Poll: Would you buy an Apple television?

Would you buy an Apple television? DailyTech is resurrecting that old rumor again this week with a claim that a former Apple exec spilled the beans on the project:

Apple plans to "blow Netflix and all those other guys away" by bundling Apple TV + iTunes inside physical television sets. According to the source Apple is teaming up with a major supplier (our guess would be Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (SEO:005930)), to provide the physical televisions, which will be rebranded as Apple television sets.

They're also claiming a fall launch date to coincide with iPhone 5 and potentially iPad 3, and alongside the usual new iPods and probably an Apple TV with an A5 processor.

The last time rumors of an Apple television hit their peak, we got a 27-inch iMac, so who knows what Apple is really brewing up in the Cupertino labs. A 32-inch iMac? Anything is possible so we'll go back to the question at the top of the post -- if Apple ever did release a television set, would you buy it? Or are you happy with the $100 Apple TV option?

Vote in the poll and tell us how you really feel in the comments below!


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Poll: Would you buy an Apple television?


It seems like Apple will be announcing a Smörgåsbord of devices.
It's best to start fasting now.

Way too expensive and I don't watch enough TV in the traditional way to justify the price. I'm sure it would be amazing though. But I'd rather just have a $100 box. I know I'm probably in the minority but I do just about all my TV watching on my iMac, iPad, or iPhone. I could live without the actual TV. Hulu Plus and Netflix has me covered. I'll get an Apple TV, the $99 box, as soon as Hulu Plus is integrated into it.

I doubt it, my Xbox and WMC already blow away anything they can offer me. My TV is 2 years old, I don't replace TVs like I do everything else. I wait until they die, which an LCD has yet to ever do on me.

I have my machine hooked up to my main TV. The TV itself has NetFlix. I can rent right from Itunes. Just dont see the appeal yet.

Apple w/a Tv ... Hm. I think I would personally pass. Apple would probably try to limit the hardware/software in some way.

It would be cool... But if the tv is too expensive then no one would buy it. You would also need to keep the separate unit because one would have to be insane to buy a brand new tv just for the apple tv feature. It would have to be "It's been a few year and I am ready to buy a new tv. Should I get the apple one?"

I'd rather just add the Apple TV onto a tv than have it integrated with the tv, which will then be out of date in 2-3 years time, and people don't upgrade tv's as often as iPhones and iPods.

I totally agree here. I don't want to have the same problem with my iPhone as I do with my television. However I brought an iMac in 2008 and I don't see my self upgrading for any reason at all in the near future.

Apple's lack of broad support for the various video codec's makes an Apple TV, or Apple TV, a was of money for me. I want to be able to play videos from all of my sources.

Remember when Steve said they had discovered that people didn't just want a computer hooked up as their tv? Well, I had to disagree. I use a 13'' MacBook Pro for school, and hook it up to my tv when I get home. So it is really like I already have a MacBook Pro, an iMac (though with 42 glorious inches), an Apple TV (I would like the iPad mirroring though), and if they came out with a new product, chances are I have already filled the niche.
So the short answer... Probably not.

Agree with the whole "computer to the TV part" I'm still kind of bummed that Windows Media Center never took off. People want more then just streaming and TV show rentals.

Hell no to And apple television as it is I've had to replace my apple tv twice in eight months sorry not dragging a 46 inch tv to apple everytime their software locks up the device.

Thats why you go online and look for solutions from actual users, because we all know how well the "genius" know things.

Those are simple consumer devices. We're talking about a full-blown television to be used in a public area of the house. They won't have a $499 TV and iPhone.
Their higher-end devices [laptops, desktops, monitors] are more expensive.

I will be buying one along with the following: An Apple SUV, an Apple Double-Oven, an Apple Dishwasher, and, best of all, an Apple Mini Mansion.

Yet another BS rumor. The part that put me over the edge was the announcement/release of 4 other products, AT THE SAME TIME!! Apple is extremely ballsy, granted, but for the source to say Apple is going to DEBUT first-gen hardware (especially that which would be VERY expensive) along with the AppleTV, iPhone 5, iPod touch 5, AND iPad 3 just screams bogus to me.

I think these rumors are BS....no fat margins in TVs, plus ask your readers here how many have the 27" cinema display or a generic 24" or 28" LCD from tiger direct for $250.

Their TVs would be really expensive. They had 30 inch displays for like 700+ , I brought a 32inch HDTV @ 250 on black friday , usually in the 300-350 range