops up, making it easy to pick the right one.

It works for most fields, track name, artist name, album name, etc. Again, a small addition but a helpful one.

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Reader comments

iOS 5 features: Info popups in Music


No, not long live the two DIFFERENT apps. I'm hoping that Apple changes it back before the beta becomes GA.

Hopefully this will work in iTunes app as well. Annoying when downloading podcasts on iPhone and can't see more than the first couple words of the title.

What do you mean resize the boxes? I'm referring to the iTunes store on the iPhone. When looking at a list episodes under a podcast all I can see is the first couple words of the title. If they don't put the episode number at the very beginning then it's sometimes hard to tell which one I want.
Am I missin something simple here to get around this?

The division of the iPod app into seperate music and video apps makes sense. The part that does not make sense is that the iTunes app wasn't integrated into the music app.

What I mean is that both the iTunes and music app deal with sound output (music, podcasts, lectures, etc), as such there could just be one app to handle audio. It can be named iTunes. But there is no real need to have a seperate music app, that would most likely not just hold music, but also other forms of audio.
Take a look at GameCenter, you can now purchase games from GameCenter in addition to launching games to be played directly from GameCenter.

I like the 2 different apps idea, except that the music icon is REALLY ugly. They should replace it with the iPod icon.

Considering that you use iTunes on your comp for both music and video, how is this a good idea? Making two apps that used to be handled as one is backpedalling...

The iPod Classic is being phased out. The new touch iPods have replaced it. Therefore, the word "iPod" no longer just means music and video. It means Music, Video, Email, Maps, Contacts, Calendar, Weather, etc.
So, if we have an "iPod" app on our devices, should that app also contain Music, Video, Email, Maps, Contacts, Calendar, Weather, etc?
Although, I also prefer the iPod app, it'll soon make no sense.

Wrong. An iPod TOUCH (not "touch iPod) is a glorified iPod.
A normal iPod is still one that plays music. iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, et cetera.

Here's to hoping they improved the podcast portion of the music app. Or does it fall into the music app if it's just talk? Seems like that's a tiny overlooked thing... iTunes content that wasn't apps was in the iTunes app. Now music is in music and movies in movies. But what about podcasts? Audiobooks? They aren't music, but Audiobooks appear to be in music. These are small HCI elements that need to be considered. I know some people don't like the app splitting up but if it helps development to enhance different portions of each app I'll allow it :)

I am really looking forward to this as I came from a long of blackberries and they had this feature...very handy!

Why hasn't info scrolling been utilized yet? This damn "pop-up" window is going to be just as fustrating as the "..." when the info is too long. Dahwell.

Booo I already miss the iPod app. It just made sense, having 'Music' and 'Videos' is just ridiculous. Why are we going backwards here?

The App will surely be missed....
Instead here's this
Combine Music, Photo And Video Apps into 1 App