FX Photo Studio for iPhone brings Masking Studio [giveaway]

MacPhun has updated their iPhone photo editing apps, FX Photo Studio, with a new Masking Studio. This allows the user to apply a filter to only part of an image.

Masking tool allows applying effects on a particular part of the image. With a selection of 194 effects, which can be customized and mixed, masking tools gives close to unlimited creative possibilities when it comes to image processing on your iDevice. Masking studio lets users choose a brush type and supports maximum iPhone 4 image resolution.

Here are all of the update details:

  • Masking Studio: apply effects to any part of the image
  • 7 new effects, including 3-D filter
  • Performance improvements - with some filters 2X faster processing
  • Improved editing tools: gamma, saturation, hues, etc
  • Improved in-app camera
  • Possibility to import images from Facebook
  • Instagram sharing
  • Centering for Tilt Shift, Radial Blur effects
  • Printing
  • Square crop option
  • Enhanced user interface
  • Restore in-app purchases from inside the app

The Masking Studio is such a great feature! I've never been much of a fan of drastic filters because although they make part of the picture look great, they commonly ruin (in my opinion) another part of the photo (like skin). I'm looking forward to seeing the type of images I can get out of FX Photo Studio with masking.

The good folks at MacPhun have given us a couple promo codes to give away to you! For a chance to win, let us know how many photos are in your camera roll!

FX Photo Studio is available on the iPhone for $1.99. Screenshots and video after the break.

[iTunes link]

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Julio12 says:

ive got 323 total picture on my iphone 4. Thanks TiPb!!!

bigdaddyshane says:

i have 4 photos on my iPhone [i got it 5 days ago]

Lmoises says:

I got 604 pic on my iPhone 4

Cuilo says:

I have 231 photos on my camera roll

Williamsyee says:

About 700+ photos in my camera roll! :)

Anthony Roderman says:

92 at the moment. A few hundred more on my harddrive.

graphiccraze4 says:

Currently have 402 in my camera roll.

Corey says:

226 as of this morning!

JGR627 says:

457 hook me up with that promo could def use this

Maxib says:

1674! I Love My 32GB iPhone 4! ALL PHOTOS! :D

Besibes says:

I have 276 photos in my camera roll.
My friend has bought FX Photo Studio and i can say it has some beautifull photo effects.

Park says:

I have 366 in my cameral roll.

RenderMan420 says:

1323 on an 8gb iphone 3g ..

J N says:

If I get more than 50 snaps I move them to bigger longer term storage, but I always have a few hundred at my finger tips.

Edwin V. says:

Currently have 163 photos.

Mikedshaffer says:

I have 357 in there, but they're all backed up in iPhoto :-)

celebrate says:

I have 342 pictures in my phone.

SmoothWitIt22 says:

I have 1,764 pics in my camera roll.

jyoung says:

129 photos now. Thanks for a nice giveaway opportunity

Kale58 says:

Camera Roll : 99 pictures

Pacripalda says:

i have 13 photos in my camera roll! could have more if i had fx studio...

Sketso says:

I just went through and backed up and/or erased about half of them just last week... down to 507 currently, and would LOVE to mess with a few using the FX Photo Studio app!

Maggard says:

2,562 Photos in my Camera Roll!
Don't judge me.

Thad Judkins says:

Looking at a lean 575! I go on purges every month or 2 to keep it reasonable. I was really excited for finally being able to organized photos in iOS 5 until it just turned out that it sym linked things but they all stayed on the roll. Oh well, guess this will just motivate me to keep my photo roll organized.

Bluecanary says:

Well, I just got my iPhone, but on my iPod touch I have 2,047 photos.

Nicholas Giannantonio says:

just got my iPhone 3 weeks ago and I already have 1332 photos...boom!

pnut78 says:

327 on the phone, over 2000 transferred to the desktop to conserve disk space. Newborn pics. You know how that goes

St3sean18 says:

Wow guys I have one photo on my iPhone and I didn't even take it the phone I saved it from the net.

jcb18 says:

Camera Roll - 432 pictures

glasscamera says:

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