Peggle HD for iPad hits the App Store [Giveaway]

Peggle HD for iPad

Peggle, the insanely addicting game by PopCap, is now available on the iPad! Oh dear. This is bad news. I may get the worst-mom-of-the-year-award since I'll be spending all the hours in my immediate future playing Peggle. Once I start, I just can't stop. And since I'm particularly cruel, and want to take up all your time as well, TiPb is going to gift some copies of Peggle HD to our amazing readers!

Shoot to clear all the orange pegs from 55 sparkling levels in what calls one of the "top 5 most addictive games of all time." Become a Peggle Master and pit your skills against over 40 Grand Master Challenges. Rack up bonus points and hit style shots that will make you smile for weeks.

  • Four ways to play - Clear all the levels and train with the Peggle Masters in Adventure mode. Revisit your favorite levels in Quick Play. Face off with friends or your iPhone or iPod touch in Duel. Unlock Challenge mode and prove that you have become a Peggle Master.
  • Action on many levels - Raise the Fevermeter in spectacular, colorful levels including snow banks, tulip fields and outer space.
  • Master magic powers - Hone your skills with the help of 10 Peggle Masters and learn their magical skills.
  • Extreme precision wheel - Fine-tune your aim to bust more pegs with every shot.
  • Cool new style shots - Rack up more bonus points with tricky shots like Off the Wall, Double Long Shot and Eye of the Pyramid.
  • Trophy Room - Build a shrine to your own awesomeness in the new Peggle Trophy Room.
  • Save and replay your best shots - Relive your Peggle glory and show your friends your most spectacular shots!


We at TiPb are huge Peggle fans, and we want to share that addiction with you! For a chance to win, let us know what is your favorite Peggle super power in the comments below. If you've never played Peggle, let us know that too! We will randomly choose 5 of you to receive an iTunes gift for Peggle HD. (To qualify, you must have a US or Canadian iTunes account. Apple's rule, not ours!)

Peggle HD is available on the iPad with a launch price of $2.99.

[App Store link]

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There are 119 comments. Add yours.

Jonathan Fingas says:

There was a time where I was always playing Peggle as my go-to game. Got an hour? Peggle! Would be nice to relive that on the iPad... I think.

Kevbrew1 says:

I'm obviously missing out says:

I have never played Peggle but would lime to try it.

mangomd says:

Master Hu's zen ball is followed shortly be renfield's spooky ball.

Jason says:

Lord Cinderbottom with the fireball is my favorite super power. Easily shoot through a lot of balls in one shot. Trying to time it to get it in the bucket for a free ball is a great adventure too!

Aidan Ferre says:

never played it looks great hopefully will win a copy. oct 7 remember the date

iNitvizn says:

I've never played Peggle

mangomd says:

Master Hu's zen ball is the best, followed shortly by Renfield's spooky ball.

Johaen8 says:

Zen balls are definitely the best.

Yue Liu says:

It's a great game! I love it!!!

RussK says:

I've never played Peggle

Gaston says:

I've never played it, but would love to try. I've only heard good things!

mikelite says:

multiball does the most damage!

Aaron Aego says:

i havent playit...But my Son love to play it in the Pc im Sure we all love to play it on our iPad!

Michael Anderson says:

I have played the non-HD version, and also on PC, but prefer gaming on iPad!

Prasad says:

Love the iPhone version sure this is even better!

Aaronachnid says:

I have a New Zealand account, but oh well, still wanted to say that this is the best news I have heard all week. But which game do I sacrifice playing to spend all my time playing Peggle?

Justin Feist says:

Never played it before....heard of it, but never played it.

heliosg says:

Hello, I am a recovering Palm/HP addict. I returned my Touchpad and bought an ipad2. My Pre will make way for my new iphone5 in a couple of months.

iosquattro says:

Thanks for the wonderful opportunity. I can't wait to try out Peggle HD. Never tried it!

Alxj says:

I like the double ball, and the one where it drops back down on the screen.

JustMe says:

Looks like fun, great way to keep my mind off of the iPhone Release Date Rumors!

jal39000 says:

I love love love Peggle for the iphone. I need this! STAT!

McKinzie Rose says:

Space balls! Not sure if that's the correct power, but you have to love when you blow up a bunch of orange pegs at once!

WebGal Pat says:

I've never played Peggle but it looks like a game I would love!

precurser says:

I'm like the majority here, zen ball!

Chenzo5151 says:

the multi ball is the best way to score on your computer via pogo games, i would love to play it on my ipad

WatersWest says:

Definitely the extreme precision wheel. Would love to see how that works on Peggle HD on the iPad!!

Nicholas Sample says:

zen ball is good but also can mess up certain shots i want to take

Derick says:

I've never tried it. Looks cool.

IngimundurN says:

Played the demo on my xbox again, again and again last night. Can't imagine how addictive the iPad will be (note to self: cancel sleep for the next couple of weeks) :-)

VagrantHarmonist says:

The magic hat is my favorite!!! Most. Useful. Power. Evar.

VagrantHarmonist says:

Magic Hat!! Best. Power. EVAR.

VagrantHarmonist says:

Sorry for the multiple didn't show as posted before :(. Sorry!

Highways13 says:

I played Peggle on my grandson's Nintendo DS and would love to have it on my iPad.

Jmillr says:

Never played it, but willing to give it a chance!

Drew says:

Gonna have to go with the zen ball.

nxvargab says:

i like the one where you can choose where the ball goes next.

Velofog says:

Never played it before. But I want to try it out.

KekoaLani says:

I am clueless, but would love to find out what makes it addictive.

