Slingplayer May Be Coming to iPhone, Enabling Hours of Porno Pinching


iPhone wielding Slingbox owners will soon be able to view their favorite smutty Spice Channel content on iPhone screens, if rumors are true. A site that goes by the charming name Electric Pig (I prefer my swine without rectal power adapters thank you very much) claims to have spoken with one of the higher ups at Sling Media, who went on record as saying that a version of its popular Slingplayer for mobile devices is in development right now.

Sweet. Now I can watch all my favorite episodes of Gilligan's island while driving down the freeway. Zoom Zoom.

ReadVia MacRumors


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danny says:

I'm looking forward to your view on macworld. But I don't blame you for not updating, its not like you're getting paid to do it

jose says:

nooo we want flash on our iPhone !!!!!!!!

MikieMikie says:

It's about time, Kent. Who told you it was okay to worry about such trivialities as food? And rent? And electricity?
When you run the world's best blog, and post the best stories, you have a responsibility to your fan base.
You didn't see Fake Steve Jobs taking week after week off like this!!
Shape Up! Get your priorities in order!
And that's an order!

djslick says:

We need flash and a drum kit on it !!!!!!!!!!!!

dartholit says:

lol how the male mind works.

CactusFreek says:

I don't have an iPhone, nor do i plan to get one. I stumbled upon this site while doing an image search [One of whitch i stole off you, thanks]
And i have to say that your pics and humour are great! Thanks for brightening my morning :o)

Boris45 says:

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Thomas says:

I don’t usually reply to posts but I will in this case. WoW :)

Torsten28 says:

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K.Trude says:

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