iPad 2 Plus coming later this year with a better display?

If FBR Capital Markets analyst Craig Berger is correct, in lieu of the much-rumored [http://www.imore.com/tag/ipad-3) we may see another iteration of the iPad 2 this year, complete with a beefed up display. According to Berger, Apple is currently shopping around for quotes from manufacturers in China. The current iPad 2 sports 132 pixels per inch. The iPad 2 Plus will supposedly increase the pixel density to around 250 to 300 pixels per inch. (Though, as we've said repeatedly, Apple will have to pixel-double it exactly, the same way they did with iPhone 4, if they don't want to cause headaches for developers.)

Considering new iPhone hardware hasn't even been announced yet, and we'll almost certainly see a new iPhone iteration before the end of the year, it'd be surprising to see another new iPad this soon after iPad 2. Apple knows how consumers work and upgrading a $500+ device more than once a year isn't really going to fly for most average consumers. Since TiPb -- and others -- keep hearing about it, however, one possibility is that this new iPad isn't designed to get existing customers to upgrade, but to get a whole new set of customers buying iPads for the first time. The question then becomes, what changes do they make to do that?

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Harold Haynes says:

Retina display on a new iPad this year would get me to upgrade. I'd sell my iPad 2 on craigslist in a heartbeat.

Theguy says:

I hate Apple. Just got a iPad 2. We should get discounted upgrades or something.

Carioca says:

FBR Capital Markets analyst? You guys never get tired of those rumors from investment banks eh?

Sdart23 says:

A 7 inch ipad could be cheaper, open the market to people who want something more managable and it would have a tighter ppi...
Just saying...

Gregz0r says:

An iPad 3 this fall makes zero sense. Just because Gruber says it could happen, doesn't mean it will.

iPhone Blog says:

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