Rob G. says:

Looks like an awesome game!!

Eric says:

Definitely Zen ball. Thanks for the chance to win a promo code.

Alex says:

I love the cat's pyramid. It makes it much easier to clear the level completely

MarkG says:

I've never played peggle but it looks just like a game that I was totally addicted to in my old PC days; Luxor. If you still have any freebies to give away, I would love to get addicted to a new game :)

helenlee9999 says:

OMG. I have always wanted to play the Peggle. I saw my friend played this one on her iPhone 4 and it looked fun and awesome. It is going to be great if I get a chance to play it on my iPad2. Thanks.

Carolyn Nicander Mohr says:

Dragon fire power, definitely. I loved the scorched Earth effect. Hmm...perhaps I need more Zne and Tech?
Don't enter me in the contest though. I simply can't wait on this big news. Please give the code to a newbie to discover Peggle goodness!

Joaoeduardo87 says:

I never played it. It looks fun.

Jymn12 says:

Never played but looks cool!
I'm always looking for another game for my wife and kids to get addicted too.

Pedro Rampolla says:

I love the dragon fire one by far. Well placed shot does some serious damage with that one!

Kenneth says:

I've never played Peggle but it looks fun!

MikeCTZA says:

I'd LOVE to have this on my iPad as well as my iPhone. I've loved this game for ages, when I visit my Mom I never can find my iPhone as she has hijacked it and is sitting playing it - super addictive. Will never delete it from my device. Hmmm favourite super power must be the Zen one ... or is it .. or is it .. argh, brain freeze

Mink says:

I've play on iPhone. It's really fun and relaxed.

Thenk83 says:


Eldest says:

I've never played Peggle but I'd love to give it a try!

Oakley Lk says:

I've tried this games a few times but My son loves to play Peggle on his Nintendo Ds.

dljames says:

Ive never played. I wanna try it!

chrishull says:

Never played it nut would love to give it a try!

Scott Klauda says:

Peggle is one of the most addicting games I have played

jeffsbarnes says:

Ok... does anyone not prefer Zen.... ? ;-) a win here will challenge my productivity

Avery W. Krouse says:

Zen Ball is definitely my favorite!

twild says:

Peggle is awesome! Please give me a token for the iPad!

Crunch says:

I need a new game and I love the exciting way in which you describe it. Peggle me, Leanna. Peggle, Peggle, Peggle. :-)

Jeff says:

My kids absolutely love Peggle on the PC. They'd be ecstatic if they saw it show up on our iPads.

Mixe760 says:

I have never played it but I am always looking for a way to waste time!! Please help!

LittleRock says:

I first experienced Peggle on the iPhone. I would love an iPad version. My favorite power is the one that explodes when you hit it and all the balls around it get hit.

William Kenneth Stein says:

I've only played the PC version a few times but it was pretty cool! Bring on a free copy so I can waste more time!

Andrew Holybee says:

never played would love to see what all the hype is about.

GSS says:

I dig the guided shots, I love playing billiards and it has a certain excitement to it to see just how many pegs you can knock out in one calculated effort.

hpfontenot says:

Definitely Zen Ball! Instantly turn a bad ball into awesome.

Emi says:

Never played Peggle, but willing to give it a try!

robertk328 says:

Been itching to try it - would love a copy! :-)

Moe_salman says:

I love this game gemmie gemmie gemmie

Jason Waltersdorff says:

Peggle is amazing... I like the jack o'lantern one that basically gives you a second chance.

mrdavis55 says:

Oh man... I love multi-ball...

Chris says:

Never played... would love to try for free!

johndforney says:

Please put me in. I have never played Peggle, but it looks cool. Looks similar to Zuma Blitz on Facebook.
Looks like a good in-between game for me and my daughter. So this can get me off Zynga Poker and my daughter off Smurfs Adventure... :-)

checko says:

Never played it but by the comments and the description, looks like I'll be checking it out!

Donald Adams says:

I always go for the Zen Ball with Master Hu when I play on my iMac. Very addicting!

Anti says:

Every level of Peggle is amazing.. its a really fun game.. simple to pick up ..

John Ullom says:

I have been playing peggle on xbox360 for forever and LOVE it! I would love to be able to bring it with me! please give me a copy!

Lauraf13 says:

I've never played Peggle, but it looks very fun. I spend too much time already playing games on my iPad, but having another game is always good.

Luis Pinzon says:

Spooky forever!! Funny and cool!!

saymes says:

Ok, I'll bite. Give me some Peggle crack.

Eye3x3 says:

It's great. . i want ..... ^_^

Gnguyen says:

I've never played Peggle but I'd sure like to!

mgmiller68 says:

Jimmy Lightning is my favorite Peggle super power because of how effective the multi-ball effect is! :-)

Joaoguerra72 says:

I love the multiple balls.

Jeneane1 says:

Hi, my grandson and I share an iPad. Most of the apps are trying to get rid of zombies. I would like to have this app. Thanks

DamnSkippy says:

I have never played Peggle but it is on my want list!

Gobcakes says:

I have never played Peggle, but after reading your review my curiosity has been piqued! I would love to take it for a spin and test it's addictiveness factor lol!

Liz says:

Ion a fan of the spooky ball. And the zen ball.
And Peggle, overall.

Nicholas Dubé says:

I am quite simple. I love the base Unicorn power which shows me where the ball is going to bounce off to. That or of course the mystic shot that lines up your best shot!

Eldub says:

I've never played Peggle but I love this style of game and I'd love to give it a go! Thanks!

Stillerjose says:

I don't have da game peggle. I would like to try it

Des says:

Zen. Ball. Definitely.