GENWI releases iPad app publishing platform for content publishers

GENWI and iSites have recently released their iPad app creation services which cater specifically to the content and media publishing industry. If you need an on-the-fly solution for publishing content to an iPad application, this may be the solution for you. Advanced options also include the ability to customize your interface through HTML5 and CSS.

The big convenience for content publishers is that it allows you to make changes and add to your app in real time via their content management servers. Monthly fees will vary based on what native platforms you'd like and what feature set you need. Pricing points are as follows -

  • Basic - $99/month
  • Premium - $399/month
  • Professional - $499/month
  • Enterprise - Call for pricing

You will have to be enrolled in the Professional pricing scheme in order to create native iPad apps but the ability to update content in real time may make the cost worth it for publishers. iSites currently serves clients such as The Stanford Daily, Forbes, Cox Media, and many more.

It's also worth noting that this suite is specifically geared at content publishers and media industries. It isn't an all-in-one solution for creating advanced applications such as games. But if you need content published quickly and need the ability to create a good looking app on an easy to use platform, this is probably your best solution for the price. If any of you use this service, let us know what you think!


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Reader comments

GENWI releases iPad app publishing platform for content publishers


Genwi is fine for companies with huge budgets that don't mind throwing their money away. For the rest of the world, Majoobi offers the same features as Genwi's "professional pricing scheme" (great way to phrase it, by the way) for less than $150 per month AND the app you create is compatible with iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

It sounds like a cool idea but I can't find any iPad apps. That picture looks like The Weekender but that is only an iPhone app. I'll check out Majoobi. The price sounds better anyway.