Apple Store opens in BlackBerry hometown of Waterloo

Apple Store opens in BlackBerry hometown of Waterloo

Apple opened a handful of new Apple Stores today, none more amusingly placed than the one in Waterloo, Ontario, the hometown of BlackBerry maker RIM. Starting today, anyone in Waterloo who wants an iPhone rather than Bold, iPad rather than PlayBook can just wander on over. And according to @Steve_Gamble, they seem to be doing just that:

At the new Apple Store in Waterloo today. The number of Blackberries going dark is astounding!

Anyone else attending the opening of Apple in Waterloo? Any CrackBerry protests going? Let us know!


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Reader comments

Apple Store opens in BlackBerry hometown of Waterloo


This is a silly story, but then its august. Its not like iphones were unavailable before the store, and its not like everyone in town was a BB user. Ho hum.

I'd expect him to be drinking the RIM kool-aid, because it's his job to be loyal to BB? He's Editor of a BB news site.

"the rest of the people are iPhone's and other types of phones"
Well if you don't have a blackberry and own a cell phone it would make sense that you would have some "other type of phone"...