Poll: What's the next iOS device you plan on buying?

What's the next iOS device you plan on buying? I'm guessing a lot of the TiPb Nation is waiting for the iPhone 5, but is anyone going to skip it and hold out for the iPhone 6? Maybe you hope that Apple discounts the existing iPhone 4 like usual, or puts out a budget iPhone nano instead?

The iPad 3 sounds like it's not coming this fall after all, but are you planning to get it shows up this spring? Or does a new iPod touch 5 fit your needs better?

What if Apple finally makes a real iOS powered iPod nano, one that works amazingly well as a watch and shows all your notifications? Anyone else besides me really want one? And if they finally let Apple TV go a full 1080p, would that be on your shopping list?

Let me know what you plan on buying in the poll below, and give me the reasons why -- or better yet, why not! -- in the comments below!

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Poll: What's the next iOS device you plan on buying?


I might have to sell my 4 a couple weeks early so that I get the best price on ebay, the 5 and I are destined to be together.

Unless the iPhone 5 can cook me breakfast in the morning, I'm going to hold off and get the iPhone 6. I've owned every version of the iPhone, but I'm going to wait and until my contract with AT&T is up. I'm tired of their horrible coverage. I will buy the iPad 3 when it comes out.

Is this blog layout continually being changed out of necessity, preference, or sheer boredom?
As for the poll, I'll definitely be getting the iPhone 5.

Layout changes I can live with, but it would be nice to get the number of comments back on the front page (and on the mobile page, for that matter).

Yeah, I agree 100% about the comment counter.
And I don't have a problem with the blog as it is now, either... I'm just curious why it's changed so often.

I'm definitely leaning toward the iPhone 5 right now, but I'm really dying to see what it'll be like. If it's the same size and same look as the iPhone 4, then I might wait for the iPhone 6. If it has a larger retina screen and a 1080p video camera, then I'll be IN just based on those specs. I'm hoping for a 64Gig version, but I don't think that will happen. Other hopes include even better battery life, a home button that actually works, and reception that isn't blocked by actually holding the phone normally.

Sorta how I feel. The only thing about my iPhone 4 that feels outdated is the 32GB capacity, which was already too small for me on the 3GS. Now it's REALLY too small for me, and unfortunately I think I may have to upgrade an otherwise perfectly fine device just for storage. Maybe iCloud will somehow make on-device storage less of an issue, though. I will wait and see what the iPhone 5 offers. If it has other compelling hardware features, I'm open to upgrading, but there's nothing that I'm dying to have.

Since I switched from a 3GS to an Android phone last year (due to lack of patience for the white iPhone) and have since switched back my next planned purchase is an iPhone 5. However if an upgraded Apple TV arrives before hand that's coming home next.

iPad 2 3G. :) I have an iPhone 4 and I don't think there will be any HUGE changes to the iPhone5 unless it adds 4G. But even so, most place will not have coverage for a while, and I have an app I can FaceTime on 3G or wifi.

I'll be getting iPhone 5 if it is LTE if not I will be holding off for iPhone 6. I know this isn't a huge deal to some people, but I live in a LTE area. My wife has the Samsung Droid Charge and does pretty decent with battery.

Definitely iPhone 5. Already sold my 16GB iPhone 4 for $400 and reeady to buy 5 comes out. Can really tell the difference using my old 3GS.

It's not just you; it's like that on my iPhone's screen too. The mobile version of this site is messed up now. Having to keep scrolling sideways back and forth just to read it is getting really old, really quickly. I can't zoom in or out to make it fit the page width either. Last week it was fine. What gives?
To the TiPb staff: Please fix this. I've been enjoying this site for years, but some of these changes to the format are killing my buzz here.
But it's still working fine on my iMac's screen.

Can anyone tell me why I can't use my iPhone to participate in any of these polls......ON THE IPHONE BLOG!!!! Tell you what, the next iOS device I buy will be what ever one doesn't send me to a blank page every time I vote.

Unless the iPhone 5 has a bigger screen than previous models I will be skipping it and looking to see what kind of gear comes out this fall after Ice Cream sandwich is released.