Apple set to release an 8GB iPhone 4 alongside the iPhone 5?

According to a report from Reuters this morning, Apple has instructed its Asian manufacturers to begin production of a lower priced iPhone 4 with just 8GB of on-board storage. The information comes from “People with knowledge of the matter”. The flash drives for the 8GB iPhone 4 will be manufactured by a Korean company according to the same sources but no company name was revealed.

To be clear, this doesn't sound like the [iPhone nano/budget iPhone] TiPb previously heard Apple was working on, nor is it the greatest of revelations when you consider previous Apple release patterns -- When the iPhone 3GS was launched, the then-current iPhone 3G was offered as a cheaper entry level iPhone with 8GB of storage. Again when the iPhone 4 was launched last year, the iPhone 3GS was offered with 8GB of storage at a much cheaper price.

Having said that, an iPhone 4 with 8GB of storage at a very competitive price would still be a very compelling device for many, though not as compell.



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Apple set to release an 8GB iPhone 4 alongside the iPhone 5?


If history repeats itself. I just hope history doesn't repeat and there will be a newly designed iPhone 5 and not a spec upgraded iPhone4S. I think the only reason the iPhone 3GS came out was because Steve Jobs was in the hospital getting a new organ (a new liver was it?).

Its been nearly 15 months since the iPhone 4 launched, im just about due up on my contract for an upgrade and I got the iPhone 4 day one. Other phones have over taken the iPhone and Apple needs to release a monstrous device to make HTC, Samsung the whole lot play catch up for another year. iPhone 5 will be huge.

I'd bet anything the iPhone 5 won't be that much better than the iPhone 4, you just wait and see, in no way, shape or form will it make HTC etc play catch up .. It will be no better in specs than the Galaxy S II, I feel a lot of people switching from Apple in the near future, I certaily won't be upgrading to another iPhone, aesthetics was the only thing that made me choose it in the first place. Apple are relying solely on "fanboys" to keep up sales.

Sigh. The iPhone 3GS has actually been the most significant upgrade to date in the iPhone line of phones.
If the next gen iPhone is upgraded to an A5 SoC, that would be an awesome update in of itself: 2x the CPU throughput and 9x the CPU power, and assuming 512 MB RAM. Those three things basically ensure that the next gen iPhone will be a great phone for 3 years.
Same thing with the 3GS. It's spec update ensured it would be a great phone for 3 years. This wasn't so for the 1st gen iPhone, the iPhone 3G, their respective iPod touch variants, and even the iPad 1st gen I dare say will have a limited lifetime due to its 256 MB of RAM.

No news here, as Apple also released a 8gb 3GS to go alongside the iPhone4.
And for sure after 16 months the iPhone4G (or iPhone5) will be a complete new device.
Maybe the real news is if they do offer a 8gb iP4, then it looks like they might stick with the current 16/32gb configuration which would really suck...

Yeah. This analyst is making a no-brainer prediction here as Apple did it with the 8 GB 3G in 2009, in addition to the 8 GB 3GS in 2010. It's like calling water wet. If he said this was the mythical $350 no-contract iPhone, it could be interesting, but alas no.
I'm really really really hoping for that 64 GB iPhone. Need it bad. Getting tired of managing my last GB on my 32 GB 3GS.

An iPhone 4 at a low price would be awesome for people looking for a budget phone! If they can match the $49 dollar price take that the older 3GS currently has, then I that would be a winner. It's no stretch that Apple may be going this route considering that's what they did with the 3GS. Use last years model as the budget device.

i live in the UK and O2 are apprently having a massive recall of iphone 4 at the beginning of september-------------------------

I'd be surprised if there is a 64GB next iphone. Why bother with more storage when everything is going to live on the cloud.