Fractal Combat for iPhone, iPad now available

Fractal Combat, by NEWTYPE K.K., is a flight combat game for the iPhone and iPad.

Futuristic arcade flight combat. Action-packed missile-shooting fest.

  • Fast-paced futuristic arcade flight combat
  • Breathtaking explosion effects
  • 7 unique gorgeous fractal landscapes
  • 6 different ships and 2 distinct flight models
  • Earn new ships, upgrade weapons, generators, radars
  • Dozens of missions to complete
  • Game Center's Leaderboards and Achievements
  • Retina and iPad display support
  • Intuitive accelerometer and touch controls

What has really drawn my attention to this game is the graphics - they look amazing!

Fractal Combat is available on the iPhone and iPad for $1.99. Screenshots after the break.

[iTunes link]

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Reader comments

Fractal Combat for iPhone, iPad now available


gameplay is smooth even though the large amount of 3d geometry in the monitor.
On 3gs and ipad works fine for me, tested also on my iphone4 and ipad2 is incredibly smooth.

Even so, even in '99 PC games didn't look this good. This looks more like 2002-ish console graphics, but still that's nothing special for iOS now that we're becoming used to games like Dead Space, Infinity Blade, etc., that look better than some games on modern consoles...

1990, 2002, PC, console, this and that.
Stop trying to analyze the screen shots and play the game.
Good luck trying to find anything like it in the store ;)

I'm more interested in whether this is a good game or not than how good the graphics are, which tbh don't look like anything special.