Facebook for iPad found hidden in the latest iPhone app update?

Facebook for iPad has been uncovered in the recently updated Facebook for iPhone. A twitter user discovered a hack to make it visible -- editing a file on your iPad to change the UIDeviceFamily ID in the apps plist file to get the iPad interface up and running app, but you do need to have a jailbroken iPad to be able to do this.

It is not just the iPhone version blown up to fill the iPad’s screen either. This is a totally different interface with slide out navigation menus and a separate chat menu too. Techcrunch has spoken with one of its sources who claim that this is the actual Facebook app for iPad and it will be officially launched soon.

I have tested the app with my iPad and it does seem to work very well. It looks and feels totally different to the iPhone version of the app and navigation is very well done. I also tested uploading photographs and it is seamless and offers access to your photo library as well as the camera on the iPad 2. It does have a few little rough edges that will need to be ironed out bu Facebook for iPhone is hardly the greatest app in the world either!

It will be interesting to see if Facebook expedite the launch of its iPad app now that this has leaked out!

[@AeroEchelon via Techcrunch]



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Robert Male says:

Anyway to get this non jailbroken ?

DataCentre says:

That doesn't work. You have to buy the explorer program in order to access the system files. $15...no way!

Flo says:

Walkthrough to enable the iPad interface WITHOUT jailbreak can be found here: http://schimanke.com/archives/2402-How-to-activate-Facebook-for-iPad.html

thetechblogdaily says:

can't wait to get this when its officially released

kch50428 says:

Does not work on an iPad1 in case anyone is curious. Tried. #fail

Damion Denault says:

respring your ipad, it didn't work for me at first, then i did a respring it works great!

kch50428 says:

My iPad is not jailbroken... I'll give it one more shot.
Edit to add: No good - FB logo splashes as it crashes. Might play more.

rckstar86 says:

All I did was update it on my iPad and it was in the iPad version. No need to change anything in the plist.

Icheckmyemail says:

The walk through to do this on an unjailbroken iPad2 is perfect and works fine. I have it on my iPad2 now and I can only see myself on fb more now great. Thanks for the help.

Makeme1witheverything says:

It seems our friends at facebook have shut down access from cracked versions of their app. Nice, facebook.

Fayyaz Minhas says:

iPad users ware looking forward for this App in all parts of the world. After looking in to its pictures one can say that this application is all set to go live. Facebook has not put any light on the subject yet. Techowiz.com had announced last month about the arrival of iPad App for Facebook. See complete images of various features of the application on http://www.techowiz.com/2011/07/25/facebook-app-for-ipad-found-within-ip...

The pSYION says:

That is rather funny! I wish i had not updated to the Beta now... Its buggy as it is and i don't wanna try and jailbreak it yet.. Guess i will just have to wait! Thanks for sharing! :)