iPad 2 jailbreak to be officially released today?

After the recent leak of a beta version of the iPad 2 jailbreak, it looks like the official version may be getting released very soon -- maybe as soon as today. The jailbreakme.com site has been updated with a rather cheeky yellow sticky note with the well know phrase “We’ll be back soon”. (The sticky note is used by Apple when it has taken down its online store to update.)


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iPad 2 jailbreak to be officially released today?


So what if I'm up at 6:00am? Some people are just early birds. Anyways I am looking forward to the iPad 2 jailbreak. Hopefully we'll see the ability to have both iOS and another os at the same time....console emulators...with power under it's hood the iPad 2 jailbroken looks promising!

Great job if its the Ipad 2 JB, but is he puts the same logo as apple has and it takes him few days to announce whatever it is then its not right, apple only does it when they are ready to change their web page within maximum of two hours not days. either way i hope it comes out fast and its the iPad 2 JB, cant waittttt for it.