BookBook case makes your iPhone 4 look like a vintage book [video]

Well known Mac accessory manufacturer Twelve South has taken a step into the iPhone case making business and released a wallet case which it is calling the BookBook. The BookBook case has been modelled on a vintage leather book cover and really does look the part; if you are into vintage type book covers!

Protect your iPhone 4 between two hard-back covers. Fold the covers back-to-back to talk. It feels great in your hand. BookBook allows edge-to-edge iPhone access. No frames in the way of your thumbs here. You can access all iPhone controls and ports with BookBook. Charge, sync and use the headphone jack while your iPhone is safe and sound in its phone book.

The BookBook case is also a wallet so you only need to carry one thing with you when you go out. It doess appear to be a very nice looking case but I am just not sure if I want my iPhone to look like an old book. The BookBook case is only available for the iPhone 4 at a price of $59.99. Take a look at the video after the break to see it in all its glory!

[Twelve South]


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smack518 says:

My wife owns a bookbook for her MacBook and i can tell you that the material and construction of that one is excellent.

HungWell says:

Who's the cute model in the photo?

Tim Higginbotham, Jr says:

This looks nice and all but what if you want to take a picture? No hole for that and pushing it up is inconvenient. And wouldn't it just add bulk for when you want to talk on the phone? What about landscape typing? That must be uncomfortable. You'll have to fold your cash like 8 times to make it fit. By the way, this makes for the perfect way of saying 'Steal me! There's an iPhone, credit cards, and cash in here!"

leathernuts#WP says:

Yeah, a thief's convenient package. Kinda like a vaul meal lol

SkydiverTilt says:

Sena Walletbook for you then. I've been using it since the great!

coltsbr says:

I just ordered one for myself. This is just what I have been looking for.

Fox Vernon says:

Love this product's look and apparent feel, but I, too, need to take pictures on the fly!

Dmahoney94 says:

aren't the headphones a dead giveaway that it's not a vintage book?

Mike Slama says:

First, how many cards can you put in this thing (and money in the side) before it bulges out to the point that it loses its appearance as a book? I carry six cards (Amex, bank card, Visa, drivers license, med insurance card, and business card) plus throw in 5 bills and fold them (because they don't fit lengthwise) and this thing is gonna be packed. Plus, what if the iPhone 5 comes out at the end of August as rumored. Based on all that I'm not sure about dropping $60 for this.

Joseph says:

This must just be for casual use but if you lose your phone, you lose everything now. I would use this occasionally when I go to the gym so I don't have to carry around everything, but I don't think this concept could be a functional reality.
[edit] what if you want to type a long text message? That must be really uncomfortable considering that you have to fold it over and squeeze your hands into a comfortable position... Again: casual use

leathernuts#WP says:

So this definitely looks nice, no doubt, but one problem I have is how they demonstrate use of the actual phone unless you are on a bluetooth. You show the whole world, well those around you, all your cards and possible cash- FAIL. Then their video shows the guy giving the entire bookbook with all its contents over to the guy checking the door, this really isnt a fault of the case, the idiot needs to remove his ID and hand it to him. Anyways, they should offer this case as case only which should thin up the profile a bit as it is a very good looking case and should offer decent protection. OR, but this would bulk it up a bit, maybe a thin leather flap that would cover the contents while on the phone?

Danny says:

Can't TiPB block those spammers already?????

korb8495 says:

Yes, put all your valuables in one place so when you lose them it's all at once. Regardless, it is a good looking case.

Jack Velazquez says:

All I want to know is can you put it in your back pocket? Is it safe? I carry my cash in my front pocket so I don't worry about that.

Justin Lang88 says:

i just got this case today and so far its great!