Apps for Less: Raging Thunder and BeejiveIM

Well here are two apps to pick up just in time for the holidays. Raging Thunder and BeejiveIM have just dropped in price! [iTunes links]

Raging Thunder is a game you've probably heard of before here at TiPb. It dropped in price back in October and once again it has dropped ever further to a deal you should not pass up, $1.99 for a winter blow out sale!

Ok, this next app really needs no introduction, BeejiveIM. From now until Saturday December 27th you can pick this great IM client up for $12.99, saving a few bucks off the regular priced app. The developers also tell us to pay attention to a large update (V2.0) with some changes and improvements coming soon!

Hopefully you will take advantage of these sales! We will continue to keep an eye out for some more sales for the holiday!

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Reader comments

Apps for Less: Raging Thunder and BeejiveIM


If you IM a lot but don't have $12.99 for BeejiveIM, give up food and gasoline for a day! :)

I second what Steve said.
BeejiveIM is without a doubt the best IM app.
Hopefully Facebook chat and file transfer is included in v2.0! I know file transfer will be... let's cross our fingers for Facebook chat!! :(

If you have mobileme or exchange this app is totally work it. You can configure it send you a push email when you get an im. It a good work around until apple final opens up push to third party apps.

I have to agree with dloveprod, why pay for an IM app when you can get Palringo for free? I did buy MC3 when that came out and that'll be the last IM client I ever pay for, completewasteofmoney_.
@ Josh Hofer - I read in the Palringo forum that Facebook chat is meant to be coming to it but I've no idea when.

@Jeff, I will email our contact from the developer. It was supposed to be reduced as of today. Strange. Will update here when I hear back from her.

From now until December 27? I just went onto iTunes and the Beejive IM app is still $15.99.

Hi, got an idea for a card game app. I'm going to have to pay some one to build it or design it or both!! The idea is sound enough, what I'd like to know is can a game use, wi-fi, Bluetooth, bump also face time?? Not all at the same time but in running and opperating the game, Just so I can tweak things if not!

Why dont you like if pple dont have money u can have this thing towere you get what you whant them down but if u can get a touch sreen phoune then u gog money