Phil Schiller. Kicking @$$. On Autotune. [Fun video]

Phil Schiller. Kicking @$$. On Autotune.

Ever wished you could hear Apple SVP, Phil Schiller on the WWDC 2011 stage, quoting All Things Digital's John Paczkowski saying "the Mac is kicking @$$"... run through autotune?

Us neither.

Then we watched it.

Check out the video after the break.

[YouTube via AllThingsD]

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Phil Schiller. Kicking @$$. On Autotune. [Fun video]


Can't stand that slutt. Shes like 13 and driving with no seatbelts and going to striper clubs, No wonder why everyone hates her

Why don't you leave this blog if you don't have anything constructive to say. All you do is insult people. Get your panties out of a wad. Not everybody is going to have the same opinion.

What are you? a 13 year old girl? I'm talking about what Pat was mentioning "Rebecca Black". Perhaps if you learned to read you'll understand what people are saying.

Wow. you're way to sensitive. Do you work for the post office? You need to get out more, sweetie. Find yourself a boyfriend or something.

Yep, if they're lucky they might even break 5% of worldwide PC's one day :P (Too expensive to ever go mainstream, though)

Users are starting to realize that buying tons of cheap products is more expensive then buying 1 product to last you several years. I was spending about $2,500 on laptops for my wife and I every 2 years. Mostly HP product that required some extended warranty. Our biggest issue was plastic panels popping off the laptops. I know Apple hardware is just a capable of failing (on my 3rd refurbished iPad) but the overall experience with Apple is like how our grandparents went to the same dealership for cars all those years. Pay a little more get a little more.
If I can get 3 or 4 years out of our new Macs then the little extra now is well worth the money spent. The best thing about this economy going to crap is that most people now remember the value of a dollar.

Phil, I wish I could share your dream that people "know the value of a dollar" today, but I'm afraid that's just a pipe dream. It's a good one to have, though.
But with that said, frankly I'd have to say that if you were spending $2,500 every other year to replace your and your wife's laptops, you don't take very good care of your gear. In addition to my Macbook Pro (October 2010), which is a decent, if underpowered and overpriced unit, I've also got an Acer 9" Netbook I use for performing network scans and diagnostics, which I bought 3 years ago and has been problem free (and that's just a cheap little $199 Acer, heh! :P). I've owned a number of brands of laptops over the years--Compaq, HP, Dell--and not once have I had issues of "plastic panels popping off," nor have I ever had one unilaterally die on me.
I've had a hard drive fail, but that's going to happen regardless of the brand you buy (note that aside from the motherboard and the case, Apple designs exactly nothing in their PC's--it's all stock PC parts. My MBP has CPU by Intel, GPU by nVidia (which OSX can't even use to its potential thanks to the lack of DirectX), hard drive by Hitachi, DVD Drive by Toshiba, Wireless by Broadcom, etc), and although it comes in a fancy case and runs pretty well (better under Win7 in Bootcamp, though), it's not going to last any longer than any other laptop I've owned or currently own (nearly forgot: I also own a late 2010 Gateway 11.6" laptop, though I don't use it much). Of course, perhaps it's simply because I've worked as a systems engineer for 15 years I actually understand the value of taking care of my equipment. Either way, let's be clear: Apple's computers will last no longer than an inexpensive computer as long as you don't abuse it :).
Anyway, the real point remains the same: there is no chance whatsoever that Apple's computers will ever become the dominant players in the world, simply because they are, in fact, too expensive, and most people can't afford them. Too, they'll never succeed in the Enterprise simply because they lack too many capabilities that Windows offers out of the box for integrating with a managed infrastructure. That's OK though--there's plenty of room for both to coexist :)

Wow, I would really love my mac to have all the virus's that PC has and I could save money too. Oh wait I will have to spend it on tech support everytime it crashes.

Oh gawd, again with the Apple bashing. Apple is at over 10% market share in the U.S. Prices have come down. Mac's keep getting upgrades and prices are left where they are or dropped. We'll see a rinse and repeat this or next week when the Air refreshes.
Speaking of pricing, the last two Windows versions were $200 upgrades while OS X 10.6 and 10.7 topped out at $29. Yea, I know there's a Home Edition you could buy for less but then half the shite is disabled and blahblahblah...(now be grateful that I even responded at all to your false statistics and excessive trolling)

Eeeyyyy, there's my main man Phil Schiller. Now, folks, it is HE who is kicking ass. If I were gay, I'd want Phil (and his stock options) at my side. How can you not fall in love with that cute smile and deep blue eyes? He is like a teddy bear waiting to be wrestled out in the jacuzzi. It was so brutal and adorable at the same time to watch the way he was nervous at WWDC. He was hyper and rushed through a few items a little too fast. He even started sweating a bit or is that my playful imagination at work? Anyway, that was hot. WAIT, I mean, IF I were gay, that is. (whew...glad I got that mentioned away...) har har