Poll: How would you feel if Apple released a second new iPad this year?

Can you not wait for Apple to release a second, Retina Display equipped iPad 3 (or iPad 2 HD/Pro/Plus) this year, or does the mere thought of it fill you with unbridled geek rage? The rumors keep getting stronger, and TiPb and many others have heard that Apple is seriously considering adding a new iPad to the already chock-a-block fall lineup.

If you just paid $500-$900 for an iPad 2, it's understandable that that would set you off. You wanted top of the line for 2011 and you expected your investment to be top of the line until at least next spring. How could Apple try and obsolete your beautiful new iPad 2 just 6 months out of the gate?

Some of you might look at your iPad 2 and really be annoyed by the lack of Retina Display, and want Apple to address that asap, damn the costs. Or maybe you skipped iPad 2 because it wasn't a big enough bump and have been waiting to go Retina for a while already, and the sooner the better. Hey, maybe you haven't even gotten on the iPad train yet and this is the model you've been holding out for, and now is not a problem.

Apple has already sold over 20 million plus iPads and while that's a good chunk of potential upgrades, they likely have their eyes set on a much bigger prize -- the over 100 million iPhone uses who don't have iPads yet, and beyond them, the hundreds of millions of consumers who don't have any iOS devices at all yet.

Apple has us, understands we'll upgrade when and if we can, but it wants them. Would a more expensive iPad be the way to increase their already market leading share of the tablet market? Maybe a little. The bigger share will be, of course, at the lower end of the market -- a place Apple has eschewed in the past for everything but iPods. But an iPad Pro to fit the MacBook Pro square in the product matrix is interesting... if the standard iPad 2 gets a price drop to better address the lower end at the same time...

Either way, how do you feel about Apple potentially releasing a second iPad this year?

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Poll: How would you feel if Apple released a second new iPad this year?


Would be so annoyed.. especially after I spent time saving for 2 iPad2's because I wanted a camera. If they now do a HD version so soon I won't be happy!!

I bought and iPad 2 the day it come out and have enjoyed the heck out of it. If it is "merely" and upgrade in display to retina I'm not sure that would be nearly enough to go buy a new one.

I bought iPad 2 the day it came out. If this is just an iPad 2 with a retina display, and they add another couple hundred to the price of each model, then I won't care. If it has retina display plus other upgrades (more of an iPad 3) then yeah I'll be pretty annoyed that iPad 2 only lasted six months.

I would be a little outraged. Like others, I just bought an iPad 2 a little over a week ago and will not be a happy camper if a new iPad comes out a measly few months later. Although, if it's an iPad 2 HD/Pro with just an upgrade in display, I think I will get over it quickly. If it happens to be an iPad 3 with a complete upgrade, I will be pissed!

I'd be a bit miffed, although I can't see it happening.
The rivals haven't even reached, let alone raised the bar with their creations thus far, so I would've thought that Apple would be best served by keeping their powder dry, until next May.

I would be happy IF that meant they dropped the price of the current iPad. I know that's usually procedure, but I wondered if maybe they would leave the current iPad at its price point and just charge more for the new one because of its "HD" or "Pro" status. I want an iPad, and was actually trying to find an original to buy. So I would wait and buy the iPad 2 this fall if the price dropped. I don't need a pro version, so that option would be a great chance for me to get the 2.

I say be grown up about your purchases and don't buy every darn version of a product that comes out. I still use the iPad1. Would I like the the iPad2 but guess what? ... I don't "really" need one as my iPhone4 handles facetime fine. Now when IOS5 comes out, that may be a game changer. Use bit of restraint people! If the iPad3 comes out, then great. Bury the competitors!

Technology changes every 3-6 months. Just because they released new versions every year previously, doesn't mean that's the way they would always continue to do it. They have to keep up with the competition, which has gotten much more fierce in the untapped Tablet market. Some of the new offerings in the Tablet market are very valid contenders. Apple didn't get to where they are by sitting on thier hands, just to make thier zealots happy. They released under a timing that worked for them, given the market conditions and thier product cycle. The tablet arena is a whole different animal.
As well, they realize they have a lot of people following like blind lemmings. Why not let them capitalize on it? I bought an iPad 2. I'm happy with it. I may look at the Ipad2+, but I'd have a hard time justifying the purchasing after spending the money on buying my 64GB 3G a few months ago. Difference is, some people have the patience to wait, others don't. If you happen to be one that doesn't, then I don't understand how you can be mad at Apple. That's your problem. Be happy with your purchase, and upgrade when it makes sense for you. Not just because Apple releases a new version just to have it. Apple isn't in the market to make you happy (Heck - Jobs' comment on "hold it differently" proved that last year). They are in the market to make money. End of story.

Well said. You hit the nail right on the head! People who were or are annoyed that their iPad 2 doesn't have a Retina Display shouldn't have bought one.

