Manage personal and business finances with Money iQ for iPhone

Sperasoft has updated their finance manager for iPhone, Money iQ, with improvements and new currencies.

Highly intelligent application packed with innovative features that make managing personal or business finances effortless. Money iQ offers multiple accounts management, smart budgeting, instant currency conversion, statistical reporting, balance view for assets, liabilities and net worth, transactions scheduling, records e-mailing and much more.

  • Multiple accounts management from a single screen.
  • Instant balance screen statistics.
  • Record transactions on a fly.
  • Recurring transactions to manage your bills.
  • Generate reports, filter your data, export and e-mail your reports.
  • Instant currency conversion for any transaction.
  • E-mail account or transaction details.
  • Create income and expenses categories.
  • Add map locations, notes or images to any transaction.
  • Smart budgeting with graphic alerts.
  • Backup and restore all your data within moments.
  • Track monthly expense tendencies with graphic charts.
  • Quick search: find any record within moments.
  • Localizations: English, Russian.

Money iQ is available for $4.99. Screenshots after the break.

[iTunes link]

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Reader comments

Manage personal and business finances with Money iQ for iPhone


I thank you for the developed program, really, a capacious and high-grade product.
But there is one essential lack: in your program it is impossible to include the same account (if I am not right, correct me please) in different groups. This property is claimed at the much structural account, for example, if any organization has some business, each of which can have on some sections which in turn consist of several accounts. Thus to receive clearness on each of the accounts, each section, each business and as a whole an overall picture very much this function would be useful. This very significant quality in accounting if you make this change, to you I will be very grateful.
Yours faithfully, Andrey