Rumoured iPhone 5 cases show no home button, flipped controls

Rumoured iPhone 5 cases show no home button, flipped controls, huge grains of salt

Either every single outlandish rumour surrounding Apple's upcoming [iPhone 5]( is real, or someone has been reading the blogs and sending around "case leaks" again. We'll bet on the latter until there's real physical proof of the former.

If you're into this sort of thing, though, MobileFun is claiming two sources on these cases, which show off a bigger screen, sound controls on the opposite side of the iPhone, and no home button, just a large gesture area.

Steve Jobs originally intended for the iPhone to be buttonless, but found he couldn’t quite get away with it. It looks like he’s some way closer to that goal with the iPhone 5; the physical home screen button has been replaced with a touch-sensitive ovaloid area which takes up the middle half of the bottom border. This area might be used for unique multi-touch gestures, given its increased size.

Again, take with the largest grain of salt you can ingest without crystallizing.


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Reader comments

Rumoured iPhone 5 cases show no home button, flipped controls


I wonder what the purpose of moving the sound controls to the opposite side is? It's natural for right-handers to hold the phone in their left hand and use their thumb to adjust the volume.

The controls are not flipped, only the mute switch it seems. You can see in the back picture clearly it's on the same side a today (vol up/down). Further down on the left (if looking from the back) it appears to be a sim slot or maybe a SD card slot????

My thoughts exactly. The images match my 3GS. Made me have to go look at iPhone 4 images to see if the hardware had already been different!!

I'm hope they implement a back gesture like webOS, switching to iPhone from Pre when new iPhone comes out. Going all Apple, have an iPad 2, next iPhone's for me & the better half, then iMac for Christmas.

I've gone all Apple recently as well! Had my iphone 4 for a while, just got my iMac 2 weeks ago, and I am LOVING it. Next up, is the iPad. And definitely, a back gesture would be awesome.


Why does everyone miss that the home button is just at the top of the screenshot.
This is also just a drawing of a phone within the case. This is NOT any clue as to what the phone will look like.

Yep. It's just upside down in the picture. A little rushed to print on this one. Seems to be getting more and more common.

i think they're saying that the home button was replaced with a gesture area; where the home button once was. that's why if you flip the phone over so it's no longer upside down, the home button looks much larger than normal.

If you will be able to use the volume control to take photos it would make sense to have them on the same side as the camera lens so that its more point and shoot than when the lens is at the bottom like it currently is.

I really don't think it will use gestures. I mean, think about it, no case can use a material that would cover the home button.
If Apple does do it, it will be optional to use.
It will also have some function beyond back and forward, it will have some really good feature.

Why is nobody guessing that this is the ipod touch 5?
There is rumor that it will have data. (thus the sim slot) This looks more like the ipod touch in my opinion.

This looks more like an iPod Touch case.. Last gen has the mute switch on the opposite side(like the picture). The iPhone has it next to the volume buttons.

  1. How would kitchen appliances relate to smartphones?
  2. Not all "touch buttons" are the same
  3. Who says Apple wont have haptic feedback?
  4. I'm sure Apple will find a way to make it work

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