I will be shocked if they come out with another one. It just really doesn't sound like something apple would do. I bought an iPad 2 two weeks after it came out so I will be a little annoyed if they come out with another one already. I dont think there is a reason to put another one out already

If they market it as a premium iPad 2 (identical but better screen and maybe more RAM) and price it significantly higher (unavoidable, 10" Retina will come at a price) I don't think anyone can feel annoyed. If they introduce something better than the iPad 2 at the same price point, a lot of people have the right to be annoyed, but doubt that will happen.

I just bought my iPad 2, a product that is less then six months old, a few weeks ago so no, I don't want another iPad this year. I know these mobile devices have absurdly short lifespans, but this is just insane.

You know is so dumb that a multi billion dollar company wants to try to get more money out of people. They should of just done it right the first time.

Really? Buy back option will probably give you 20% of your purchase 6 months after you paid full amount for the same thing. Cool, eh?

Actually it's 50% of the retail cost for the first 6 months. Drops 10 percent every 6 months after that.

I have an iPad 1. A higher resolution iPad 2 "pro" (or whatever) would be appealing. On the other hand, I am tempted to wait until 2012 for personal upgrades to both iPhone and iPad. I am interested in LTE but doubt Apple will have an LTE mobile device until 2012. In the meantime, iPad 1 and iPhone 4 are plenty functional.

The iPad 2 meets my needs, so I see no reason to worry about a new one now. I don't need the latest and greatest. That game is too expensive.

Why is their loss?? It's not like they wont be able to sell it somewhere else, I'm pretty sure i can get more for my iphone 4 at ebay than Best Buy..

I have never once looked at my iPad or my iPad2 screen and thought, "if only the resolution were better, then I'd be happy." The screen is beautiful and games and movies look great, and this from someone with formal University training in photography. Apple will have to do something better than fixing a non-problem to get me interested in an upgrade.
Here is another consideration: if Apple releases a "pro" iPad, it will likely push down prices on the "mainstream" line. Good thing.

If you own an iphone4 that you look at all day, then come home and look at your iPad you are disappointed at the screen. I didn't buy the iPad 2 just because of that. Can't wait for an iPad Pro.

I frequently look at my iPad (1) and think "if only the resolution were better, then I'd be happy." Like Dellers, that's why I didn't buy the iPad 2.

I would be a little annoyed. But I would not buy the 3. I'll just get a later model. I want a new iPhone already!!

You're right - they should have paid you MORE money so that they could sell it back to you for like half the price they could get from selling it privately.

I've only had my 2 for a short time, and I bought it AFTER the "better one is coming soon" rumors started. I'll admit it made me pause a bit, but the 2 had what I thought was lacking on the 1, and (except when you put an iPhone app in double size mode) the screen is gorgeous as is. I looked at how I will normally use the iPad, bet that the 10" retina screen model with real HD cameras and 64 GB will NOT be going for $699 (and that battery life will probably take a hit) and went ahead and bought now, rather than wait.
Next year I'll get the iPhone 6, and the year after I will pass my iPad 2 to my son and get an iPad 4 (October will bring an iPad 2+, not an "iPad 3"). The mind boggles as to what the feature sets on those babies will be. And yes, a few months later, the iPhone 7 and i Pad 5 rumors will start and I'll deal with it then too. A "better one" will ALWAYS be coming soon.

I couldn't care less. I just bought an iPad 2 this past weekend knowing that a fancier one is around the corner. I'm in love with this device and it should suffice for the next couple of years.

I am enjoying my ipad 2 but didn't enjoy what I had to do to get it ;-) I'll let the fury die down and decide on the next one. If it's a higher res screen and a higher price,I'll pass.

It's simple. IPad 1 owners will be delighted. IPad 2 owners will be really pissed off. I'm the latter :( but a new iPhone 5 might soften the blow :)

I think they would have included the high res screen on the iPad2 if they could have got the quantity and price they wanted. But, since neither the quantity or price was there they did what they could and released the iPad2 with the standard screen. Offering a premium screen version for a higher price is a good idea. It keeps them ahead of the competition. If they had released both at the same time I would have gone for the lower priced version anyway, some with greater resources will get the better screen. I would also like to see them offer more screen sizes of the iPad, there are lots of applications that bigger or smaller screens would be ideal.
I do wish they had included better cameras, I don't use my iPad2 for a camera often, but when I do I always wish it had the same camera as the iPhone4. I am sure this was a cost factor as well and I understand that. The other feature they could include in the PRO version is better cameras.

The higher resolution would only interest me if it meant that anti-aliasing was removed from the text fonts. That would be HUGE!! Otherwise, it's no big deal for me.

I definitely have an interest in the higher resolution. The iPad 2 really want not enough of an improvement over the original so I see no reason to upgrade. In fact, because even the second generation iPad still had the same limitations as the original I have gone to an Android tablet. It works for work! The iPad was great at home and ok for work but I needed more than merely ok. Maybe the next one will address more issues...

I waited for months to buy the IPAD2, I finally got tired of waiting for inventory to come in so I bought a xoom and love it. Why would I want a second version of IPAD to be promised and never in inventory?