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Google+ is the search giant's take on a social network, and while it will get its own iOS app eventually, it's already got it's own world-class web app (would you really expect anything else from the company that's defined the modern web?). Here's a quick look at it, primarily the profile, circles, and friends elements.

Rene Ritchie

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Dantv says:

Oh yeah, got to go tell my 200+ Facebook friends to switch to Google+ so that I can communicate with them cause now Google wants to be Facebook too. Google is so lame!

Me says:

Oh yeah, got to go tell my 200+ penpal correspondents to go get an email address that I can communicate with them cause now this new 'internet' fad wants to be the new postal service.
Computers are so lame. They'll never catch on.
Just because people get used to doing something one way, as my old teacher used to say, 'there's always room for improvement'.

Sushil says:

i agree with the printing the apps are vary iednrict and you shouldn't have to pay $10 more for an app that should be included and I think apple toyed with facetime for ipad but it probably crashed to much or something and didn't run it they could have gotten it right but apple didn't have time because they wanted to get the ipad on the market before other companies got their tablets out. over all apple could have ran facetime for ipad but it would be laggy and glichy, not apple.

Applesucks says:

so why you give me 2 dollars to suck my hairy balls? U R SO LAME!

dloveprod says:

If only I knew someone that could send me an invite.

Soopa says:

A fly near my ear right? lolz...

Loz says:

The invite-only thing will kill this before it even gets off the ground just like Wave. Why would you launch something and prevent the early adopters from trying it out and recommending it?

Applesucks says:


Applesucks says:


Javed Asghar says:

invitations are out now! i can invite 100 people easy! a lot of my friends are using it! if you used BUZZ you get automatically invited! for others your friends who used buzz can invite 100 people each!

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Jason says:

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Nevinha says:

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